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Annabell Brooks

Name Annabell Brooks

Player Andy
Drive Patriotism
Previous Patron Scotland Yard / MI6
Background Forensic coroner from the upper class

Health Stability
Total 10 10
Current 10 10

Investigative skills General skills
Ability Total Current Skill Total Current
Criminology 1 1 Athletics 5 5
Diagnosis 4 4 Conceal 5 5
Research 2 2 Cover 10 3
Interpersonal Disguise 5 5
Bureaucracy 1 1 Hand-to-Hand 10 10
Cop talk 1 1
Flattery 2 2 Medic 15 15
Flirting 1 1 Network 20 10
High Society 1 1 Preparedness 4 4
Reassurance 1 1 Sense Trouble 2 2
Streetwise 1 1 Surveillance 2 2
Tradecraft 1 1 Digital Intrusion 1 1
Technical Explosive Devices 1 1
Chemistry 1 1 Filch 1 1
Cryptography 1 1 Gambling 1 1
Forensic Pathology 4 4 Hypnosis 1 1
Pharmacy 3 3
Cherries Note
Eye of the Tiger Use one point of Hand-to-hand to assess if someone is a better, worse or equal fighter than you.
Extra attack (hand-to-hand) If you hit, spend 3 hand-to-hand and 2 health to attack again.
Martial arts May get 3 points back in hand-to-hand by describing a cool martial-arts move.
Mook shield Sped 3 hand-to-hand to attack a mook or henchman at point blank range. All ranged attacks that miss you, hit the mook instead. Your threshold also increases by one.
Breakfall Subtract half your hand-to-hand rating when taking fall damage.

Sources of Stability Status Note
Symbol Strong Science will give one the understanding for all questions
Solace Alive Dr. Gilroy Lane - her mentor when first starting out at Scotland Yard. Helped her the first few years navigate the bureaucratic, male dominated world to get promoted. Like a father figure, and is retired and currently lives in Portsmouth.
Safety Safe A little cottage in Sandsend that abuts the North York Moors National Park. Her family has owned it for generations, but it is in her mothers grandmothers name. She escapes there for peace and quite and to get away from London.

Covers Status Note
Shelley Guzman safe. 4 points an older rich American woman
Veronica Adele Safe specialist in hazard cleanup and other bio disposables. 3 points

Contacts Status Note
Hank at Scotland Yard 1 point Co-worker
Dr. Alston Uddom 2 Points ER doc over at St. Mary's
Lucas Cleon 4 points college acquaintance, her research mentor, who works at KRL Ltd Hull Research & Technology Centre BP Chemicals Ltd Saltend in Hull a subsidiary of DuPont

Equipment Status Note

Women from upper class and an only child. Known as a flirt and but forever a bachelorette, she is a Dr. of Pathology and the head medical examiner for the Scotland Yard. She worked her way up doing mundane murders and now is on the special unit working on terrorism, both domestic and external. She usually handles the difficult and the classified, and has spoken at numerous conferences on poisoning and other unusual/hard to classify ways people die. She has been recruited by MI6 in the past to "watch" other experts in her field while abroad at these conferences, but only sporadically. She was put in charge of investigating the death of Alexander Litvinenko, the former officer of the FSB in London, and was able to conclusively confirm he was a victim of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome. So when things started shifting away from her about "mysterious deaths" she got nosy.
firm he was a victim of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome. So when things started shifting away from her about "mysterious deaths" she got nosy.

Currently wanted by British Intelligence pertaining the murder of Cassandra Irving.

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