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Arkham Investigators

Location: Coal Mine Seven in Pennsylvania.

Henry Cronstedt - Wealth Industrialist and owner of Coal Mine Seven
Jerry Lonzo - Henry's second cousin, engineer at Coal Mine Seven. Recently killed in a mininig accident. He is said to be patriotic, but in his cabine you found an burnt American flag, and a ruined copy of the constitution.
Chief Engineer Floyd Wickham: The man in-charge. Seems smart, capable and educated, and he knows it. He talks down to everyone, and corrects people's mistakes constantly. Has been with the company for a long time, something he points out regularly
Junior Engineer Joe Dawn: He is friendly but stays close to Floyd and keeps quiet. Father Francis has noticed he is nervous
Clerk Steven Long: A quiet and neat man. Probably lower middle class, but does his best to seem highly educated. Is in awe of the academics of the group. Is often "put in his place" by Floyd. Seems highly religious.
Father Canary: A strange and cheerful priest. Listens, and talks little. Always smiling slightly.
Security Officer Fritz Händel: Heavy German accent and duelling scar. Was in the war, on the German side. Seems hostile to everyone

Talk with Father Canary: A strange fellow that enjoys spying and keeping taps on the other workers.

Searching Lonzo's cabine: There was a book about ghosts, with some notes in it. A torn up flag and defaced book with the consitution. According to his notes the last thing he did was close up Junction 5, and the last thing he didn't do was Inspect Crane 5.

Dinner party: Everyone agrees that Lonzo was killed in an accident. Chief Engineer Floyd Wickham calls him careless. Security Officer Fritz thinks the workers are all criminals, especially Harry Skull. He also admites there has been a lot of equipment malfunctions, but that is to be expected. Steve Long is a quiet and neat man, totally dominated by Floyd.

The following day: Andreas discovered that Steven was hiding fraud in the accounting books. They were stealing equipment and reporting it as stolen. Elizabeth found him crying in the woods, and he confessed to it. Steven is having a crisis of faith, and fear Fritz and Floyd will kill him. He wants to go with the group and talk to the police.

Getting the Body: Before they could get Jerry, they were told that a miner had thrown himself down a mine shaft. Andreas would later investigate the body, and found that the dead man looked very tired. When they managed to get Jerry Lonzo's body up, they saw he had killed himself by shooting himself in the head. This seemed to surprise Floyd, who declared that the group should leave, now that the mystery was solved.

Back into the mine: Later that evening, the group snuck back into the mine. Victor discovered several hidden tunnels, maintained, but not used for mining. One of them led to the bottom of the mine. The group also meets Tucker, a mad miner who seems to believe there are angels in the mine.

Elizabeth Shaw
Archibald Radclyffe
Father Francis
Victor Naida
Andreas Baum

Coal Mine Seven

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