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Arla Coulton


Arla Coulton
A Sharp-eyed Vector who is Licensed to Carry
Level 1 Effort 1
XP 3 Cypher limit 2
Stat Current Pool Max Pool Edge
Might 10 10 1
Speed 7 16 1
Intellect 8 8 0

Minor effect suggestion
After being hit on the side of the head, the target is deafened for a few minutes.
Major effect suggestion
An artery hit causes the target to bleed for 1 point of damage each round until the target succeeds at a difficulty 3 Intellect or Speed task to bind the wound.
GM Intrusion
Misfire or jam! The attack fails and the action is lost, plus an additional action is needed to fix the problem.

Initiative Decreases the difficulty of initiative tasks by one step
Speed defense
Without armor
Decreases the difficulty of speed defense tasks by one step when not wearing armor.
Running Decreases the difficulty of running tasks by one step
Perception Decreases the difficulty of perception tasks by one step
Balancing Decreases the difficulty of balancing tasks by one step
Find the flaw if an opponent has a straightforward weakness (takes extra damage from fire, can’t see out of his left eye, and so on), the GM will tell you what it is.
Translation As a vector, you are most effective at easing a translation. This easing advantage allows group members to acclimate more quickly after the translation is complete.
Pierce (1 Speed point) This is a well-aimed, penetrating ranged attack. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage. Action.
Fleet of Foot If you succeed at a difficulty 2 Speed roll to run, you can move a short distance and take an action in the same round. Enabler.
Gunner +1 damage with guns. Included below
Weapons and armour
9mm Ranged. 5 damage
Knife -1 to attack. 2 damage
Sniper module (level 6) For the next hour, the weapon’s effective range increases to 2 miles (3 km).
Darksight (level 5) Goggles. Grants the ability to see in the dark for eight hours.
Cash 800 Dollars
Cell phone

Arla Coulton owes money to a number of people and doesn’t have the funds to pay her debt.

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