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Aston Von Rijn

Ability Score Trauma
Name Aston Von Rijn Strength 3 0 wounds
Job Jurist Agility 4 0 Stress
Player Ken Wits 5 0 Confusion
Experience 2 Empathy 4 0 Doubt

Max influence Current influence Standing Affinity
4 4 7 Strength

He is young, lean and straight; maintaining a crisp look. Shoes are well shined, his jurist cape is pressed and clean, and the stripe on his trousers even has a bit of a shine. Sharp green eyes peer out from curly, but trimmed hair and impressive sideburns dominate his cheeks despite his youth.

Skill Ability Total
Endure Strength
Force Strength
Fight Strength
Sneak Agility
Move Agility 1
Shoot Agility 1
Scout Wits 1
Comprehend Wits 1
Know the Zone Wits
Sense Emotion Empathy 1
Manipulate Empathy 1
Heal Empathy
Law Wits 2 You may roll Law instead of Manipulation, if you are trying to get your way through spouting law.

Matilda Morgonstierna August Skarprättare Agmundr Vigg
I think they puts extra effort into her work. I'm impressed by this. He helped me shift how I approach problems, and is an example of the patience I needed to exercise on myself Is extremely honest and sincerely moral, despite his position of authority
They think I is astonishingly confident in social settings, and simply enjoys watching him do his thing - debate people into the ground with authority and persuasiveness. am a bright young man. Good work ethic. Met in court. Thought Aston to be one of the good guys.

4 credits
Shock pistol. A small pistol made of plastic. Fires electric lightning meant to stun without harming.

+ 2 Shoot. 2 Damage. Short range. Causes stress instead of wounds. Ignores armor, but not natural protection

Saber. +2 melee. 2 Damage.
A well-used lawbook
Two rations of food and water
A level IV ID card

Talents Effect
Defender You can roll Law if you or someone else is accused of dereliction of duty at the end of a mission. If your roll succeeds, the charges are dropt. If you defend someone else, you can of course demand a fee.
Fencing You may use wits instead of strength when fighting with a saber.

Contacts Effect
Club Owner (Kary Sekunder) You can buy dirty secrets about NPCs. Spend between 1 and 3 Influence, the more you spend the more damning the secret. Each spend gets you +2 to manipulation, as long as the secret remains a secret.

I hate
Johan Svart, Morgonstierna Investigator. Johan led the prosecution against Kary and is suspected by Aston of being interested in her.
I want to protect
Kary Sekunder, Club Owner. On again-Off again romantic relationship.
My Big Dream is
See fundamental change in laws that unnecessarily restrict citizens from pursuit of improvement and opportunities.
My domicile is

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