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Player Oliver Name Zane "Augur" Sorley
Affiliation Seekers of Enlightenment Strain Psych
Cop with supernatural senses

Juice 3

x x x x x

Skill # Specialties
Comrades 1 You have one friends you can
Contact, who can provide a skill speciality.
Humanity 2 Characters may add (Humanity) to checks to help someone who is suffering or in trouble.
Justice 4 They may add (Justice) to checks that help them bring wrongdoers to justice.
Truth 3 They may add (Truth) to certain checks to reveal secrets.

Loyalties # Effect
Athletics 2
Beast Handling 0
Crafts 0
Deception 2
Discipline 3
Empathy 4 Spotting lies
Fighting 3
Fortitude 3
Intimidation 4 Interrogation
Intuition 4 Educated guess
Knowledge 3 Street smarts
Markmanship 4
Might 0
Medicine 0
Perception 4 Search
Performance 0
Persuasion 3
Speed 2
Stealth 2
Survival 0
Technology 0
Travel 0

Psychometry 4
Psychometry Core Check: Psychometry + Intuition
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Resistance: None

The AMP receives impressions or limited visions connected to items they touch. For 1 Juice, they instantly know the recent history of an item up to (Psychometry) days ago. History includes images of previous owners and psychic reflections of actions it was used for. For example, touching a murder weapon might show images of the victim and give the AMP a feeling of being stabbed by the knife. They can make checks to make out any strange images they see. Psychometry is often triggered automatically if the sensations are strong enough, which allows the AMP to make a check if they so choose. If the GM forces use of the Core Ability or an Augment, the Juice cost is reduced by 1.

Long History E0 Extends visions to (Psychometry) weeks (instead of days).
Within the Year E1 Must have Long History. Extends visions from weeks to (Psychometry) months.
Unlock Info E1 Bypass the uncertainty and confusion of their gift to get a deeper knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the item. Instead of just flashes of a murder victim’s face, they might get a full body image and even a name, as well as f lashes of a newspaper if it corresponds to something they’ve read/seen in the news.
Mediumship 4
Mediumship Core Check: None
Range: Self
Duration: Scene
Resistance: None

The AMP gains the rarest known power - the ability to sense, speak with and ultimately command the dead. At first, they simply feel the presence of the dead, usually in places where someone has died or places currently being haunted. This sensing is automatic and requires no check. For 1 Juice, they can open their perception to feel what horrible event happened in the area and to see/communicate with the spirit if it still resides there

Know Spirit E0 Upon seeing a spirit, the AMP instantly knows their name and background. Most importantly, they instantly experience how the spirit died firsthand in a flash.

Quality Type Effect
Curious Cerebral drawback They can attempt a Mental Trauma check to keep their curiosity from becoming a problem, with the Difficulty depending on how strong the motivation is. For Tough (30) checks, they also receive +1 Juice after quenching their thirst for knowledge.
Enemy (3) Social Drawback The character has acquired an enemy or two through their lifetime. The Drawback level reflects the danger the Enemy presents. Remember not all enemies attack directly. Some might attack the character’s job, livelihood, reputation or even their family before ever throwing a punch. They should also be a constant threat or nuisance, even if only from afar. (3: a drug smuggler that Zane arrested [possibly another AMP?
Draining Power AMP-specific drawback One of the AMP’s powers costs +1 Juice with each use, thus draining the AMP much faster and possibly leaving them vulnerable. This Drawback affects the Core Ability and any Augments as well. (Psychometry)
Allergy (2) Physical drawback The character has developed an allergy to a common material, animal or food. For 2 points, ingesting or touching the allergic material causes great discomfort, causing dizziness or rashes causing a -2 penalty to all checks until the allergic material can be removed (which may involve a stomach pump). (2: contact allergy to nickel [the metal used in coins, for example])
Law Enforcement Cerebral gift The character has a background in law enforcement. Not only does it grant a permit to carry a firearm, but they also receive a +3 bonus whenever searching a crime scene for evidence or clues.
Quick Draw Physical gift The character knows how to draw their weapon like a pro. They suffer no penalty to draw their weapon and attack in the same Turn.
Fearless (2) Cerebral gift The AMP is unaffected by danger, never wavering from their goal. For each BP spent, they receive a +2 bonus to checks against Fear.
Seeker of Enlightenment Affiliation +4 bonus to resist the Law of Attraction (pg. 172). They also have access to information in the Seeker database and gain a +2 bonus when needing to reference AMP science or the database of known AMPs.

Gear Type Effect

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