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"L'├ętat, c'est moi."
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Caution: May contain wargame like substance

Ally (short for Allegoric)
Magic-User / Thief
Level: 2/3
XP: (5585) 2793/3072 [10%]
Race: Elf
STR: 12
INT:: 15
WIS: 10
CON: 11
DEX: 17 (+3 to hit with ranged weapons)
CHA: 14
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages known: common, eleven, gnoll, gnomish, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, orcish.
Hit Points (max): 12
Hit Points (current): 12
Spells memorized: Sleep
Spell book: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Identify, Sleep, Shield
Racial abilities:
90% resistance to sleep and charm spells

+ 1 to hit with any pulled bow, long sword, or short sword.

Infravision: 60 ft

Detect secret doors: 1 in 6 chance to notice secret doors when passing within 10 ft, 2 in 6 chance to discover secret doors when searching, and 3 in 6 chance to discover concealed doors when searching.

Surprise: 4 in 6 chance to surprise when travelling in nonmetal armor and alone, or more than 90 ft in advance of others, or with a party entirely consisting of elves and/or halflings. If a door must be opened (or some similar task), the chance of surprise drops to 2 in 6.

Class abilities:
Climb Walls: 86%
Find Traps: 25%
Hear Noise: 15%
Hide in Shadows: 30%
Move Quietly: 31%
Open Locks: 29%
Pick Pockets: 45%
Read Languages: 11%

Back stab: If the thief can approach his target unobserved and strike with a melee weapon, the attack is made at +4 to hit. Damage from a backstab is doubled. Damage modifiers (such as those pertaining to strength or magic) are not multiplied from a backstab.

Armor worn: Leather

AC: 5
Weapons: darts, long sword

Weapon in hand: darts for ranged, long sword for melee

Equipment List: Backpack, belt pouch, thieves tools, fancy gem pommel long sword, dagger, 9x darts, 2x small sack, flint & steel kit, 50' rope, waterskin. 1 week standard rations, 2x flasks oil, 3x torches, small chest for money, rope of climbing, bullseye lantern. Small locked box. Scroll of fireball (6d6), potion of healing, potion of gaseous form, necklace with a small red gem, hip flask.

Money (in gp, sp, cp): 0pp, 107gp, 66ep, 22sp, 44cp [1000 gp on deposit at the bank at the Keep of the Borderlands]
Need to pay 1500 for training.

Binny the orphan. Hireling. 1gp/week. Equipped with backpack, leather armour, Ally's old long sword. Is carrying this gear of Ally's:

Ally is out on a 100 year quest to explore the world before returning to his elven homeland to live out his days.


B Orr
United States
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I hunger!!!
Galactus wants to know if you have been Naughty or Nice

Level: 3
Race: Half-Elf
STR: 16 (+1 on melee damage rolls)
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CON: 17 (+3)
DEX: 12
CHA: 10
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages known: Common, elven, gnoll, gnome, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, orcish.
Hit Points (max): 32
Hit Points (current): 32
Racial abilities:
30% resistance to sleep and charm spells

XP: 5,500 (through Osbert defeat)

Secret doors: When searching, a half-elf character can detect secret doors on a 2 in 6 and concealed doors on a 3 in 6. When passing within 10ft of a concealed door, a half-elf will notice it on a 1 in 6.

Infravision 60’
Class abilities:
Alert against Surprise: Rangers are less likely to be surprised (only on a 1 on 1d6), and more likely to surprise others (1-3 on 1d6) than other character classes.

Damage Bonus vs humanoids: Rangers receive a bonus of +1 damage per ranger level against evil humanoid or giantish opponents (including such creatures as orcs, goblins, and giants, for example). Thus, a 3rd level ranger would receive +3 damage per hit against these creatures. This damage bonus applies only in hand-to-hand “melee” combat.

Tracking: Rangers may track other creatures, with a base 90% chance of success in rural settings (modifi ed by the GM according to such factors as the age of the trail, the prevailing terrain and current weather conditions) and a base 65% chance in urban or dungeon settings (again, modified by the GM to take account of local conditions).
Armor worn:

AC: 2 Chainmail+1 (from minotaur) (AC 4), Shield (+1 from earlier caves)
Weapons: Morning Star, Light Crossbow, +1 Spear

Weapon in hand: Morning Star
Equipment List: Backpack, Flint and Steel, Waterskin, Silk Rope (50'), Bullseye Lantern, Lamp Oil (2), Bedroll, Blanket, Belt Pouch, large, Change of clothes, Grappling Hook, his wits, 3 days of venison jerky

Money (10pp, 133 gp, 4 ep, 19 sp, 4 cp): In BANK at Keep --> (6 pp, 850gp)

Background/notes -- Draven fled his Fyndhorn tribe as a teenager as he felt isolated from the elves due to his human father. He has attempted to make his way in the world as a tracker and guide, but is attempting to move up to actual adventuring. Draven's hope is that treasure and prestige will allow him to start his own family record and brighten his future. Maybe even giving him the stomach to rejoin the Elves and not feel second-class. Draven has found a bit of a common compatriot in Tolmar as they both arrived in the area about the same time. Tolmar seems to (at least on the surface) share Draven's skeptical outlook on life. Tolmar has some doubts about excessive bureaucracy and patronage within the Deus order and is unsure how best to deal with it.


Jeff G
United States
Santa Rosa
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These are not the droids you're looking for. You can go about your business.
Move along.

Level: 3
Race: Human
STR: 16 (+1 on melee damage rolls)
INT: 13
WIS: 17
CON: 15 (+1 HP bonus)
DEX: 12
CHA: 14
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages known: common, elven, dwarven, chaotic good.
Hit Points (max): 17
Hit Points (current): 17
Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil, Bless, Sanctuary, Hold Person X2, Silence 15' radius

Class abilities:
Turning Undead: Clerics can “turn” the undead, making them flee from the cleric’s holiness.
Cannot use edged weapons.

Armor worn: Plate & metal shield

AC: 2
Weapons: Mace, footman's

Weapon in hand: Staff of the Serpent (1d6+2 vs. S-M, 1d6+1 vs. L [inc. Str bonus])
Equipment List:
Plate mail armor
Shield, metal
Mace, footman's
Backpack, leather
Rations, standard (1wk)
Tinder box
Torches (4)
Holy symbol, iron
Prayer beads
Staff of the Serpent with 20 charges
Staff of Healing with 23 charges
Scroll of Protection from Undead
Scroll of Detect Magic, Silence 15' r & Hold Person

Money (in gp, sp, cp): 7gp, 4sp, 62 ep, 6cp (997 gp in bank)
Tolmar led a sheltered life in the church, his sheltered life divided between quiet contemplation and missionary work in the surrounding villages. Despite his considerable size and strength, he radiated a quiet charm that endeared him to all those around. Unfortunately a childhood bout of illness often left him easily exhausted after a hard day's work, but that never stopped him pitching in with whatever needed doing.

His life would likely have gone on like this until the end of his days, had he not gotten caught up in a conflict over property rights between the local lord and the church. Embittered and angry at the Machiavellian intrigues of both sides, he set out on the road to escape the politicking and seek a new way to serve his calling.

XP: 5,467 (+10% WIS bonus) Needed for next level: 6001


Josiah Leis
United States
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I spent 100 GG and all I got was this stupid overtext.....

Sir Guillaume d'Anjalou
Level: 3
Race: Human
STR: 17 (+1 on melee attack and damage rolls)
INT: 10
WIS: 13
CON: 15 (+1 HP per die)
DEX: 12
CHA: 17
Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages known: common, elvish, orcish
Hit Points (max): 24
Hit Points (current): 24
Class abilities:
Improved Saving throws: +2 on saving throws.

Cure disease: Paladins can cure disease (as the clerical spell) by touch, once per week.

Immune to disease.

Detect evil: A paladin may detect evil up to 60 ft at will, provided he concentrates on doing so.

Protection from evil: A paladin radiates an aura within a 10 ft radius, equivalent to the clerical spell protection from evil.

Lay on hands: Once per day, the paladin may heal 2 hit points/ level to any creature touched.

Armor worn: Plate mail +1

AC: 2
Weapons: Two-handed sword, dagger

Weapon in hand: Two-handed sword
Equipment List:

Dagger with scabbard
Iron holy symbol of Deus
Small belt pouch
Boots, Heavy
Spare set of mismatched Plate Mail (at Keep)

Lantern, Bullseye
2 Pints of Lamp Oil
Flint & Steel
Flask (Leather)
100 Ft. of Hemp Rope
Grappling Hook

Money (in gp, sp, cp):
56ep, 1549 gp, 18sp, 6cp - Banked: 638gp

As the impure of heart and mind console themselves in denial, so can the good and innocent find true happiness in faith. The small boy walks tearfully from the village at night, accompanied only by these words which he repeats over and over, seeking solace the only way he knows how.

That which should have shown the way, given salvation to those who doubted, sanctuary to those who feared, only subjugated and fed on the weak and helpless. The wicked Church of Deus. That befouled institution of corruption and immorality. How they had hurt him, had hurt so many of the innocent children of Pecata. How they had sullied His name. He would return. Deus would show him the way. The true path.

Alone in the wilderness the boy sat crying. He must survive, he must, for the children of Pecata. How long he wandered only the stars know, but out there something happened. A vision. A calling.

A name.

As the impure of heart and mind console themselves in denial, so can the good and innocent find true happiness in faith. The man rides sorrowfully into the village at night, accompanied only by these words which he repeats over and over, seeking vengeance the only way he knows how. Deus has returned to the children of Pecata.

And He will now return to the children of the world. Corruption must be sought out and punished, wherever it defiles His name.

Finally, after two days of hard riding, the warriors had caught up with bestial raiders that had burned the village and taken those still alive as slaves. The battle was fierce, and many lost their lives, but the sword that had avenged the children of Pecata now brought Deus's strength to a new fight. The raiders scattered and the good people of Carberry Hollow could return to rebuild what they once had. But in the weeks that followed there was one who seemed somehow out of place. A young man of solid build but unusual countenance, who worked quietly and diligently to help rebuild the village but who no-one recognised. It seemed somehow inappropriate for anyone to to mention how closely his mannerisms resembled those of the raiders that had pillaged the village that night, that is if indeed anyone noticed.

Sir Guillaume is a member of the Ophanic Order of Knights-Errant, a loosely organised group that identify themselves to each other by a particular, barely discernible, inflection of the voice when greeting in Deus's name. Their symbol, which appears on Guillaume's tabard, is a simple compass cross, with a decorative "N" superior.

XP: 5600


D Clevenger
United States
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Grum "Slayer of Rats"
Level: 2
Race: Half-Orc
STR: 18/76 (+2 on melee attacks / +4 on melee damage rolls)
INT: 11
WIS: 10
CON: 16 (+2 HP per die)
DEX: 11
CHA: 7
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages known: Common, orcish
Hit Points (max): 24
Hit Points (current): 24
Armor worn: Banded Armor 90gp 35 lbs, Large Shield 15gp 10 lbs

AC: 3
Weapons: Javelns(5) - 1d6, Hand Axe "Interficientis Rattus" +1 to hit, +1 dam; one handed master battle axe +1/+1 1-8/1-8

Weapon in hand:Master Battle Axe and Shield
Equipment List:Heavy Boots 2gp 5 lbs
Backpack 2gp 10 lbs
Flint and Steel 1gp -
Waterskin 1gp -
Torches (10) - 10 lbs
Bedroll - 5 lbs
Belt Pouch, large 1gp 2 lbs
Ox (why not?) 15gp - lbs

Proficient in Hammers and Axes
Fighting the Unskilled: When the fighter is attacking creatures with less than a full hit die (i.e. less than 1d8 hit points), the fighter receives one attack for each of his or her levels of experience, e.g. a 4th-level fighter attacking goblins would receive 4 attacks per round.
Money (in gp, sp, cp):74 (220 in Loan Bank)
XP 3,550

Imagine growing up too small to be an orc but too big and ugly to be a human. That was Grum's childhood. Raised "by the clan" Grum spent his formative years digging the waste holes and cleaning up after dinner. After one of many beatings by the other orc children in the clan, Grum ran away. He went to human towns and fought in their pits, and won. And then faught in their arenas, and won. He won too much and was banned from many of them. But he made a little coin and a real cynical view of life. He tolerates humans but detests orcs. However, his childhood has also made him intimidated by them as well.



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