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BGG Patron redirected from Support

BGG Patron

A Geek Patron is someone who has given at least $15 to the Geek as an offer of support. Such financial support is recognized with a Patron's badge with a year identifier for the year of contributions. The Patron's badge thus becomes part of the supporter's Graphical User Representation within the Geek's web applications.

The money is used to support the running of the site in a general way - buying hardware, paying support costs, etc. Such donations are not mandatory, and Aldie has explicitly said in forum posts (like this one) that "no user should ever be made to feel like a second class citizen because they do not have a supporter badge. Different users support the site in different ways, not all monetarily, and it is all appreciated."

To become a supporter you can make a donation through PayPal, or mail the Geek a donation, as outlined on the Geek Support webpage. There are three ways to open the Geek Support webpage:

  • Clink on the following link -> BoardGame Support Web Page.
  • Click any supporter's Patron badge.
  • Go to the bottom of any Geek webpage and click on Support BGG in the page's footer.

The extra rewards for donating are:

  • At least $15 - Your financial support is recognized with a Patron's badge with a year identifier for year of contributions.

  • You will receive 1 GeekGold for every dollar you spend.

NOTE: There is no way to retroactively buy patron badges from previous years. (People often ask this in the forums.)

Every year during the December support drive, people start forum threads asking about financial info related to BGG. But it's BGG's policy not to disclose their spending.

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