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Belic Mage

Name Belic the Mage Player Larry

Hit points
Current Max
7 8

0 -2

Trait Sum relevant positive and negative traits to determine aptitude (max +3, min -3)
My approach to conflict Proper application of leverage
My goal I will acquire true Power
My gimmick Embrace the wizard cliché
My background Former diplomat and leader
My foreground I am a master of the arcane
My weakness Sheer hubris

Injury tags
Broken bone in hand

Core Flaw
(Once per session, use to wriggle into or out of trouble, or succumb for +3xp)
I will not be corrupted by Power, I can control the magic better than those who have failed before me.

Elf You have permission to attempt otherwise impossible tasks to remember esoteric facts or specific information, or to solve puzzles.|-
You are immune to all forms of disease, including magical plagues and the like. You gain no resistance to venoms, toxins, or ingested poisons of any kind, however.
You have permission to attempt to use arcane magic even without the proper training or implements.
You never fail (treat 6- as 7-9) when attempting something in a painfully patient or cautious way (e.g., when in the low-risk stance).
Deal +1 damage with bows and magic.

Adept legerdemain: You can perform subtle, weak, and crude illusions, such as making small things momentarily disappear, teleport between your hands, or change colors. This effect dissipates once out of your line of sight or you break concentration.

Orb of Focus magical implement, permission for short-range force attacks, ammo (at 6- it may run out of charges, and needs to be recharged)
Bound scrolls light: 1h, arm, bane against those on your kill list
Cartographer’s kit (5 uses)
Adventuring kit Adds +1 to a test or allows for adventuring actions(5 uses)
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