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Benedict Isles

Background: Hyperelite
Faction: Ultimate
Morph: Exalt
Motivations: +Playing with Hypercorps +Thrill-seeking +Singularity

Character Concept

Benedict was born in a rich ultra-priviledge family of the Hyperelite. This allowed him to study in dilettante, without worrying about his future. He loves playing games. The Solar System, the Hypercorps, the Planetary Consortium provide him an awesome playground. There is tons of informations to gather, tons of informations to dispatch, tons of informations to manipulate. He sees himself as a information mastermind.

Now Benedict is an Stellar Intelligence's executive in charge of gathering informations about acquisition/merging and technology transferts. He is as loyal as it serves his playful mind. For now, he find amusing to sell informations to Black Markets brokers, and to free some technology patents via Argonauts. He has no motivation for wealth, but wealth is needed to carry out his games. He has no magnanimity, but enjoys the consequences of public disclosure of certain information.

You may see Benedict as a the spiritual son of Moriarty... He seeks to become a master puppeteer, a sort of living human AI manipulating informations and lives.


Morph bonus



Secondary Stats


Ranged weapons

Firearms Armour
Damage Firing 


Armour Kinetic Energy


Rep #
@-Rep: 0
c-Rep: 60
e-Rep: 0
f-Rep: 50
g-Rep: 50
i-Rep: O
r-Rep: 40

Ego traits

Danger sense
First impression
Fast Learner
Situational awareness
Eidetic Memory Ego


Skill  Aptitude  Base   Morph
Academics: Computer Science COG 35 5 40
Academics: Economics COG 55 5 60
Academics: Finance COG 55 5 60
Deception SAV 40 5 45
Disguise INT 30 5 50
Fray REF 40 40
Freerunning SOM 40 40
Hardware: Electronics COG 45 5 50
Impersonation SAV 30 5 35
Infiltration COO 60 5 65
Infosec COG 55 5 60
Interests: Black Markets COG 40 5 45
Interests: Hypercorp Culture COG 45 5 50
Interests: Hypercorp Politics COG 45 5 50
Interfacing COG 45 5 50
Investigation INT 60 5 65
Kinesics SAV 30 5 35
Language: Native English INT 90 5 95
Language: Chinese INT 60 5 65
Language: Japanese INT 60 5 65
Networking: Criminal SAV 30 5 35
Networking: Hypercorps SAV 70 5 75
Networking: Media SAV 45 5 50
Networking: Scientists SAV 30 5 35
Perception INT 50 5 55
Persuasion SAV 45 5 50
Profession: Info Brokerage COG 45 5 50
Profession: Intelligence Ops COG 55 5 60
Profession: Security Systems COG 45 5 50
Programming COG 50 5 55
Protocol SAV 55 5 60
Research COG 55 5 60


Name Effect
Basic Biomods  Almost universal in biomorphs, many habitats will not allow individuals to visit/immigrate if their bio-morph does not possess these biomods in order to preserve public health. Basic biomods consists of a series of genetic tweaks, tailored viruses, and bacteria that speed healing, greatly increase disease resistance, and impede aging. A morph with basic biomods heals twice as fast as an early 21st century human, gradually regrows lost body parts, is immune to all normal diseases (from cancer to the flu), and is largely immune to aging. In addition, the morph requires no more than 3–4 hours of sleep per night, is immune to ill effects from long-term exposure to low or zero gravity, and does not naturally suffer from biological problems like depression, shock reactions after being injured, or allergies.
Basic Mesh Inserts  Includes:
• Cranial Computer: This computer serves as the hub for the character's personal area network and is home to their muse (p. 264). It has all of the functions of a smartphone and PDA, acting as a media player, meshbrowser, alarm clock/calendar, positioning and map system, address book, advanced calculator, file storage system, search engine, social networking client, messaging program, and note pad. It manages the user's augmented reality input and can run any software the character desires (see Software, p. 331). It also processes XP data, allowing the user to experience other people's recorded memories, and also allowing the user to share their own XP sensory input with others in real-time. Facial/image recognition and encryption software (p. 331) are included by default. 
• Radio Transceiver: This transceiver connects the user to the mesh and other characters/devices within range. It has an effective range of 20 kilometers in deep space or other locations far from radio interference and 1 kilometer in crowded habitats. 
• Medical Sensors: This array of implants monitors the user's medical status, including heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, neural activity, and much more. A sophisticated medical diagnostic system interprets the data and warns the user of any concerns or dangers.
Cortical Stack  A cortical stack is a tiny cyberware data storage unit protected within a synthdiamond case the size of a grape, implanted at the base of the skull where the brain stem and spinal cord connect. It contains a digital backup of that character's ego. Part nanoware, the implant maintains a network of nanobots that monitor synaptic connections and brain architecture, noting any changes and updating the ego backup in real time, right up to the moment of death. If the character dies, the cortical stack can be recovered and they may be restored from the backup (see Resleeving, p. 270).  Cortical stacks do not have external or wireless access (for security), they must be surgically removed (see Retrieving a Cortical Stack, p. 268). Cortical stacks are extremely durable, requiring special effort to damage or destroy. They are commonly recovered from bodies that have otherwise been pulped or mangled. Cortical stacks are intentionally isolated from mesh inserts and other implants, as a security measure to prevent hacking or external tampering.


Gear Effect 
Anonymous Accounts
Backup Insurance (1 month)  In the event of verifiable death, or after a set period of being missing, backup insurance will arrange for your cortical stack to be retrieved and your ego downloaded into another morph. If the cortical stack cannot be retrieved, your most recent backup is used. Most policies require that the holder provide a backup to be uploaded into secure storage at least twice a year. This industry works in a manner similar to insurance underwrit-ing in terms of cost and individuals engaged in high risk professions can expect to pay a premium for the service. Additionally, attempts to retrieve a cortical stack are minimal unless one wants to pay for some extra effort (a thriving industry of paramilitary ego-repo operatives exists for this purpose).
Exploit Software
Firewall Software
Muse Muses are digital entities that have been designed as personal assistants and lifelong com­panions for transhumans (see AIs and Muses, p. 264). INT 20. Skills: Academics: Psychology 60, Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 30, Interface 40, Professional: Accounting 60, Programming 20, Research 30, Perception 30, plus three other Knowledge skills at 40.
Sniffer Software
Spoofer Software

Credits // 10,750

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