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Bertram Douglas

Bertram Douglas

Strength 8 (-)
Dexterity 9 (+1)
Endurance 8 (-)
Intellect 7 (-)
Education 5 (-1)
Social 5 (-1)

Age: 34
Home: Denotam
Rank: Spacehand Recruit (ret.) E2
Bank: 500Cr, 2 Ship Shares, Contact
Other: Contact from Merchant term, Purple heart medal (lower metal content than Bertram's current heart implants).

Astrogation 0, Broker 1, Comms 0, Discipline 0, Engineering (Electronics) 1, Gun Combat 0, Mechanic 0, Medic 0, Pilot 0, Pilot (Small craft) 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Recon 1, Seafarer 0, Sensors 1, Streetwise 1, Vacc Suit 0, Zero-G 0

Equipment: Cloth Armor (TL10) 500 Cr, Snub Pistol 150 Cr, 5 Ammo Clips 100Cr, Comm (TL10) 500Cr, Medkit (TL12) 5000Cr, 500 Cr (about two weeks living expenses...)

Connection w/ Sims:
Trapped in the middle of an asteroid field that conceals a pirate base, Bertram coaxes out as much sensor power as possible to break through the interference and alert the navy of his predicament. The Kinnekar is the only ship he can detect, and Ryden Sims is serving a shift at her comms. Ryden might not love the Imperium, but pirates are clearly a more immediate threat and the two spend several days coordinating the strike on the pirate base. After leaving the Navy, Bertram actively sought out Sims in an effort to find a new berth on a ship.
Bertram gains Sensors (1)
Sims gains Tactics (1)

Connection w/Smithy
After being summarily drummed out of the navy, Bertram found it almost impossible to maintain the rather poor job the naval doctors did with his collection of replacement bits, and the red tape was impossible to get through. Bertram was introduced to Smithy as a man who could fix things for a price. Bertram didn't exactly have the creds to buy Smithy's services outright, but the two hit it off, and Bertram's third-rate augments are being replaced by surplus (I really don't want to know where they come from), second rate supplies and treatments as Bertram can afford them and Smithy can find time to install them. They are almost inseparable, at least until the work is done, and Bertram has picked up a bit of Engineering (Electronics) 1 to rebuild/repair the mechanical bits in between.

At nearly seven feet, Bertram Douglas towers over others; he wears a good amount of bulk on that frame, though it is poorly supported from his years on a low-G world and career in space. Despite being clearly more suited for the army or marines, Bertram was set on being a pilot, and worked diligently to secure a position in the Imperial Navy. His large size and genial (and fairly naive) nature gave him the callsign Gentle Giant at the same time it prevented him from even trying to be a pilot in the cramped confines of a sleek fighter. His formidable size and intimidating presence also got him assigned to several unusual duties, such as prisoner transport and many solo cargo runs, but it does make travel into planetary gravity wells (something he tries to avoid) an uncomfortable proposition. The delicate equilibrium of his replacement organs only increase this difficulty... his hand has been replaced with an overly bulky and complex cybernetic version that provides a high degree of precision and control at the expense of a shocking lack of brute force for a metal object -- the navy design is clearly made for deep space, and the hand is more of an inconvenience than an asset in anything over 0.75G. Much of his cardiovascular core has been replaced with unusually enhanced cloned organs, the mixed blessing of dying mere minutes away from a navy research hospital. Spacehand Douglas isn't entirely sure what makes them so special other than their constant need for tweaks by doctors, and Smith's inordinate interest in tissue samples.

Bertram was long an ardent supporter of the Imperium, but constant battles with red tape and years of witnessing corrupt officers and conscript crewmembers have made him realize the world isn't entirely black and white anymore. He's latched on to Dr. Smith as a potential friend and actual source of life support, still unaware of any previous history that Xellman may have had. He's delighted to make the acquaintance of Ryden Sims, a man who might not be entirely military-formal, but has (in Bertram's eyes), a heart in the right place.


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