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Betty von Mundburgen

Name Betty von Mundburgen Player Joline
Faction Criminal Heritage Bauhaus
Status Retainer Character Trait Unwanted Heritage
Vulnerable Love
Age 21 Earnings 3
Influence 0 Origin Mundburg, Mars
Ranged damage bonus 2 SD Melee damage bonus 0 SD
Chronicle Points 1 Dread 2

Wounds Current Max Soak
Head 3 3 4
Torso 7 7 4
Right Arm 3 3 3
Left Arm 3 3 3
Right Leg 5 5 3
Left Leg 2 5 3
Serious Wounds 5 5 -
Critical Wounds 3 3 -
Mental 6 6 -
Corruption 2

Ability/Skill Score ( Expertise / Focus)
• Acrobatics
• Close combat
•• Unarmed Combat
• Stealth 3 / 0
• Observation 3 / 2
•• Insight
• Thievery 2 / 0
• Ranged Weapons (sig) 5 / 0
•• Heavy Weapons
•• Gunnery
• Pilot 2 / 0
•• Space
• Education 3 / 0
•• Linguistics
•• Science 1 / 0
• Mechanics (sig) 4
• Survival 3 / 0
•• Vacuum
• Treatment
•• Medicine
•• Psychotherapy
• Willpower 1 / 0
•• Mysticism
• Animal Handling 2 / 0
• Lifestyle 1 / 0
• Persuade
•• Command
• Resistance (sig) 2 / 0
• Athletics

Weapons Range Damage Mode ENC Size Reliability Qualities
HG-14 shotgun C 1+6SD Semi-automatic 5 2H 3 Knockdown
Spread 1
MP-105 pistol C 1+3SD Burst 2 1H 3 Ammo (Spread 1)
Close Quarters

Talents Effect
Under the Rader This reduces all Restriction Ratings by one but all items come with the Quality ‘Black Market’. Possession of any equipment with this quality is illegal as the item is stolen, a knock-off, or otherwise restricted by law.
Natural Engineer
The character may re-roll a single d20 that did not generate a success on the initial roll, but must accept the new result.
Snap diagnosis The character reduces the difficulty of any Mechanics test by one. This may reduce the difficulty to zero, removing the need for a test. When an exploit weakness action is taken, Snap Diagnosis also grants the Armour Piercing weapon quality to the character’s subsequent attack for a value equal to their Mechanics Focus.
Self sufficient
The character may re-roll one d20 when making a Survival test, but must accept the new result.
The character may re-roll one d20 when making a Stealth test, but must accept the new result.
The character may re-roll one d20 when making a Sciences test, but must accept the new result.

Gear Effect
two shotgun reloads
Four pistol reloads
Guardsman Mk. 3 armour
Heavy cloak Helps with camouflage. Wearing camouflaged equipment appropriate to the environment grants a character one bonus Momentum on Stealth tests to avoid being seen. If the character is willing to spend ten minutes preparing with the kit, this increases to three bonus Momentum
Basic tool kit This kit is considered to be the basic tools necessary to perform a Mechanics test, but it can only be used for one test – after this, any limited supplies it contains are depleted and the kit must be replenished or replaced.
A basic survival kit for your region Each survival kit is tailored for a particular environment, and contains a range of tools and supplies to help a single character survive in that particular environment.
Lockpicking kit A lock picking kit is considered to be the tools necessary to perform a Thievery test to unlock a locked door. These tools only provide a benefit when attempting to bypass locks that use keys – they are useless on combination or electronic locks, or any other kind of lock that has no keyhole.
Bolt cutter Use of a pair of bolt cutters adds three bonus Momentum to any test made to break chains, locks, or cables, etc.
A belt buckle with your employer’s sigil on it


Life events Effect
Faction event Gain one asset.
Adolescent event
(Technical pre-career training)
Your father was a military man, and his fathers before him. From birth your family have prepared you for your place in the army, but shouldn’t there be more to life?
Career event
(Technical (repairman))
During the course of your work you have been asked to keep an eye out for certain Heretical activities, and to make regular report of them to an anonymous contact. You think you are working for the Ministry of Information, but your contacts are actually members of the heretical Temple of Solar Light. Gain an ally; you believe this ally is from the Ministry of Information, but they’re actually a Heretic. In addition, gain five assets as a ‘reward’ for your information.
Career event
(Venusian Marshal)
Your lover is from a higher social class. They are very wealthy and generous, but one day you know they will leave you in order to secure a better match.

Her family always pushed Betty to go into the military, but she was much more interested in the technical aspect of weapons than the actual shooting with them. She secured a spot in the technical department where it turned out she had quite a knack for tinkering and trap laying. Excelling in these disciplines got her interested in survival and stealth and somehow she rolled into a career with the Venusian Marshals. She's a bit of a rogue component, very good when she applies her skills for good, but also tempted to use them for evil. As long as there's something in it for her.

HG-14 shotgun
Semi-automatic: Spend one reloads to ‘let rip’. Add one D20 and 1SD to the attack.
Knockdown: If one or more Dark Symmetry Icons are generated on the damage roll, the target is knocked prone unless it can pass an Athletics test with a difficulty equal to the number of Dark Symmetry Icons generated.
Spread 1: For each Dark Symmetry Icon generated, roll 1 additional hit locations. These additional hit locations suffer half of the attack’s damage, rounded down. This is affected by Soak, as normal.

MP-105 pistol
Burst: Spend one or two reloads to ‘let rip’. Add one D20 and 1SD for each reload.
Ammo (Spread 1): When you “let rip”: For each Dark Symmetry Icon generated, roll 1 additional hit locations. These additional hit locations suffer half of the attack’s damage, rounded down. This is affected by Soak, as normal.
Close Quarters: This ranged weapon may be used against targets within Reach without penalty.

Basic rules
Making a skill test:
Ability+Skill Expertise = Target Number (TN)
Set a difficulty, usually 1
Roll 2D20
Dice under TN becomes 1 success
Dice that are also under Skill Focus becomes 2 successes.
Successes equal to difficulty means success on the action. Successes above difficulty is called Momentum, and can sometimes be traded for better successes.

Dark Symmetry Dice
You will occasionally roll Dark Symmetry Dice. On your character sheet, they are labeled as SD. On the Dark Symmetry dice, 1 and 2 remain the same, 3-5 are 0, and 6 have possible special effects.

Make a Skill roll, Skill and Attribute depends on type of attack.
Difficulty is either 1 or the enemies defense roll.
If hit, roll D20 for hit location.
Damage is equal to damage from weapon, character bonus and possibly Moment from the attack. Most weapons ask for a roll of Dark Symmetry dice.
All damage is reduced by the targets armor soak.

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