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Boris Grachev

Name Private Boris Grachev Player Wouter
Regiment Valhallan 547th Reconnaissance regiment Speciality Sergeant
Demeanour Optimist Description
Comrade Pyotr "Stubbs" Fedorov Comrade's demeanour Green
42 27 33 36 29 31 33 34 41
Total wounds Current wounds Fate Corruption Insanity
13 -6 2/2 0 0
Aptitudes: Agility, ballistic skill, fellowship, fieldcraft, finesse, perception, social
Talents Description
Iron discipline If the player fails a fear or pinning test, the comrade only fails if the roll was a double.
Weapon traning May use: Chain, Las and low-tech
Die hard When rolling for blood loss, the character may re-roll twice to avoid death.
Street fighting When using a small weapon or bare hands, add half of weapon bonus to critical damage.
Hatred (orks) +10 to weapon skill tests against the foe. Must roll WP to retreat.
Comabt sense May use perception bonus instead of agility bonus to roll initiative

Skill highlights Char. % Char. %
Survival Per 33 Linguistics (Low Gothic) Int 31
Command Fel 41 Common Lore (Imperium) Int 31
Awarness Per 33 Common Lore (Imperial Creed) Int 31
Navigate (surface) Int 31 Parry WS 42

Half Full Charge Run
2 4 6 12

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Las pistol Pistol 30m S/2/- 1D10+2 E 0 30 Full Reliable
Chain sword Melee 1D10+5 R
2 Tearing
Tearing: roll an extra D10 for damage, and use the highest.
Balanced:+10 to parry when using this weapon
Reliable: Only jams on a 00
Las weapons: In addition to the stats above, the weapon has two additional settings. Overcharge: spends two ammo per shot to give attack +1 damage. Overload: Spend 4 ammo per shot to give the attack +2 damage and +2 penetration, and make the weapon unreliable.

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Las Pistol - 30 -
Type Damage Pen Special 3
1 Frag 2D10 X 0 Blast (3)
1 Krak 2D10+4 X 6 Concussive
Aptitudes: Blast (3): Everyone within 3 meters of the attack is hit. Roll damage once, and apply to all targets.
Concussive: If hit, make a toughness test. If failure, target is stunned for DoF number of turns.

Head Body Arms Legs
3 3 0 0

Gear highlights Description
Magnoculars A powerful vision aid.
Chameleoline cloak +20 to stealth, -30 to hit when stationary
Filtration plugs +20 to toughness checks to resist gas
Lho-Sticks Paper tubes with herbs. Light up and inhale

Acrobatics Ag 9 Parry WS 42
Athletics S 13 Psyniscience Per 13
Awareness Per 33 Scrutiny Per 13
Charm Fel 21 Security Int 11
Command Fel 41 Sleight of Hand Ag 9
Commerce Int 11 Stealth Ag 9
Deceive Fel 21 Survival Per 33
Dodge Ag 9 Tech-Use Int 11
Inquiry Fel 21 Intimidate S 13
Interrogation WP 14 Logic Int 11
Medicae Int 11

Other Gear: Uniform, one set of poor weather clothes, one laspistol with two charges, one knife, One flak vest, One rucksack, one set of basic tools, one mess kit and one water canteen, one blanket and sleep bag, one rechargeable lamp pack, one grooming kit, one set of cognomen tags, one instructional primer, two weeks combat rations.

Boris Grachev
Private Grachev was born on Valhalla. his family lived somewhat in the middle of nowhere in the caverns on the ice planet. As with all Valhallans, he's gotten used to the cold and hardship. He got sick of the dark caverns below the planet surface though and enlisted with the Imperial Guard. He started of as a private in the 547th. Since joining, Boris has seen more battles and planets that he can count. Sergeant Mikhail was hard on everyone, but Boris wouldn't have it any other way. Whenever he was down, he thought of his life on Valhalla in the caverns. The Imperial Guard was so much better than all of that. He'd never go back, no matter how bad everything seemed. Every battle fought turns the Imperium in a better place.

Then came the day of the recon mission on Boras Minor. It was supposed to be an easy recon. But somehow the 547th got waylaid and lots of Valhallans died, including Sergeant Mikhail. Keeping the spirits up of the other privates they fought their way through and survived. It was with great honor that Boris accepted to lead the former squad of Mikhail.

Pyotr Fedorov
Only 19 years old and already enlisted in the Valhallen 547th. He's only been with the 547th for about 4 months. Nicknamed "Stubbs" due to an accident when trying to lift a heavy stubber on his own on his first day. Pyotr didn't have the strength to carry it, dropping the thing on the ground right in front of the others of the regiment. Since then, he's had to do all sorts of meaningless and dirty work. He's trying to prove himself to the others. If they would just give him a chance. Luckily, Sergeant Boris has decided to do just that, keeping him under his wing.

XP spent on Points used
Strength: Simple 250
Weapon skill: Simple 250
Parry 100
Total 600
Unspent 150
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