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Brick the Security Specialist

Security Specialist
Very muscular, wearing tactical gear with all weapons visible

Danger x / / / / / /

9 Credits
Combat 5 Diplomacy 3
Insight 3 Technology 2
Science 2 Fitness 3
Space operations 4 Relief 2

Security Specialist Once per ship, you may try to find a threat in the ship not encountered yet. You roll Space Operations, and if you succeed, the game master must tell you about one of the unresolved threats on the ship and how to initiate an encounter with it; or if there are no threats onboard. On a failed roll, a threat on the ship gets +2 to its difficulty, if there are any threats.
Bodyguard If team member suffers danger points in a combat related situation, you can take it upon yourself. Regardless of the amount your team mate could have suffered, you only get one danger point. The crew member must pay you 3 credits.
Bravest Hour During combat threat resolution, if you roll last & the crew has rolled less successes than your fitness rating (3), you roll successes on 4,5 and 6.
Plasma Rifle +1 Combat rolls (Leased)
Powered Exo-Skeleton +1 to combat and space operations. Ignores first wounded result gained during a run. (leased)
Plasma Grenade +3 one Combat roll
Steroids +2 to fitness. If you get a condition, you also become paranoid (leased)

Melinda - engineer who helps out by making custom modifications.
Security Specialist Kaan - exceedingly violent and stupid, both which often come in the way of profit.

Going on a scavenging run is dangerous business, and to have someone tasked with looking out for danger is always a worthwhile investment.

Brick is former armed-forces and appreciates discipline. He knows the tell-tale signs of danger and how to both avoid them or handle them.

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