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Name Blake Baragak Player Scott
Faction Corporate Heritage Capitol
Status Capitalist class Character Trait Well-Travelled
Influence 2 Origin Graveton Archipelago, Venus
Ranged damage bonus 2 Melee damage bonus 0
Chronicle Points Dread

Wounds Current Max Soak
Head 2 2
Torso 6 6
Right Arm 3 3
Left Arm 3 3
Right Leg 4 4
Left Leg 4 4
Serious Wounds 5 5 -
Critical Wounds 3 3 -
Mental 8 8 -

Ability/Skill Score ( Expertise / Focus)
• Acrobatics
• Close combat
•• Unarmed Combat
• Stealth 1
• Observation 1
•• Insight 2
• Thievery
• Ranged Weapons 1
•• Heavy Weapons
•• Gunnery
• Pilot 1
•• Space
• Education 4
•• Linguistics
•• Science
• Mechanics
• Survival
•• Vacuum
• Treatment
•• Medicine
•• Psychotherapy
• Willpower 1
•• Mysticism
• Animal Handling
• Lifestyle 4
• Persuade (sig) 7
•• Command
• Resistance 1
• Athletics

Weapons Range Damage Mode ENC Size Reliability Qualities

Talents Effect
Shareholder of Capitol When legally purchasing any item manufactured by the Capitol corporation or any of its subsidiaries, the character may reduce the Restriction Rating by one and the Cost by two. All Capitolian citizens have the full and unreserved right to possess and bear weapons of any sort within a Capitolian territory, and cannot be denied a permit or licence for a weapon unless they have a criminal record. All Capitol citizens also have the right to fair trial, the right to particular working conditions, and the right to free expression of political and spiritual beliefs.
Good Impression
The character may re-roll one d20 when making a Lifestyle test, but must accept the new result.
Ear for language
The character may re-roll one d20 when making a Linguistics test, but must accept the new result.

Gear Effect
Med kit
Media kit
Surveillance kit

You have a criminal record

Life events Effect
Faction event People still remember what your uncle did and you have had to change your surname. Some of the family’s enemies still turn up from time to time.
Adolescent event
(Creative pre-career training)
Contact Within Another Corporation. You made a friend from another corporation when you were younger.
Career event
(Technical (repairman))
You have been arrested and charged with some criminal activity, and dragged before the courts. Whether you are innocent or not, it is a problem. You lost the trail.
Career event
Successful Small Business: You are enjoying the success of a growing business venture. You have opened additional branches or franchises, you have adverts on the local radio and in the local papers, and the hard work is paying off.
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