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Cashia the Appraiser

Thin, tall and elegant, wears a monocle, smokes cigarettes through a mouthpiece.

Danger / / / / /


Combat 3 Diplomacy 4
Insight 4 Technology 5
Science 1 Fitness 3
Space operations 3 Relief 1

Appraiser Once per ship you may judge if a loot has any special providence. Roll Insight, on a success, the loot has double value. On a failure it has half value, rounding down. This ability must be used immidiatly after finding a loot, and may not be used on faction-specific loot.
Collector You add one to all your personal acquisition rolls.
Plasma Grenade +3 to one a combat roll
The Red Star medal +3 to all social rolls against Communitarians (leased)
Power Distortion Field Reduces the difficulty of all Phenomena threats by one (leased)

Hegda - an employee of one of the largest auction houses on Ayn, she stays on the station looking for items to buy.
Appraiser Beedy - exceedingly greedy and unfriendly, takes everything that isn't nailed down and would do anything for more credits.

Cashia is good at identifying and analyzing stuff, and who knows she is good, but ultimately lacks crucial empathy and judges everyone in attempt to fit them into predetermined slots rather than admit a lack of understanding. So the diplomacy would fall more into the intimidation and getting what she wants side of things maybe.

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