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-Q: yellow-black spaces?

A. Yellow/black spaces are not usable.

(IV) The reason for the three player board is so each player starts an equal distance from each other. You cannot occupy, develop or have and YCU token hit on the black and yellow spaces.
RESET PHASE (shuffling)

-Q: Do you ever reshuffle the gang Member or Black market decks?
If an ability or effect tells me to draw a card, and there are no cards left in my draw pile, do I shuffle my discard pile to allow me to draw?

A. (CD) You only shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile when you use a Refresh action or during the Reset phase. If a card instructs you to draw and you have no draw pile you ignore that part of the card's instructions.

(IV) You can reshuffle black market, gang member, and YCU decks if there decks run out. Remember though you cannot reshuffle any cards that were removed from the game, only ones in the discard pile.

-Q: Maybe this is a trivial question, but in a really long game, would you reshuffle the YCU Patrol cards and/or Recruit/Black Market decks if they run out?

A: (IV) If at any point you would run out of cards in the YCU Patrol, Recruit, or Black Market decks you may reshuffle their discard piles to form a new deck, but remember any cards that were removed from the game do not get shuffled back in.


-Q: If a card says something like "reduce the cost of a black market or development card by 2000" do you specify which card's cost is reduced as you play it, or does it just mean that any such card is reduced for this turn? This is relevant for Sepento Rodens (or something like that) because he also draws a card and might draw into another cost reducer such as a worker, so you may not know which card you want to buy right when you play him. I figure it is a targeted effect. The wording leans that way but has wiggle room.

A: (IV) Yes when discarding the card/development, specify which card you are reducing in cost, you can use multiple cards to reduce the cost of a single card or development. In the case of Sepento the card that you draw may also be used to reduce cost as long as it can and it was on the card/development that you specified earlier.

-Q: If you have a card that reduces the cost of something (e.g. building / black market item) can you get an item for free if your discount covers it? e.g. If you have a card that reduces the cost of black markets items by 3000 ARCs can you therefore buy any black market item equal to or less than 3000 ARCs for free (or would there be a 1000 minimum charge?).

A: It's for free.


-Q: ... gain an Influence you "control 2 + Heights developments (green)". I interpret this as controlling two "tiles" on two center green squares. OR if you have two green tiles on the map "anywhere" that you should get the Influence reward.

A: (IV) When you look at the development cards you will notice that each one is labeled underneath its name whether it is a slum, midtown, or heights development. This is what you’re looking for when you need to control two heights developments. It does not matter where they are built as long as they qualify as heights developments.

-Q: Say I want to purchase star dust district heavy. That particular district takes up 2 spaces, and its limitations are slums/midtown, or red/blue. Can I place it so that 1 space is in red and one is in blue? Or do all districts have to occupy one zone? Thanks in advance.

A: (IV) Answer to Question 4: You can place the development in both, as long as the development is able to be placed it both colors they do not need to be the same.

-Q: When you destroy a development with Garius, does that tab/tile get removed from game?

A: (IV) Yes, you remove the tile from the game when Garius uses his Destruction ability.

-Q: To "control" a double spaced development, does one have to have figures on both spaces?

A: You have to control EVERY space on a development to control it.

-Q: If a development is on a space that awards renown, are you awarded renown for both the space and the development? Or just the development?

A: You are awarded renown for both the space and the development.


-Q: Do multiple black market permanent stack? For example if I had two “Advanced Weapons” in front of me, making me roll two additional dice. Or trade agreement and computer terminal.

-Q: Also, can items stack? e.g. if you have two Advanced Weapons cards do you add two dice to every combat?

-Q: If I have two Advanced Weapons cards lying near my player mat, can I use two extra dice for every battle? If I have three of those puppies, do I really get three extra dice? If so, you could also stack the Computer Terminals (for an extra SIX cards in your hand at the beginning of every round). ...Now I can see how the Trade Agreements and Broadcast Equipment would stack (maybe they aren't as "impacting"), but the others...

A: Yes, they stack.

-Q: When you play a permanent black market card, do you play it to the table (where it stays permanently) instead of your discard pile to later be reshuffled into you player deck. Is this correct?



-Q: Tie-breaker when both player's renown and ARCs are tied?

A: (CD) Seriously though, we only have the one level of tie break. If you are still tied rolling a die probably isn't very satisfactory. I would just call it a straight up tie at that point. That may not be satisfactory to some, but I'd think more satisfactory than someone declaring themselves victor because of a single die roll at the end of the game.


-Q: The rulebook states that if you bid on a gang member and no one else chooses to bid on that gang member, you get that gang member for free. The Technician's ability allows you to choose one player during a bid, and that player can no longer bid on it. If 2 players are bidding on a gang member, and one of them players the technician in order to get rid of the other player, will he get that gang member for free? I am guessing that you have to pay, since the text says if no one bids on the gang member you get it for free. If someone bids on it and is knocked out by the Technician ability, he still bid on it. But who knows. If the Technician can get you a free gang member, that would be awesome.

A: (IV) If you have played your Technician when you have chosen to recruit a gang member during your recruit action in order to prevent a player from bidding against you and no one else bids you can get that gang member for free. If you do during another players turn you must first declare how many ARC's you are bidding in order to be considered bidding on a gang member and then play the Technician in order to prevent any player you choose from any further bidding. (ex: Ted has selected to take a Recruit action and selects to recruit the face up Trader gang member, thus making the starting bid of 0 ARCs (this is always the starting bid). Mark makes a bid against him for 1 ARC and then uses the Technician ability Override to prevent Ted from making any future bids on this Trader. Since no other players have outbid Mark and Ted is no longer aloud to bid Mark receives the Trader for 1 ARC, places it into his hand, and moves his turn tracker up 1. If Mark would have not had enough ARC's to bid higher than Ted or not had any actions left he would have not been able to be a part of bidding on the Trader, thus he would not have been able to use the Technician's ability.) Suppose Ted makes a recruit action. Bob and Steve pass, but John makes a bid. the way the rules are written, this means that only john and ted are eligible to bid for him from now on. They keep bidding, then Ted plays technician. Does he get it for free? If someone besides the person who started the recruit action plays a technician, does he get it for free? (assuming only 2 players are left in the bid) No, Ted would still have to beat John's previous bid. John is prevented from bidding any further, but his previous bid is still active.

-Q: Also, I assume you must always have an available action to bid on a recruit. So, the last player in the round with an available action can always recruit for free.

A: If you don't have an action left over, you can't bid to Recruit (balances out first player advantage).

-Q: If you are the last player to act in a round (all other players have used their 4 action points) can you buy any available gang members for free, since the other players do not have an action point available to do so?

A: (??) I believe so, but given how the rulebook describes bidding, I think you need at least 1000 ARCS to bid. You just don't need to pay those ARC's once you bid.

-Q: Can you still obtain gang members if you have all 16 figures on the board and/or in your gang member pool?

A: (IV) The answer to your second question is no, you cannot obtain any more gang members if you have all of your available gang members on the board / gang member pool.

-Q: Can you recruit more members to your gang if you don't have any more figures to add to your pool? If so, what happens when you lose a battle?

A: (IV) You cannot recruit more gang members than figures that are available.


-Q: During a move action, I know you can't end on a space with two of your own figures but can you pass by a space with two figures? My guess is yes.

A: (IV) you can move through any space that two of your figures are in, as long as you don't stop there. Just remember you can only do this with your figures, if you ever move into any space with an enemy unit you must stop movement with that figure immediately


-Q: When you sell product tokens, can you only sell as much as your total influence? Does your influence count towards how much you can produce?

A: (IV) Product token production is not limited by influence, only the amount you are allowed to sell during a sell action is.


-Q: If I increase in influence in the middle of an action, do I get to play the rest of that action as if I had a higher influence? For instance, let's say I have 4 influence, 8 figures on the board, and 2 in my pool. I take a move action and move my 2 from the pool on to the board. Now that I have 10 figures on the board, I increase my influence to 5. Can I move up to 2 more figures or up to 3?

A: (IV) How many figures you can move during the move action is determined at the beginning of the move action. If your influence increases during your move action it does not increase the amount of figures you may move in the current move action, but it does for all future actions. So in your example you would only be able to move 2 more figures.

-Q: To pay 12000 for an extra influence, does this trigger when you pay that amount for something (a huge bid or a bunch of renown) or do you just pay 12000 for the influence? If it is a passive reward like the other means of upping your influence, are you considered to buy the black market card at the same time as the extra renown for these purposes, or are they separate transactions within one action?

A: (CD) You just pay 12,000 for that influence.


-Q: I battle a Yugai and win. Then I roll the die and the result causes me to pay 3000 ARCs, but I have no ARCs or less than 3000. What do I do?

A: If your Yugai result is that you lose three ARCs, if you have none, you can't pay any. If you have less than three, you should toss everything you have.

-Q: Regarding the Yugai reinforcements, do players fight all of the first wave contested zones before dropping the new tokens? Or, do the payers who go near the end of the turn have a greater chance of tokens stacking if they are dropped immediately?

A: You place all the Yugai first then you resolve your contested spaces in turn order. First player goes first and picks the order of who you want to fight first.

...example: Player 1 defeats some Yugai, no consequences. Player 2 defeats some Yugai, more Yugai drop, some of which are now on Player 1. Do you continue on with Player 2 and come back around to Player 1? Do you immediately go back to Player 1? Or something else? …We have played that whenever Yugai reinforcements are dropped, you immediately go back to Player 1 and check if he has battles and continue clockwise from there.

-Q: If Yugai drop as a consequence of the die roll in the middle of an action phase, do they immediately battle players or does any player with a Yugai in his space wait till his turn and then fight at the end of his action (whether a move or not)?

A: (CD) If another Yugai drop happens as the result of a defeated Yugai, those battles are resolved immediately in turn order.

-Q: If a Yugai is left alone in a "building" at some point, he crushes it under his big chrome foot and your precious tile leaves the game forever...?



-Q: For Ret's gang, “Disciples” allow me to draw cards and “Rally the People” gives me money and draw more cards if I have multiples. I'm curious if I'm allowed to keep playing cards from my hand, even if they have the same name like “Rally the People.”



-Q: Question on “Mysterious Benefactor,” do you have to be in a battle to remove the card from the game to receive the 5000 ARCs or can you just remove it to get the cash. I know you have to be in a battle with the color on the card to get the renown and then chuck the card.

A: (IV) You do not have to have to be in a battle to receive the 5,000 ARC's. You only have to be playing in a game that the specific color of player is not involved in. You can remove it anytime during your turn. …So you'd be cashing in 6000 anytime? But if the color is involved in the game you can't get the cash instead of waiting to be in a battle with the specific color? ...If yellow is in the game, you cannot use the yellow card to get cash, but after a battle with yellow you can use it to gain renown. If yellow is not in the game, you can use it any time during your turn to gain cash, but you cannot use it after a battle to gain renown.

-Q: Question about the “Informer,” the kid who gives you 3 renown after a battle, does he still give renown in a battle with YCU? Seems legit that you do because my opponent was Garius and was racking up the points with this tactic.

A: (IV) Yes, he gives you renown as long as he is in a battle he wins. Fighting the YCU counts as a battle.

-Q: When an opposing figure moves on to a Stronghold, and rolls a 1-4 (I think?) that figure is destroyed. What does "destroyed" mean? Is that figure removed from the board, and a gang member card is removed from that player's discard pile or deck?

A: (IV) It works the same way as if you would lose a gang member in battle. So remove a figure from the board and select a gang member in your discard pile to be removed from the game.

-Q: When an opposing figure moves on to any controlled development, who controls the development? The defender, neither, or both? If it's the defender, the situation is pretty straightforward. Everything behaves at face value for the defender. If it's neither, if I move a figure on to a space with a Stronghold controlled by an opponent, and I roll the Stronghold's ability and survive, now neither of us control the space. If I move a second figure on to that space, it doesn't have to deal with the Stronghold's ability. If both players control the development, the Stronghold forces two rolls for two moves, but it raises a question with the Weapons Manufacturing development (the thing that gives you an extra die in combat). If I contest that development, do we both roll an extra die against each other?

A: For question 2 the tutorial video said it is controlled by neither player. ...So that means if I move my guys into a Weapons Manufacturer, neither of us get the extra die bonus. And if I move into a Stronghold, I only have to get one guy into the building (and survive) to shut down the ability.

-Q: Questions came up regarding continuation of combat in a space (a player loses a figure in the initial combat but the space is still contested).

A: All cards in the first battle are immediately discarded. The second battle starts fresh. You are not adding cards from the second battle to the cards from the first one. You get to play cards again, you just cannot reuse cards from the first battle. You reroll, too.

-Q: If I have a battle with Yugai in the same action that I battle another gang, which battle happens first or, do I get to choose the order..? Then, if I crush the Yugai, do I get to use those figures to add "support" to my gang versus gang fight..? [Paraphrase: Want to attack enemy square. Using move action to get figures into enemy square, but also want to move figures into an adjacent square to support- unfortunately this adjacent square is occupied by Yugai. What order do battles resolve in, since this is all part of one Movement action?]



-Q: Is there a hand size limit as yellow can often get all cards in hand on a given turn early game?

A: There is no hand limit size, only time your limited is during the actual draw step during the reset or refresh phase, where you draw up to your current influence.

-Q: Do those ability cards count as unit cards? What I mean is cards like Windfall, Steal, Mysterious benefactor, and Rally the people.

A: They are ability cards. You must remove from the game a gang member card when losing a battle. It has been clarified that gang leaders count as gang members as well. If you add up all non-ability cards, it should always equal the number of figures you have available. Each card plus figure represents a gang member, which is why you always gain or lose them in pairs, never gaining just a gang member card but not a figure, or vice versa.

-Q: I had a question about Scrapper ability. Does he have to be played from your hand to return to your hand if you win a battle? I played him face down from my draw pile last night and won. Does he then get discarded since he did not originally come from my hand, therefore cannot return to it?

A: He can be pulled into your hand then. Battle effects like that trigger in any battle, no matter where they got played from, either you hand, or the top of your discard pile. So in this case, if you won the battle, any and all scrappers can be put into your hand regardless of where they were played from.

-Q: Does your Gang Leader count as a Gang Member, and if so, under what circumstances? For instance, if I enter a battle and only play my Gang Leader and lose, do I remove his card from the game? Or do I look at my discard, hand/deck until I have found a true "Gang Member" card? ("Is a gang leader a gang member?")

A: (IV) If you only played your Gang Leader, you must remove him from the game. Just as you would a regular Gang Member.

-Q: What happens when I have a Forbidden Knowledge card..? It doesn't say it's a "permanent" card so I don't lay it near my player mat like a Trade or Weapons. Do I keep it in my hand, to discard and only "take up space" throughout the game?


-Q: On Forbidden Knowledge, can someone confirm that I'm counting this guy's value correctly..? When I have one Forbidden Knowledge at the end of the game, it's worth it's three (3 Renown) but if I have two, my total worth is nine (9 Renown)..? Or, am I doing the math wrong because my first is worth something different than my second (and third)..? If my guesses are correct, the third would be worth twenty seven (27 Renown)..?



-Q: How many abilities on cards can you use in a turn for a free action?

A: As many as you want/are available to play from your hand. They do not count as actions per se. Of course, if the ability triggers conditionally (e.g., Battle abilities, or the Technician), you can only play the ability when the text allows.

-Q: When exactly does my turn end? After I perform and complete action or when I declare the end. For instance, could I purchase a Black Market card, place it in my hand and then play it and use its ability before my ending my turn. Or could I produce-->develop then play a card with a special ability to immediately sell the produced goods before ending my turn.


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