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Hank Carter

Full Name

  • Hank Carter


  • 28


  • Retired Soldier


Murray Grelis
Surry Hills
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Current Attribute is in []

  • STR 15
  • CON 16
  • SIZ 13
  • DEX 9
  • APP 8
  • INT 11
  • POW 13
  • EDU 11

  • Idea 55
  • Luck 65
  • Know 55

  • Sanity 65 -10
  • Hit Points 15
  • Magic Points 13
  • Damage Bonus +1d4


Anything not listed is at base %

  • Electrical Repair - 50
  • Mech. Repair - 82
  • Throw - 55
  • Knife - 35
  • Bayonet Attack - 55
  • Bayonet Parry - 45
  • Rifle - 85
  • Fist - 80
  • First Aid - 78
  • Listen - 31
  • Sneak - 34
  • Spot Hidden - 75

Weapons Damage

  • Rifle 2d6+4
  • Fist
  • Knife
  • Bayonet Attack


Overcoat, Suit, shirt, tie, hat
Stout leather shoes
Wallet with $80
Large knife sheath
2 Packs of Lucky Strike cigarettes
Book of matches
Springfield M1903 with bayonet fixed
clip loaded with bullets - 4
1 spare clip filled with bullets - 5
Box of 77 bullets

Large duffel in car:
rifle case
1 pack Lucky Strike cigarettes


Hank is the archetypal strong, silent type. Born and raised in a small rural community in upstate New York. A restless spirit, he signs up for the army the day after graduating from high school. He serves with the 1st Division in France where he finds horrors aplenty but not his purpose.

Hank is driven by a need to find his purpose, he feels that there is something more to the world, something sinister, something he must seek out and be prepared for. He doesn't understand this or talk about it, or even think about it much, it's more of an unconscious urge. This urge sent him to France and it brought him home.

He sees out his army service and hits the road. No hobo, Hank usually travels by rail, with a paid ticket. He has a bank account, always carries a modest wad of cash and is clean and well presented, if not fashionable. He lives in modest boarding houses wherever possible and will rent a small room if staying anywhere for a length of time. His mechanical aptitude and reliable manner means he rarely has trouble finding work despite his grim appearance. He rarely stays in the same place longer than 12 months.

He has few possessions, the only thing he cares about is his Springfield M1903 rifle, the twin to the one he carried in France. Lovingly maintained, almost every part of this gun has been replaced over the years and the large matching bayonet that Hank wears on his hip like a knife has frightened off more than one troublemaker on the road. When travelling he would never part with the rifle, he keeps it carefully packed and hidden within his large duffel, but will occasionally store it when in town, with the local law office, bank or even a pawn shop if worried about it's security.

Hank has little time for Occultism, seeing fortune tellers and the like as charlatans, but is drawn to scientific types that take an interest in the otherworldly. Rumours of such types have brought Hank to town, looking for work...

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