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Convention Check-In

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BGG.CON Spring Home
Convention Check-In
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BGG Events FAQ
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What to Bring Printed E-mail Confirmation per registered person
Each attendee is required to show a copy of the confirmation email showing their badge information listed. To be clear, that’s one printed copy for each person receiving a badge.

If you lost the confirmation e-mail, contact Jeff ( ASAP. Please print enough copies for each person receiving a badge, or forward that email to the individual badge-holders and instruct them to print it out for themselves.

During check-in you will turn this piece of paper in as your ticket into the convention and then receive your badge and wristband.
The Check-in process for each individual isn't long, but we will easily check-in 1,000 plus persons within a couple of hours, so feel free to bring a card game or other easily transportable game to play while waiting in line.

Badges & Wristbands Badge & Wristband Policy
Upon check-in, you will receive your name badge and one of several helpful attendants will assist you in securing your wristband. Your Badge and Wristband MUST be visible at all times while in the convention spaces.

Your badge *and* wristband together are required for all services at BGG EVENTS, including the Game Library, Exhibit Hall, and the Grapevine Shuttle.

Your wristband will also provide a 10% discount at the hotel’s many fine dining options (not valid at the Cash & Carry Cafeteria, also not valid for alcohol).

Your badge doubles as your library card.

Replacement wristbands may be purchased at the Registration Desk if you must remove yours (sleep, work, etc.). This requires turning in the old wristband, showing a picture id with information that matches your badge, and paying the fee of $5.00 CASH.

At the Check-In Desk

Things you can find at the Check-In Desk: Badges
If your name badge is ruined or lost, please see the Check-In Desk to arrange for a replacement.
Replacement wristbands may be purchased here for $5.00 if you must remove yours (sleep, work, etc.). This also requires turning in the old wristband and showing a picture ID with information that matches your badge.
Small convention bags with Exhibitor Bingo cards and maybe a small gift (one per registered person). Table
Many exhibitors and local advertisers have provided offers for our attendees. You can find these at a table in the foyer near the Check-In Desk. Sign-ups
SPECIAL NOTE on Sign-ups. Unless otherwise noted on the Special Events pages in this wiki, the event sign-ups will be posted 24-hours before the event begins. You are allowed to signup yourself and one other person. An exception to this rule is allowed for Spiel-A-Thon, Puzzle Hunt, and Game Show where one person may sign up their entire 3-4 person team.
We will have a limited supply of printed maps of the convention space. Schedule
We will have a limited supply of printed schedules for the convention. Bingo (only at BGG.CON)
The Check-In Desk is the only drop-off location for Exhibitor Bingo cards. You will receive your GeekGold coupons and your card will be put in a central drop box for the Saturday Evening Prize Drawings Shuttle Tickets
Day-Pass tickets to ride the Grapevine Shuttle will be available here. and Found
If you find something, please turn it in to the Check-In Desk.
If you lost something, please look at the Check-In Desk. Help
Most general convention questions can be answered by any of the Volunteers staffing the Check-In Desk. If they can't answer the question, then they can direct you to someone who can answer your question.

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