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  • Yea, exactly what's in it for us? Who pays for saving the world?

Seriously, I am happy for Shrike to be tagging along out of curiosity for the moment, but with the clear OOC expectation that he will find reason enough to stick around indeterminately.
He knows Ivy, is finding the challenge of hunting a halfling through the Whispering Plains moderately engaging at least, has a LONG backstory with Lucia, and keeps thinking about Shanna.

So, there is no better place to be right now for Shrike.

  • [q="nicodemus055"][q="schizoid"]I have a suspicion that Lucia has his own secret orders regarding the chalice. [/q]

I don't trust Lucia's superiors- they had a necromancer working for them. Whatever the chalice does, maybe it's the kind of power they're after, no matter the cost.[/q]

  • [q="Againsto"][q="schizoid"]I have a suspicion that Lucia has his own secret orders regarding the chalice. And, since they have a long backstory together, what role does Shrike play in this scheme? Chaotic Ranger and Lawful Paladin as a pair of good buddies? Fishy.[/q]

I'm telling you, he wasn't always like that. Something happened to him, a gradual decline of grayscale perception.

How did we all end up on the Spry Dancer together, that's the more immediately relevant question, and, of course, where were we headed before Mouse sneaked off on her own, precipitating events? Or hadn't Mouse actually told you guys? [/q]


  • [q="Againsto"][q="nicodemus055"]Shrike knows a lot about group battle tactics. I do wonder where he picked all of that stuff up.

edit: And does it have anything to do with Shrike and Lucia's past history?[/q]

It well might! But nobody asks Shrike about these things, it's all "Shrike, how far still?" and "Shoot some Food" and "Shrike how's your soul"...

  • [q="Mease19"]Lucia and Shrike might simply shared the too long sea voyage (this did all start after coming ashore) and made friends during the downtime.

Perhaps Mouse believed people with standing and connections were necessary to obtain the chalice but discovered another way.

Perhaps Mouse counted on us to be insurance - if things went pear shaped, we'd catch up and rescue her/vouche for her.

Perhaps it is in the possession of Lucia's older brother and she insisted we'd be useful in acting as emmessaries to request the chalice when, instead, she was fishing for intel from Shrike and Lucia..[/q]

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