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Dexter Duvaul

Dexter Duvaul
Player Jay
Background  Corper

Violence Intellect Skill Influence
1 2 2 3
Evade Firewall Resolve
1 1 2
Prosperity Criminal Record
2 0
Focus Rating
Max Current
3 3

Unwounded Wounded Incapacitated Mortally Wounded Dead

Name Effect
Corp lingo You sound like a Corper, which increases the chance that other Corpers listen to you. When rolling Influence against other Corpers, you get an extra dice.
Privileged Corpers belong to a class above others, hurting one can bring down harsh punishment from their employers. Most people are therefore reluctant, at least subconsciously, to hurt a corper. When you are wounded or seriously wounded, your evasion increases by one.

Name Effect
Modia P13 Lean a stylish metal gun with a small clip of uranium-tipped bullets. One of the deadliest and most accurate handguns on the market. When you use fate points to roll extra dice, the success range increase by one.
Nanoknife Even in the corporate world it pays to be armed. A nanoknife is impossibly thin and can be hidden nearly anywhere. Basic hand-to-hand weapon.
Optiman wrist terminal A luxurious terminal, worn around the wrist. Its projects a large 3D surface, which makes it very easy to operate.
Business attire A few basic sets of high quality garments. They are made from real fabrics, and feel as good as they look.
Automatic trauma gel Reduce a dead result to incapacitated.
Laser Link Lets your mind interface directly with terminals. You get +2D on one task involving a terminal.


Origin    The Mega-Corporations love someone who keeps quiet and does their job abely. You were such an employ, never creating any fuss and just getting the job done. A careless moment ruined everything. You cost your employer millions of credits in damaged property. They held you accountable, which meant you were fired and now owe them more than you can ever hope to make.
Corporate branch    Finance. Mega-Corporations run on money and they make even more of it by moving it around. Those working with finances know how many flows and both how it energizes and destroys businesses.
Age    Typical, between 29 to 44 years old
Appearance   You dress far below what one would expect given your background. You prefer the cheapest non-descript overalls, made of the poor quality synthetic materials.
Personality    You are effective, breaking goals down into tasks and then set about getting them done.
Former Employer    Ruhr Industries. Germany’s biggest heavy industry. They are the biggest exploiter of natural resources and have numerous factories in the wasteland. Those that work for Ruhr has a reputation for being grey and boring.

Disgraced Ruhr accountant who is trying to pick himself up out of the gutter he landed in. Going with the money launderer idea above, I imagine he could get a job for a leg-breaking bookie or some other illegitimate organization "cleaning" their books.

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