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FAQ for Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game

Info taken from various forum threads, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.
List of game FAQs

How many die rolls for multiple attacks?

From the rule book p.10
Making an Attack
For each enemy a Hero’s power or a Monster’s attack targets, roll the die and add the power’s attack bonus.
If the result of the die roll plus the bonus is equal to or greater than the target’s Armor Class, the attack hits.

How many die rolls for multiple attacks

How many items can each character have?

There is no limit on how many items a character can have. However, the rulebook states on p. 13: " A Hero can gain only one attack bonus
and one defense bonus from Items at a time."

Re: Some questions about rules

Can I split or interrupt my move so that I can move, attack, and then finish my move?

No, you can move before or after an attack or some other action, but you cannot move both before and after another action (unless your character has a special ability that allows you to do so).

Re: Interrupting Movement

If I move through a trap which kills me, can I continue moving and then drop?

No, your character drops where it is killed. Page 10 of the rulebook states, "When a Hero is reduced to 0 Hit Points, keep the Hero’s figure on the tile. Knock the figure on its side to show that the Hero is at 0 Hit Points."

Re: Moving with a Daily Power, Traps and Dieing

If a monster moves adjacent to a hero (especially when a tile away), can the monster be placed on any adjacent square?

Yes. It can move to any adjacent square, whether it's one the same tile as the hero or on an adjacent tile. This includes both adjacent diagonal and orthogonal squares.

Re: Movement and Targeting Questions

Do heroes recover their hit points while in town (between adventures)?

The rulebook does not clearly state this. However, unless the adventure states otherwise, you start each adventure with 2 Surge tokens, so it could be assumed that hit points are replenished as well. This is subject to house rule.

Re: At the end of an adventure

What is the general rule of thumb regarding when an ability makes use of the attack action and when it is used in addition to an attack action?

At-Will and Daily consume attack actions unless they say otherwise. Utility do not consume any action unless they say otherwise.

Re: Which abilities can be used in addition to an attack/move?

Are villains monsters?

Villains are monsters for every monster aspect, e.g. they give XP, defeating them you gain a treasure, it is a favoured enemy of the ranger....

Adjacent squares?

All 8 squares surrounding one other square.

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