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Durance PbF PrattKidsstown

Thread: [Active - Scene 2] Pratt's Folly - Kiddstown Pbf


A new planet...
Pratt's Folly
... our new Home...
... and Uncertainty
⇓ Servility

⇓ Savagery

⇓ Status

The ladder

THE GOVERNOR: William G. Thurnwood IV (UncleLothar)
Oath: I will never allow somebody to defy my will.
Catchwords: Destined for great things, no one more important on the planet, far too much ice. (desc)
Catchwords: Criminal Overlord
CAPTAIN OF MARINES: Myrtha Wrigham (Ejnro)
THE ABBOTT: Annika Iltis (Againsto)
Oath: I will never allow the natives to suffer for our folly.
Oath: I will not play the game so hard that I will become a pawn myself.
Catchwords: The survival of this colony are dependent on a strong fist and a observant eye. (desc)
Catchwords: Serving time for conspiratory activity, own pet projects (desc)
SWELL: Sahar The Widow Maker (Shadow Hexagram)
BOLTER: Freedom Fhil (Phil) (UncleLothar)
Oath: I will never allow one of the swine from the Blood Rings to rise above me.
Oath: I will never keep a promise.
Catchwords: Recruiter and trader for participants in the Blood Bowls. (desc)
Catchwords: Self-proclaimed Robin Hood, enemy of the Governor, friend of the people. Real name: Thadeus Brown (secret) (desc)
COLONIAL MARINE: Cpl. Jefferson Murff (Againsto)
LAG: Fragrance (Shadow Hexagram)
Oath: I will never hurt an innocent person.
Oath: I will never forgive the man that murdered my husband.
Catchwords: Philosophical, thoughtful, reflexive. Appreciation of hierarchy, authority, and obedience. (desc)
Catchwords: Innocent, political animal, climb social ladder, rumour: intimate relation to the Dimber Damber. (desc)
CRAWLER: Dencius Colt (Ejnro)
Oath: I'll never trust again.
Catchwords: Former convicts, conditionally free
Catchwords: One armed, former Bloodsportsman, thirsting for revenge against the man the tricked him into the ring. (desc)

Scene log

I wonder what Freedom Fhil promised Cpl. Jefferson Murff in return when the corporal helped him out of the colony?
Fhil promised to bring Cpl. Murff hunted meat

Planet: Pratt's Folly


Atmosphere is excellent
Climate is mild
Geology is stable
Hydrology is favorable
Biology is benign
Intelligent life is absent

Not sure how this place got its name but it is a gem. A healthy atmosphere and surface water in great quantities. The climatology report is stellar. Regional and seasonal variations are minor and life here would be very pleasant. Recommended.

Revised survey
Gigantic, impassable mountains punctuated by glaciers tens of kilometers thick. Narrow bands of arable land among the bergschrunds. We've learned that the planetary biome aggressively dominates non-native introductions. The natives...intelligent and savage.

Inspirational details

  1. The "Burning Ground", swept daily by marines to keep ice and predators at bay
  2. An actual paper book, first waterlogged and then frozen
  3. A battered sign still defiantly proclaiming the colony's original name—Chalchiuhtlicue
  4. Evidence of what seems to be a long dead civilization on the planet's surface
  5. "These things look human but twisted; their features are not fixed to the skull"
  6. A pair of makeshift skies with the name Lunicent Pilver carved on them

Colony: Kiddstown


Planning is meticulous
Density is low
Workforce is motivated
Prosperity is high
Order is well-established
Justice is universal

The Governor's first order was to turn the eyes of the communications relay we left in orbit towards the planet's surface, providing us with surveillance of the convicts assigned to labor details in the various outstations. The work is understandably hard---the planet doesn't yield easily, after all---but it keeps the lags docile. Any convicts who deviate from their assignment or cause trouble are immediatly tracked and removed from the general population for reconditioning.

Do we like the outstations? No we do not. The outstations of Kiddstown are not pleasant. The colony is a vicious police state and we lags alternate between terror and exhaustion, forced labor and complete idleness. Justice is a joke. There is no food, and what little there is they dole out to us based on labor quotas. The weakest are already starving to death, aren't they?

Inspirational details

  1. A starving crawler to weak to move.
  2. A vermin control crew, geared up with improvised armor
  3. The unyielding facade of the guard tower. Guards observing every movement.
  4. A lag begs for help and is assidiously ignored by everyone.
  5. A guard patrol. Everyone looks identical and no variations are visible. All the uniforms are as new.
  6. The storehouse under heavy guard.


How is the state of agriculture and the main sources of sustenance on this planet?
As large areas of Pratt's Folly is covered by ice, snow and glaciers agriculture is a constant battle. Some plants are grown on the soil around the main base and the outstations, but the soil is very poor and gives a low yield, food poor in nutrition and often failed crops. Experiments have been conducted were plants are grown in more mineral rich soil in caves under the ice with artificial lightning. More work is needed for this to been successful.
How has the contact between the colonists and the natives been thus far?
It would be easier if the suicide quests of the natives came at a more predictable interval. The fires on the glacier are actually quite pretty, but the howling and drumming at night doesn't help.
Why has the old settlement site been so thoroughly abandoned?
The previous colony was a religious congregation seeking new beginnings away from Earth. The few records left behind suggested that daily life was quite similar to what it currently is: a life of burning back the ice and natives, struggling to grow enough food, etc.

Life seemed happy for these early colonists, but the majority of the records have no mention of what caused the colonists to disappear overnight. Some say that the Damber has obtained an old paper journal that is the sole remaining record of what caused the devastation of the old colony....
What do the colonists do for entertainment or escape?
Huge fight pits of gladiators are regularly organized to drive the colonists anger and violence.
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