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Eclipse Phase Dead Man Walking


Dave G
United States
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El Chupacabratwurst

Player Characters

  • Isaac Khan (Ego Hunter)
    • Background: Lost
    • Faction: Criminal
    • Morph: Futura
    • Motivations: +Personal Development +Self-Protection +Vengeance
    • Character Sheet
    • Background
    • Player:
      Alex Nguyen
      United States
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      6 out of 7 dwarves are not Happy

  • Benedict Isles
    • Background: Hyperelite
    • Faction: Ultimate
    • Morph: Exalt
    • Motivations: +Playing with Hypercorps +Thrill-seeking +Singularity
Benedict was born in a rich ultra-priviledge family of the Hyperelite. This allowed him to study in dilettante, without worrying about his future. He loves playing games. The Solar System, the Hypercorps, the Planetary Consortium provide him an awesome playground. There is tons of informations to gather, tons of informations to dispatch, tons of informations to manipulate. He sees himself as a information mastermind.
Now Benedict is a Stellar Intelligence's executive in charge of gathering informations about acquisition/merging and technology transferts. He is as loyal as it serves his playful mind. For now, he find amusing to sell informations to Black Markets brokers, and to free some technology patents via Argonauts. He has no motivation for wealth, but wealth is needed to carry out his games. He has no magnanimity, but enjoys the consequences of public disclosure of certain informations.
    • Player:
      Jean-Christophe Cubertafon
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  • Vargr
    • Character Sheet (need link)
    • Background
He calls himself Vargr, but it seems likely that's a pseudonym, since it means "wolf" or "outlaw" in an old Earth language that barely still exists. Given his background, perhaps it's not surprising that he hides behind a false name. He was born in a small scum barge owned and operated by a grifter circus - an itinerant carnival that traveled from place to place providing entertainment in exchange for fuel (for the carnies as well as the barge), a small fee, tips from approving audiences, and the unwitting transfer of valuables from those same audiences and those living nearby. Under the tutelage of the zero-g acrobatics troupe, he learned not only how to move fluidly in all environments, but also how to avoid security, pick locks and pockets, and get in and out of just about any place unseen and unheard.
By the time the Fall wiped out most of the carnival's audiences, Vargr's reputation as the Man To Go To for unorthodox acquisitions had (with some subtle self-promotion) solidified. With show business no longer providing sufficient support, he got himself adopted into one of the Triads, but within a couple of years, he chafed at the hierarchy and restrictions. He went freelance, with a reasonable degree of success, working for hypercorps, autonomists, scientists, and even Firewall on occasion. Everybody needs something sometime.
And then, Something happened. He doesn't know what the Something was, because his memories of it are gone. All he remembers is that about two years ago, he was invited to a habitat in the Outer System with an anonymous job offer (not unusual in his line of work), and then... blank... and then he was waking in a battered Flat morph in an abandoned storage habitat in Jovian space. When he was able to orient himself, he discovered that he had lost about six months of memory.
Whatever happened, though, had consequences - his formerly rising star in the Triads has fallen hard, to the point where virtually nobody in his old criminal network will even be seen with him, let alone provide him any assistance. Fortunately, he had planned ahead for the possibility that he would some day have to go into hiding for a while, and he had stashed a modified Ghost morph with one of his former carnie associates on a scum barge. He made his way there, got himself resleeved, and began to process of putting his life back together. He re-established some of his non-criminal connections and was able to get acquisition work again, and between jobs he seeks answers.
He has searched for the habitat where he got waylaid, but as far as he can tell, it has completely vanished from space. Those six months are completely opaque. The only clue he has had about the missing time came from a contact at Fa Jing, who seemed startled when Vargr approached her in New Dazhai looking for work - she had heard he was deep in the Outer System just a few days ago, when he was already on Mars. Now he's thinking about various ways he could be in two places at once, and the possibilities are grim.
    • Player:
      Dan Schaeffer
      United States
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  • Luthar Nansteinn
    • Background: Hyperelite
    • Faction: Argonaut
    • Morph: Remade
    • Motivations: +Philanthropy +Techno-Progressivism +For the thrill of it!
A hypercorp executive in charge of acquisition/merging and technology transfers. But he's working covertly for himself, because he finds much more thrilling and lucrative to deal with black markets, and he finds much more fun to open-source some technologies by giving them away to Argonauts.
    • Player:
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      Pandacon is Panda-On!
      Play, play, play and have a hell of a good time.

  • Marc Sarin (Mercenary)
    • Background: Lunar Colonist
    • Faction: Hypercorp, Direct Action
    • Morph: Remade

Motivations: +Money +Independence +Individualism

Born on the moon, bred for violence: silent and dry or explosive and wet, your choice. Just a cog in the wheel of Direct Action, the apolitical mercenary hypercorp. In only few years of 'service,' Sarin is cynical, angry and feels unnecessarily limited. How many times do you have to die, doing all the wet work while the "Man" gets the fee?
He is quietly living like an ascetic monk, squirreling money away to pay for a separate, private backup and that perfect black market resleeve. Still a long way to go. Now contracted out to deal with A Dead Man Walking.
    • Player:
      Stymie says, "No Fidgets"
      United States
      SF Peninsula
      flag msg tools
      "Nobody down here 'cept us dummies"
      "Betcha can't throw that donut on my finger"


Direct Action, Hypercorp
Xanthes Gris

    • DA Heavy for back channel dealings and black ops, the Troubleshooter

Maendeleo, Terrorist Group
Cavara Ndugu

    • Party Target


    • Known associate of Ndugu

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