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Eddie's 5th Edition Adventure


IC Thread
OOC Thread
Character List

A) Quests

Transport Goods

  • Bring Gundren’s supplies to Phandalin - COMPLETED
    • Conclusion: Supplies delivered and payment received

Gundren Missing

  • Locate where Gundren has been taken - COMPLETED
    • Clue: Taken to Cragmaw Castle
    • Clue: Has map to Wave Echo Cave
    • Clue: Abductors worked for Black Spider
    • Clue: Druid named Reidoth, in Thundertree ruins, may know of where Cragmaw Castle is located
    • Conclusion: Gundren found and rescued alive. Returned to Phandalin.

What is Black Spider

  • Discover who or what Black Spider is - COMPLETED
    • Clue: Klarg the Bugbear worked for it
    • Clue: Black Spider wants the Triboar Trail raided
    • Clue: Bugbears in Redbrands HQ knew of it
    • Clue: Glassstaff had letter from it
    • Clue: Black Spider' is apparently a Drow Elf
    • Clue: Drow are trying to find Wave Echo Cave
    • Conclusion: Black Spider, a Drow Named Nezznar, was found and destroyed, his threat ended.

Locate Wave Echo Cave

  • Locate the hidden Dwarven mine Wave Echo Cave - COMPLETED
    • Clue: Gundren has a map to the Cave
    • Clue: Gundren had map to Wave Echo Cave
    • Clue: May contain the Forge of Spells
    • Clue: Drow seek this place
    • Clue: Group is probably being followed
    • Conclusion: Wave Echo Cave was located and initially cleared of threats. A little clean up remains

Deliver Lionshield Supplies

  • Take Lionshield supplies to Lionshield Coster in Phandalin - COMPLETED
    • Conclusion: Supplies delivered , reward received

Lionshield Caravan Guards

  • Linene Graywind asked if we could act as guards for shipments to Neverwinter - OPEN

What Happened to Iarno Albrek

  • Help Sildar discover why Iarno Albrek has stopped communicating - OPEN
    • Clue: Iarno Albrek is Sildar’s fellow guild member located in Phandalin
    • Discovered Glasssstaff was actually Iarna Albrek and he was working for Black Spider
    • Iarna Albrek escaped from us and is on the loose.

An Orc Threat

  • A bounty has been placed on Orcs near Phandalin - COMPLETED
    • Clue: Harbin has placed a bounty on Orcs
    • Clue: Harbin can be found at the Town Hall
    • Clue: Harbin is offering 100gp to kill all the Orc Raiders and another 100gp for the Ogre Leader
    • Attempted diplomatic solution; but ended up being forced to kill the Raiders in the end.
    • Proof of Bounty collected, needs to be returned to Harbin
    • Bounty was claimed

Help Sister Garaele with Old Book

  • Gain information about an old book - COMPLETED
    • Clue: Take a gift to a Banshee named Agatha in exchange for information on old book
    • Exchanged a silver comb to be told to talk to Tsernoth
    • Sister Garale briefed

Murder and Abduction in Phandalin

  • Shop keeper Thel was murdered and his wife and daughter abducted - COMPLETED
    • Clue: It is believed the Redbrands are the culprits
    • Clue: Redbrands hang out at the Sleeping Giant Taphouse
    • Clue: Ol' Duran said the Redbrands headquater in the abandoned Tresendar Manor
    • Clue: The leader of the Redbrands is Glassstaff
    • Recovered Mirna and children from Redbrands HQ. Glassstaff was leader but escaped.
    • Conclusion: Mirna and children returned safely and reward received.

Danger at Old Owl Well

  • Ol' Duran warned of great danger emerging from Old Owl Well - COMPLETED
    • Clue: Rumors of Undead lurking there
    • Clue: Not old mining ruins, but ruins of a Netherese Watchtower
    • Found a necromancer and his foul creations. A short fight ended that threat.

Imprisoned Brother

  • Sister Garaele mentioned trouble at Thundertree - OPEN
    • Clue: The trouble is likely tied in with the Black Spider

Stirred Up Trouble at Thundertree Ruins

  • Gundren’s brother has been captured by Black Spider - OPEN
    • Locate and save Gundren's brother
    • Found town had undead occupants, but did not deal with them.
    • Ran into Dragon, and made a deal with the devil for information. Must assist Dragon at later date.
    • Gained information on Black Spider, a Drow named Nezznar, and where the Wave Echo Cave is.

B) Story

1) The Beginning

  • Group Met in Ale Winds Tavern located in Neverwinter
    • Hired by Gundren Rockseeker accompanied by Sildar
    • Job - Supply run to Phandalin, specifically Barthen's Provisions


  • The Trek to Phandalin
    • The High Road south was uneventful
    • On the Triboar Trail, the Group encountered an ambush
    • Goblins led by a Bugbear named Klarg were raiding the Triboar Trail
    • Klarg and his band were working for something named Black Spider
    • Found Sildar and freed him. Discovered Gundren had been taken elsewhere.
    • Gundren had a map to Wave Echo Cave, supposedly a lost Dwarven mine
    • Found cache of Lionshield Coster supplies, which we returned to Phandalin

2) The Town of Phandalin

    • Town held hostage by Redbrands, (Criminal Organization)
    • Sildar’s fellow guild member Iarno Albrek is missing
    • Group staying at Stonehill Inn
    • Local shrine to Tymora is called Shrine of Luck hosted by Sister Garaele
    • Sleeping Giant Taphouse is hangout for Redbrands
    • Troki was robbed of coin and bow by Redbrands, (Group unaware)

3) Redbrand Headquarters

    • Headquarters cleared out
    • Discovered leader Glasssstaff was Iarna Albrek but he escaped
    • Black Spider seems to be behind this as well.
    • Rescued prisoners

4) Running Errands

  • Attempting to resolve a few of the seemingly many problems faced by Phandalin the PCs trek out East.
    • Faced the Banshee Agatha and was given the name Tsernoth.
    • Failed to diplomatically convince Orc Raiders to stop raiding. A fight ensued and the Raiders were killed.
    • Ambushed some Goblins and followed one back to its base of operations Cragmaw Castle?
    • Killed Inhabitants of Cragmaw Castle? and burned to ground. Found and rescued Gundren
    • Returned to Phandalin and discovered a few new details

5) Further Adventures

  • In hopes of luring out the Black Spider's agents. The group travels to the Old Owl Well
    • At the Old Owl Well they ended the blight of a necromancer there.
    • The group later traveled to Thundertree' and discovered it inhabited by Undead and a Dragon.
    • Thundertree was left alone and a deal was struck with the Dragon for information.
    • Concerned about being followed the group made their way to Wave Echo Cave in a less direct route

6) Closing the Book on Black Spider

  • After arriving at Wave Echo Cave the group discovered the corpse of Gundren's brother Tharden.
    • A foray into the cave led the group face to face with Nezznar.
    • Outmatched, the group agreed with Nezznar to go different ways. (Or did they?)
    • Using a risky plan, the group caused Nezznar to fight a small undead hoard. The Hoard and Nezznar destroyed each other.
    • The group managed to rescue Nundro

C) Encountered NPCs

Gundren Rockseeker
1 Hired Group to escort supplies to Phandalin.
2 A miner who’s discovered something big, (Wave Echo Cave?), with his brothers.
3 Ambushed and taken by Klarg and Goblins. Last clue to location is Cragmaw Castle.
4 Found and rescued from Cragmaw Castle. He had map to Wave Echo Cave with him.
1 Traveling companion and bodyguard to Gundren Rockseeker.
2 Ambushed and taken by Klarg and Goblins. Group freed him from captivity.
3 Assisted Group a little when they arrived in Phandalin
4 Looking into what happened to fellow guild member Iarno Albrek

Elmar Barthen
1 Proprietor of Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.
Sister Garaele
1 Cleric of Tymora and host for Shrine of Luck.
2 Asked Group for help with getting information on an old book.
3 Was set upon by criminals.
Linene Graywind
1 Master of Lionshield Coster.
2 Not a friend of Redbrands.
3 Paid us for return of Lionshield Coster supplies.
Nundro and Tharden Rockseeker
1 Brothers to Gundren Rockseeker.
2 Late returning to town.
Toblen & Trilena Stonehill
1 Husband and wife as well as proprietors of Stonehill Inn.
2 Late returning to town.
1 Barmaid at the Stonehill Inn.
1 Dwarf who mentioned Orc bounty.
Halia Thornton
1 Perren got a tip she might be able to help against the Redbrands.
2 Guildmaster at the Miner’s Exchange .
Ol’ Duran
1 Ex-Adventurer who now tends an orchard outside Phandalin.
2 Helped with information about Redbrands.
3 Warned Group of trouble brewing at Old Owl Well.
1 Rescued her and children from Redbrands.
2 Claimed like Redbrands were selling people into slavery.
Harbin Wester
1 Mayor of Phandalin.
2 Sort of a shystery type, always sweaty and nervous appearing.
3 Paid us reward for rescuing prisoners from Redbrands.

1 Bugbear raider working for Black Spider.
2 Killed by Group.
1 Leader of the Redbrands.
2 Turned out to be Iarna Albrek.
3 Works for Black Spider.
Gog the Ogre
1 Presumed leader of the Orc Raiders.
2 Killed by Group
Brughor Axe-Biter
1 Notable member of the Orc Raiders.
2 Killed by Group
Nezznar "Black Spider"
1 A Drow behind many of the troubles plaguing Phandalin of late
2 Located in Wave Echo Cave
3 Nezznar was killed by undead by group's planning

D) Treasure

  • From Gundren at adventure start
    • 12gp
  • From Klarg and goblins
    • 4gp
    • 125sp
    • 600cp
    • Healing Potion x2
    • Jade Statuette of Frog
  • From Sildar for escorting to Phadalin
    • 50gp
  • From Linene for returning lost supplies
    • 50gp
  • From Barthen for delivering Gundren supplies
    • 60gp
  • From Redbrands HQ: Loot
    • 50gp
    • A Clean Set of Travel Clothes
    • Potion Labeled "Vanish"
    • Potion Labeled "Healing"
    • 15gp, 22ep, 55sp, 75cp
    • Gold Earing Set w/Tiny Ruby (30gp)
    • 3 Bags Coins/Gems = 88gp (From Slime Chest)
    • Magic Sword [Talon] (From Slime Chest)
    • 2 Potions of Healing
    • Scroll of Augury
    • Scroll of Charm Person
    • Scroll of Fireball
    • Pouch of Coins = 150gp (From Bugbear)
    • Ring of Keys (From Bugbear)
    • The Journal of Urmon the Younger
  • From Mayor Harbin Wester for rescuing Mirna
    • 200gp
  • From Orc Raiders
    • Beat Up Chest = 65gp, 62ep, 180sp, 750 cp
  • From Goblin Patrol
    • 3 Rubies and 2 Diamonds
  • From Castle Cragmaw?
    • 120 gp, 160 ep, 220 sp
    • 3 Potions of Healing
    • Scroll of Silence
    • Scroll of Revivify
  • From Mayor for Bounties
    • 200gp
  • From Sildar for rescuing Gundren
    • 500gp in gems
  • From Necromancer
    • Copper Ring
    • Curved Dagger
    • Black Stone Staff
    • Skull Cap Helmet
  • From Wave Echo Cave
    • Tharden's Boots
    • Healing Potion
    • Staff with Spider Sculpt
    • 15pp, 130gp, 190ep
    • Elaborate Dwarven Beer Stein
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