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Elizabeth Shaw

Name Elizabeth Shaw Player Kris

Occupation Dilettante Drive Arrogance
Occupational Benefits
You may use your Credit Rating pool to call on personal connections in any field of endeavor. These contacts will generally be relatives, old schoolfellows, and similar people of your social class.

Health Stability Sanity
Total 8 8 10
Current 8 0 10

Investigative skills General skills
Skill Total Current Skill Total Current
Medicine 1 1 Athletics 4 4
Anthropology 1 1 Conceal 2 2
Biology 1 1 First Aid 2
Geology 1 1 Stealth 4 4
Assess Honesty 2 2 Disguise 10 10
Credit Rating 6 6 Fleeing 6 6
Evidence Collection 3 3 Preparedness 6 6
Flattery 3 2 Psychoanalysis 4 4
Language 2 2 Riding 8 8
Photography 3 3 Sense Trouble 3 1
Reassurance 2 1 Shadowing 10 8
Chemistry 1 1

Sources of Stability
Michael Bern, ex-husband, and the man who got her into the movie industry.
Jenny Rosenberg, newspaper intern and childhood friend.
Pillars of Sanity
Truth -- Elizabeth values the truth, and believes that most people share a desire to have it revealed.
Wealth -- Elizabeth trusts that her wealth can get her out of the most dire situation, and that it makes her a better person.
Beauty -- Elizabeth puts great value on aesthetics, and mainly on her own appearance.

Elizabeth's Story
Young Lizzy always wanted to be a school teacher growing up. After winning a local beauty contest in her hometown, she came to the attention of several Hollywood film-makers, becoming a celebrity almost overnight. She married her agent at the studio, Michael Bern, a handsome man a few years older than her. As Elizabeth rose in fame however, she naturally got a lot of attention, and a lot of admirers. For Bern, this attention was rather unwanted, and after a few years their relationship crashed and burned, even though they still keep in regular contact.

After her failed marriage, she's had a short thing with a stevedore, which quickly turned into a tragedy, after the man sold compromising pictures of hers to the press, earning himself quite a bit of money but nearly destroying Elizabeth's career. She's been slowly rebuilding it, but hasn't been able to land a decent role in a movie for quite some time. She still makes appearances at high-class social events though, the payments of which largely support her elaborate lifestyle.

Lately, she's gotten back in touch with an old childhood friend, Jenny Rosenberg, who works as an intern at a local newspaper. Her spare time of late has been invested in a new hobby of hers, amateur journalism. With the help of Jenny, Elizabeth has become quite adept at it. After her Hollywood career, which is largely based on fiction and lies, she's developed a passion for reporting on the truth of things.

She is not without flaws however, and Elizabeth is vain and arrogant. Having lived in great wealth for most of her life, she's used to people doting on her, and has come to rely on her wealth. Deep down, she believes she's better than everyone else, even though she'd never admit to that.

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