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Elysium Mutant

Production Security Culture Science
65 54 69 59
Production is stead, and supplies most of the Enclave's population with what they need. Prices are normal. Robberies, stealing and extortion is becoming more common. The gangs in the Deep are operating ever more openly and are in control of entire blocks. Groups of vigilantes are forming among the proles.
| Books are rare and the salons are worn, but the Enclave enjoys a rich culture life with literature, theaters and cinemas. Despite depleting resources the Academy's scholars continue to prepare humanity's return to the surface.

District Modifier Vigg Von Rijn Morgonstierna Skarpeättare
Nova Paloma [K1] -2 1
Gamla Koly [K2] 0 1 1 1
Pirius [K3] -1 1 1
Tindertuva [K4] 0 1 1
Nordholm [K5] -1
Kalista [K6] 0
Hindenburg [K7] 0
Mosel [D1] 0 1
Laborum [D2] +1 1
Arkadium [D3] 0 1 1 1
Sinderfallen [D4] +1 1 1
Hels kuggar [D5] +2
SUM 4 4 4 3

Other modifiers:
Different House has 1 Influence in district: -1 (not cumulative)
Different House has 2 Influence in district: -2 (not cumulative)

Round The Core Nova Paloma Gamla Koly Pirius Tindertuva Nordholm Kalista Hindenburg The Deep Mosel Laborum Arkadium Sinderfallen Hels kuggar
1 Censorship Murder Hostage taking Labour Strike
2 Kidnapping Sabotage Riots (Vigg)
Hostage taking (Von Rijn)
3 Kidnapping Murder Riots (Morgonstierna)
Kidnapping (Von Rijn)

Successes are in bold
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