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Eternity Reapers

Current enemies

Dead Characters



Primary Objectives
Bend Thermorb to Chaos

Secondary Objectives
Turn the Vigilance of the Saints into a Daemon vessel
Kill a pretender to daemonhood from outside the compact
Compete the Ritual of Sundering

Tertiary Objectives
Ferrus: Kill Nils Heidmann, personally.

Completed Secondary Objectives
Meet with the Court of Change - Success
Take control over the Court of Change - Success
Prove to the people of Khardz that you deserve to be their overlords - Failure
Kill the holiest man in Khardz and defile his sanctum - Failure
Get entry into the Pontifex's mansion - Success
Get the pass key from the pontifex - Success
Find the weapons catch - Success

Completed Tertiary Objectives
Cain: Find the Duke of Khardz' summoning circle, and copy the runes on it - Success
Abelard: Kill the person wearing the Flip Belt, and take it - Failure
Tassus: Find clues within the Duke's palace on how the decipher the Codex de Brutalis - Failure
Rosenberg: Find a 5 gram chunk of Thermium - Success
Ferrus: Activate the Warp-mapping device while there is a tear into the Warp nearby - Success
Rosenberg: His skill with the long las is getting notorious. It will be more so if he uses no other ranged weapon for this mission. - Success
Abelard: Callimachus is always making fun of you, it would be a fitting revenge if you made a fool out of him somehow.
Ferrus: Thermium is a powerful source of power. Many of the rich use rods of Thermium for power. If you coild get one of these rods, you could fit it directly into your Potentia Coil. - Success
Cain: The Imperium has many psykers in their ranks, but Cain has bot encountered any of them for a long time. He wants to capture one alive. - Failure
Tassus: To reclaim the Infinite Brilliance - Success

Use of Infamy points

0-20 Infamy:

    • Remove all levels of fatigue
    • Heal 1d5 wounds and any critical damage (though not its effects)
    • +10 to a test before rolling


    • Heal 1d5+1 wounds and any critical damage (though not its effects)
    • Re-roll any characteristic test
    • Add a Degree of success to any successful test


    • Heal 1d10 wounds and any critical damage (though not its effects)
    • Roll a 10 for an initiative roll
    • Recover from stun

Special for Cain (Tzeentch alligned)

    • May not spend point to get +10 to a characteristic test
    • Add a D5 Degrees of success to any successful test

List of standard actions

Type Length Description
Half move Half Move equal to your half movement
Full move Full Move equal to your full move
Run Full Move equal to your run move, enemies get -20 BS and +20 WS to hit you
Tactical advance Full Move full movement, between cover
Attacks - Only one each turn
Standard attack Half +10 melee or ranged.
All out attack Full Give up the rounds evasion reaction to get +30 WS
Semi-auto burst Half fire a semi-auto burst. +0 BS. One extra hit for every two additional DoS
Full Auto burst Half Fire a full auto burst. -10 BS. One extra hit for every additional DoS
Suppressing fire Full -20 BS, but enemy must roll for pinning
Called shot Full -20 to WS or BS, may pick hit location if attack is successful.
Charge Full Must move at least 4 meters, and up to charge range. +20 WS
Evasion Reaction Can only be done outside your turn. Only one per round. Dodge or parry
Ready Half Ready a weapon
Aim Half/full Gives bonus to next attack. +10 if half action, +20 if full action
Defensive stance Full Character get an extra reaction, and enemies get -20 WS to hit
Brace weapon Half Heavy weapons must be braced. If not, the shooter suffers -30 BS.


Space Marines
Attacking hordes: Add to-hit bonus based on magnitude. When using melee, every second DoS gives an extra hit
Damaging hordes: Each damage causing hit = one damage to magnitude
Getting attacked in melee by hordes: Full number of possible attacks
Evading attack by hordes: can't evade
Getting hurt by hordes: Adds 1D10 for each full ten of magnitude, maximum +2D10

Attacking hordes: As normal
Damaging hordes: Each damage causing hit = one damage to magnitude
Getting attacked in melee by hordes: One attack against each target per first digit of magnitude
Evading attack by hordes: can evade
Getting hurt: by hordes Regular damage

Shooting: Makes a number of attacks equal to first digit of magnitude
Pinning: Adds magnitude to willpower when rolling for pinning
Morale: Must roll WP or flee if it loosed more than 25% of magnitude in a round
WP is -10% when magnitude is 50%
always breaks when under 25% magnitude

Special damage
Explosive: +1 hit per attack
Power field: +1 hit
Blast: Number of hits are equal to blast value
Flame: Hits are equal to quarter of weapons range +1D5

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