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European - RPG Chain of Generosity

Visit our guild page for this Chain of Generosity: European RPG Chain of Generosity Guild

European RPG - Chain of Generosity III

Babylon Chain

legopaidi & Tomcat1304
Babylon 5 / Breachworld

Bratwurst Chain

Open until 01.03.2018
Shadowrun (D)

European RPG - Chain of Generosity II (inactive)

In an attempt to revive a European Chain of Generosity GeekList, ravenpolar started up a new list on December 3, 2013. The chains and their activity are listed below. The giver field links to their page and the method field links to the GeekList entry for their generous offering.

The 2nd edition of the chain ran for approximately 2 years (more successful than the first attempt) but all the chains ended in spring 2016.

European RPG - Chain of Generosity (inactive)

This geeklist was started January 21, 2011. It saw some initial seed activity, but the chains never seemed to take off. The last activity was on June 13, 2012.

There also is a wiki page for the US - RPG Chain of Generosity.

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