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Fadil the Archaeologist

Ability Score
Name Fadil Strength 2
Player Jonathan Agility 4
Concept Scientist Wits 5
Sub-concept Archaeologist Empathy 4
Standing Plebeian Reputation 3

Max Current
Hit points 6 6
Mind points 9 9

Personal Info
Appearance Short black curly hair, clean shaven (though evidence of a thick beard is never too distant) with tanned leathery skin. Piercing blue eyes and an honest look. Fadil's clothes are well worn: heavy boots with mud-stains, fitted pants with cargo pockets and ripped knees, a long sleeved stained and dusty denim shirt kept open at the top.
Home planet ALGOL – a planet of rebels, ruined by heavy industry and under draconian Consortium rule.
Icon The Messenger. The fleet-footed Messenger brings news, prayers and omens to wherever the faithful might be.The Messenger is portrayed as a pale boy with astern face and flaming eyes.
Personal problem Bounty hunters are after you, but for something you didn’t do.
Crew position Captain

General Skills Advanced Skills
DEXTERITY (Agility) 1 COMMAND (Empathy)
FORCE (Strength) CULTURE (Empathy)
RANGED COMBAT (Agility) 2 SCIENCE (Wits) 2

Name Effect
You get a +2 to ranged combat, but only when everyone in the group attacks the same target in the same turn.
The Messenger
You can make someone obey you, through careful words and actions, without having to test manipulation. Can be used on both NPCs and PCs. Your wish must be reasonable, you cannot, for example, force an NPC to act completely against her own interests.
Field medicurg You know the delicate art of stopping a bleeding wound or treating grave injuries. You get a +2 to medicurgy when treating someone who is about to die from a critical injury. The talent has no effect on stress.

Name Effect
Cash 0 birr
Communicator (III) Long range (III): Communicator for long distances, up to 100 kilometers. Usually handheld.
Shock stick BONUS +2
FEATURE Stun, cell-powered
Portable lab A portable lab unit that can be used for most analyses. Comes with bio, rad, chem and spectral sensors. Gives a +2 to science when analyzing foreign substances and objects.
Exo shell A shell suit to protect the wearer in vacuum and other danger-ous situations. Contains oxygen for eight hours and vacuum soles that stick to level surfaces such as ship hulls. Provides a little protection against external violence (Armor 2) but is difficult to move around in (-2 to dexterity).
Pressure tent A four-person tent that regulates pressure and gas levels to make the inside atmosphere pleasurable to humans. Comes with enough oxygen for four people in a completely oxy-gen-free environment for one day. In low-oxygen surround-ings, the oxygen will last proportionately longer. If the tent absorbs some oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere, harmful substances are filtered out.
Tools(Advanced) Multitools for all kinds of Advanced repairs as long as the proper spare parts are available. Gives a +1 to technology.

1. Combine an Ability and a Skill.
2. Roll an equal number of D6s
3. 6s are successes. 1-2 is a minor success. 3+ is a major success
4. You can pray to the Icons to roll again. Re-roll all dice that didn't roll 6 on the first roll.

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