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Father Carl Meinardus

Name Father Carl Meinardus Player Steve

Occupation Clergy Drive Duty
Occupational Benefits
You have access to church records that the rest of the public doesn’t by using Theology or Reassurance. This does not include access to secret archives, such as the “Z” Collection in the Vatican Library, but a Keeper may allow it with a sufficiently large spend.

If you are dressed as a priest or otherwise identify yourself as such, once per game session you may refresh any Interpersonal ability pool by talking to a member of your faith (but not a fellow Investigator

Health Stability Sanity
Total 12 12 10
Current 7 8 5

Investigative skills General skills
Skill Total Current Skill Total Current
Anthropology 1 1 Athletics 2 1
Archaelogy 1 1 Conceal 2 2
Architecture 1 1 First aid 5 4
Art History 1 1
Cryptography 1 1
History 2 2 Fleeing 6 6
    • Latin
    • Arameic
2 2 Preparedness 4 4

Library Use 2 2 Psychoanalysis 4 4
Occult 2 2 Scuffling 4 4
Theology 2 2
Assess Honesty 2 1 Sense Trouble 7 7
Credit Rating 2 2 Stealth 5 5
Flattery 1 1
Oral History 2 1
Reassurance 2 2
Evidence Collection 1 1
Cthulhu Mythos 1 0

Sources of Stability
Roger Meinardus, his father and an a-religious (but not anti-religious) man. Carl is determined to come to terms with his rationality and find a way for faith to fit with it, before his father passes away.
Marcel Maion, his wheelchair-bound Jesuit mentor.
Corporal Edgar Grayson, who kept Carl alive in the trenches
Pillars of Sanity

Create Hyperspace Gate
Summon Gol-Goroth

Carl Meinardus was practically born into the Catholic priesthood: his family tree is riddled with priests, monks, and nuns, going back generations. His father used to say it was a bit of a miracle the family name was able to continue, given all the celibacy in the family. Carl felt the calling very early, and despite his father's best efforts he spent as much time as he could with his aunt, a Carmelite Nun of St. Teresa. He was struck by her ecstatic visions and longed to experience faith so intense.

The only thing that distracted him from his inevitable path to the priesthood was his World War I, for which he volunteered as soon as he was able. The trenches shattered him, and he returned after just a year with shell-shock. His father put him in the seminary, knowing that is what he would wish, and a pair of Jesuit priests patiently rebuilt Carl's mind. Carl desired nothing more than to join their order, but they forbade him, telling him that he would be much more useful as one of the Vatican's agents exploring the unknown and resisting temptation with his strengthened mind.

Since then, Carl's journey - which began with the usual exorcisms and deviltry - has shown him that Satan has a new, otherworldly form that bends minds to its own horrible ways. Carl is determined to battle such evil as best he can.

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