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Ferrus Nightgaunt

Dragon Nightgaunt

40   01 40 (8)40 40 10 30 30 05 55
Total wounds   Current wounds Infamy Corruption 
21 3 - -

Talents Description 
Machine (6)  The Spine-hound does not breathe, are immune to the effects of a vacuum, extremes of cold, any mind-infl uencing psychic effect, and their Armour Points apply toward fire Damage. It also has 6 Armour Point.
Unnatural toughness [4] Included in stats
Deadly Natural Weapon The creature gains all the benefits of the Natural Weapons Trait, except that its attacks no longer have the Primitive Special Quality.
Size (7) Extra movement. +30 to hit.
Flyer (6) Flying movement in parentheses
Phase May become solid or insubstantial by spending a Half Action.
Berserk Charge +30 when charging
Combat Master No bonus for ganging up
Frenzy May enter frenzy. Gets +10 to WS, Str, T and WP, but -20 to BS, Int and Fel. Attacks nearest enemy. Immune to pinning, fear, fatigue and stunning. May not flee or parry. At end of combat, must make WP roll or attack allies. Can re-roll each turn with a cummulative +10,
Lighting Attack Can use the special Lightning Attack action
Sound Constitution x5 Five extra hitpoints
Swift Attack Can use the special Swift Attack action
True Grit Reduce critical damage by Toughness bonus, to a minimum of 1
From Beyond Immune to fear, pinning and psychic powers used to cloud control or delude its minds
Fear (4)
Warp Instability If it takes damage, but deals no damage or insanity, it must makes a willpower test. If the test fails, it suffers D5 damage + DoF.

Skill highlights Char. % Char. % 
Acrobatics AG 40 Athletics S 50
Dodge AG 50 Intimidate WP 30
Stealth AG 10 Awareness PER 40

Half Full Charge Run
7 (6) 14 (12) 21 (18) 42 (36)

Name Class Qual Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Claws Melee Common 1d10+5
2d10L+5 I
2 Tearing
Fire Breath Ranged Natural 10 S/-/- D10+5 3
    • Spray: Do not roll to-hit. All targets with 30 degree arc of shooter must make agility test or be hit.
    • Smoke: Causes a five meter wide area around the point of impact to be covered in smoke. Lasts D10+10 rounds.
    • Flame: Target must make agility test, or be set on fire. Vehicles must make operate test with bonus equal to armour
Tearing: Roll two dice for damage, keep highest
Armour: Carpace barding and machine
Head Body Arms Legs
6+6 6+6 6+6 6+6

Gear Description 
Good quality Heavy Carapace barding Armour 6
Collar of Khorne +30 to resist psychic attacks. -30 to using psychic abilities in a 2D10 meter range. Force weapons do not gain special abilities.

Ferrus created his trusted Spine Hound from a simple jackal mutated by the energies of the warp and filled to the brim with machines. It joins him whenever he must travel.

Ferrus distillied some of the bile left by Seiyr's "ascension", fusing it with some of my essence, and injecting it into Nightgaunt. His body shifted and grewuntil he was like a dragon.

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