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Fivul Okoye DDS (Doctor Ye)

Cleric, Life Domain
Lawful Good
Level # 1
XP: # 0

Ability Scores & Saves

A bullet in the "Save" column indicates proficiency in that save

Ability Score Modifier Save
STR 7 -2 -2
DEX 13 +1 +1
CON 13 +1 +1
INT 12 +1 +1
WIS 12 +1 • +3
CHA 9 -1 • +1


"Special" in the table can be used for any extra information needed. For example, if a spell slows or uses a save, a weapon can be used in the off hand or is versatile, etc.

Weapon/Spell To Hit Damage Type Special
Molar #1 (mace) +0 1D6 -2 bludgeon
Light Crossbow 80/320 +3 1D8 +1 Pierce Loading, 2 hands

Health & Defenses

Armor Class

With Armor: 15 / + shield: 17 (disadvantage on DEX checks)
No Armor: 11 / + shield: 13

Hit Points

Current: 9
Max: 9


Hit Dice

Kind: D8
Current: 1
Max: 1

Miscellaneous Scores


+ 1

Proficiency Bonus

+ 2






Skill Proficient? Modifier
Acrobatics +1
Animal Handling +1
Arcana +1
Athletics -2
Deception -1
History +3
Insight +3
Intimidation -1
Investigation +1
Medicine +1
Nature +1
Perception +1
Performance -1
Persuasion -1
Religion +3
Sleight of Hand +1
Stealth +1
Survival +x

Features & Traits

  • Life Domain
    1. Bonus to healing spells = 2+ spell level
    2. Proficiency: Heavy armor
    3. Domain spells = always prepped, don't count towards prepped spells
      • Bless
      • Cure Wounds

Proficiencies & Languages Known

Armor: Light, Medium, Heavy, Shields
Weapons: All simple
Languages: Common, TWO MORE???



Class: Cleric

Spellcasting Ability: AAA +X
Spell save DC: X
Spell attack bonus: +X

Spells Known

Class: Cleric


Level 1+

Spells Prepped

Level 1
Bless (Domain spell)
Cure Wounds (Domain spell)


Class: Cleric

Level 1
Max: 2
Used: 2

Level 2



  • Copper:
  • Silver:
  • Electrum:
  • Gold: 15
  • Platinum:
  • Gems


  • Scale lined lab smock
  • Mace made from a giant's wisdom tooth
  • Shield crafted from an unknown but very large animal's jawbone
  • Crossbow
    1. Bolts: 15
  • Holy symbol - A silvered jaw bone of an ...
  • Prayer Book (text book)
  • Incense (Tooth pastes)
  • Vestments (Smock)

Background & Personality

Background: Acolyte of the Thrice Hinged Jaw

Motivations: Primal need of all men to create something from the ruins of the entropy.

- Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude
- Intolerant of poor hygiene, especially dental hygiene

Ideals: A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Flaw: Tends to look a gift in the mouth, suspicious of generosity, would rather be correct than complicit in mediocrity.

Bond:I would like to recover an ancient relic (and also teeth)

Fivul Okoye DDS (Doctor Ye) is a practitioner of the dental arts in a small, well-to-do town in the hill country. While the bulk of his work involves simple tooth pulling and routine cavity filling, Dr. Ye's specialty is dental reconstructive surgery. His talents are well known and are in high demand, especially with pugnacious adventurers who so often earn ruined smiles while preforming deeds of daring do. It was from on these patients that Dr. Ye first learned of the Sister's Prison and the legendary treasures that lay within.

Fivul's vocation leaves him with plenty of free time to pursue a wide range of interesting and esoteric hobbies. Foremost among these is the fabrication of exotic dentures from the teeth of monsters and demihumans collected by his adventurous clientele. The waiting room of his practice is festooned with these bizarre creations, which Ye refers to as his Gallery of the Rictus, much to dismay of his receptionist, Cheryl.

For this year's vacation, Dr. Ye has decided to visit the Sister's Prison on Safari, with a principle goal of collecting new materials for future denture projects, and perhaps advertise his business to fellow adventurers.

Fivul Okoye is a Cleric of the Thrice Hinged Jaw, the God of Physiological Inconsistency and Logic Puzzles. His principle service to this deity is in healing the sick and restoring order to world.

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