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Forum Archive

fog concept
games discussed/also discussed
The problems of command (in wargames)
Commanders working with limited information.
Panzergruppe Guderian, Forward to Richmond!, 1805: Sea of Glory, PQ-17: Arctic Naval Operations 1941-1943, Silver Bayonet: The First Team in Vietnam, 1965 (25th Anniversary Edition), Nightfighter, The Burning Blue, Counter sleds, Fast Action Battles Series (FAB), Bismarck (second edition), Across 5 Aprils, First Blood: Second Marne, Alone in the Storm: Solo Play Expansion for War Storm Series, Battalion Combat Series (BCS)
Apr 2019
Article posted on Armchair Dragoons website.
General discussion of various representations of fog-of-war in games.
Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge, Lock 'n Load, Panzer Grenadier: The East Front, Columbia Games's Block Games, Modern Battles II: Four Contemporary Conflicts, Invasion: America, Soldier Chess, BayonetGames's Warfighter series
Recent reprint, dated July 2018
Anybody think this board I created has value in wargaming
Mapboard allowing hidden locations.

Apr 2019
Hiding units in a stack; unknown number able to attack in combat.
Panzergruppe Guderian, Over There, A House Divided: War Between the States 1861-65, TSWW: Blitzkrieg
Mar 2019
The Fog of War Problem
Representing fog-of-war.
Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Stratego, Scotland Yard, Fury of Dracula (Second Edition), Letters from Whitechapel, Clue: The Great Museum Caper, The Fog of War, Tactical Combat Series, Second World War at Sea, Midway, Jutland, Bismarck (second edition), Flat Top, Victory at Midway,
Feb 2019
Armored cars in a WW2 game
Recon units, games and designs that make use of them.
PanzerBlitz, Panzer (second edition), Squad Leader, Advanced Squad Leader, Assault Series, Panzer Grenadier, Storm over Arnhem, Warfighter: The WWII Pacific Combat Card Game, Turning Armor At Kursk Into A Blocks Game, Panzer General, Lock 'n Load Tactical, The Battle of the Little Bighorn, Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division, NATO Division Commander
Jan 2019
Fog of War
Hidden unit values, variable CRT, command control limitations.
Napoleon at Bay: The Campaign in France, 1814, The Struggle of Nations, Commands & Colors
Dec, 2018
Adding chit pull to existing games
Chit pull movement applied to games not designed for it.
Napoleon's Last Battles, Flashpoint: Golan, Cauldron, Panzer (second edition), A Fearful Slaughter: The Battle of Shiloh, Battle Hymn Vol. 1: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge, Battles of the American Revolution, Sturm Europa!,
Oct. 2018
Most successful 'fog of war' system in a wargame
General. A review of various concepts.
War Stories: Red Storm, War Stories: Liberty Road, NATO Division Commander, Empire of the Sun, Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan, Leopard II, Midway, Cityfight: Modern Combat in the Urban Environment, GDW's Double Blind Series, Le Vol de l'Aigle, Ambush!, Grunt, Advanced Squad Leader, Flat Top, The Burning Blue, Commands & Colors, Avalon Hill area-impulse series, Solomon Sea, Bay of Bengal, Victory at Midway, Strike of the Eagle, General Staff, Drive on Stalingrad (first edition), Jutland, Bismarck, Bismarck (second edition), Up Front, Ace of Aces: Handy Rotary Series, Panzergruppe Guderian, Invasion: America, Reach for the Stars, Montenotte, Air & Armor, Assault Series/ counter sleds
Oct. 2018
Line of sight, scouting and apps
Methods for checking for sightings w/o a referee.
Midway, Combat Heroes, Battle Academy, Ambush!, Tanktics: Computer Game of Armored Combat on the Eastern Front, Close Assault, Dnieper River Line, Leros,
Sept. 2018
Wargames with written orders with delay that may or may not arrive?
Unreliable delivery of, and delayed orders for units.
Marengo, Civil War, Brigade (CWB) Series, Regimental Sub-Series, Line of Battle Series, Napoleonic Brigade Series, Tactical Combat Series, March into Battle Series, The Flowers of the Forest, Tenkatoitsu, War Room, Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble, Vive l'Empereur !, Buena Vista, Last Battles of Napoleon, Vive l'Empereur !, Main Battle Area, Desert Victory, Eagles of France series, L'Armee' du Nord: the Belgian Campaign
Aug. 2018
Hidden Movement to Visible Movement transition...
hidden movement
Marengo, Civil War, Brigade (CWB) Series, Regimental Sub-Series, Line of Battle Series, Napoleonic Brigade Series, Tactical Combat Series, March into Battle Series, The Flowers of the Forest, Tenkatoitsu, War Room, Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble, Vive l'Empereur !, Buena Vista, Last Battles of Napoleon, (alt rules:, Vive l'Empereur !, Main Battle Area, Desert Victory, Eagles of France series, L'Armee' du Nord: the Belgian Campaign
July, 2018
Solitaire wargame without OOB and with fog of war
solitaire and limited information about objective
Raid on St. Nazaire, Ambush!, Carrier, Tokyo Express, RAF, Patton's Third Army, 1944: Race to the Rhine, Struggle for the Galactic Empire, Tetrarchia, D-Day Series, Ranger, Warfighter: The WWII Tactical Combat Card Game, The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43, Silent Victory: U.S. Submarines in the Pacific, 1941-45, War Stories: Red Storm, War Stories: Liberty Road, Aliens
May 2018
Wargame maps
incomplete information about the battlefield
Conquest of Paradise, Forward to Richmond!, Great Campaigns of the American Civil War, Source of the Nile, Up Front, Operation Crusader, Trajan: Ancient Wars Series, Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game, Warfighter: The WWII Tactical Combat Card Game, Fields of Fire, Battles from the Age of Reason (BAR), Julius Caesar, Flat Top
April 2018
The "WEGO" game system..
Mostly about simultaneous movement but does stray into a conversation about double blind play.
Flat Top, Midway, Jutland, GDW's Double Blind Series, 8th Army: Operation Crusader, GDW's Double Blind Series, Across the Potomac
Mar 2018
Fog of War
hidden units on a shared board
The Franco-Prussian War, Bulge 20, Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan, War Stories, War in the Wind: The Battle of Attu Island, 1943
Mar 2018
Land Battles where full on Fog of War (ala block games), really applied
Unknown info/hidden units
Triumph & Tragedy, 8th Army: Operation Crusader, Urban Operations, Sniper! (second edition), PQ-17: Arctic Naval Operations 1941-1943, 1805: Sea of Glory, EastFront II, Sniper! (second edition), Caesar: Epic Battle of Alesia, Starship Troopers, Midway, 1914, The Guns of Gettysburg
Dec 2017
Cyberboard, Vassal, Sun Tzu
A system for exchanging game files simultaneously.
Victory in the Pacific
Oct. 2017
Gaming the element of surprise and the unknown.
Games and methods to simulate the unknown.
Panzergruppe Guderian, Victory in the West: Plan Yellow, The French Campaign 1940, VCS Salerno, Julius Caesar, War Stories: Liberty Road, Conflict of Heroes, Bulge 20, The Fog of War, Rommel in the Desert, EastFront, Axis & Allies: Pacific, Beyond Waterloo, Le Vol de l'Aigle, To The Last Man!, Empire of the Sun, Midway, Bismarck (second edition), Midway, Combat Commander Series, The Guns of Gettysburg, Triumph & Tragedy, Victory: World War II, Up Front, Le Vol de l'Aigle, Victory at Midway, A Game of Thrones (First Edition), The Ironclads, Wings of Glory / Wings of War, Twilight Imperium: Armada, Iron Bottom Sound III, The U.S. Civil War, 1914: Offensive à outrance, Brandywine & Germantown, Warchon, Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heroes – Vietnam, Napoleon's Triumph, Sturm Nach Osten, Clash of Steel, GD '41
July 2017
Fog of war variant
Blind variant for A&A
Axis & Allies
July 2017
How to speed up play in GM'd double blind games
Tips for running FTF, blind play of Flat Top
Flat Top
May 2017
Think FlatTop, played in the cloud, on Google maps
GM-ed, real time, blind play.
Creation of digital carrier game.
April 2017
Wargame with realistic command problems
Imperfect command and control
Limited intel about terrain or enemy locations.
Too many games to list.'s comparison chart of various tactical wargame systems (pg 3).
Feb 2017
Hosting sites or apps for PBeM wargame?
Hidden information.
Web site referee
Feb 2017
Effect of unforeseen terrain
Unknown terrain.
Hurtgen: Hell's Forest, Operation Veritable, Operation Grenade, Up Front, Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble; Designer, Charles Grant
Jan 2017
Information needed
Preparation for conducting a game of Kriegsspiel.
Brief discussion of how to run a game.
Nov 2016
FIREPOWER Community help!!I need information on FIREPOWER games by scenario!!
Designing a hidden victory point collection system.
Needs your data.
Oct 2016
Two people cannot play a hidden info game long distance.

More a theoretical discussion of the kind of algorithm required to allow players to play from a common deck without the aid of a third party (including software).
Bonaparte at Marengo
Oct 2016
A board game that can think for itself
In-game, digital AI
Catchup, Neuroshima Hex! 3.0
Oct 2016
AI "hidden" mechanics in shooter?
AI - hidden units
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set
Oct 2016
Double Hidden Movement
hidden movement
A Feldmachink! Codebooks
Captain Sonar, Midway
Sept 2016
What are all of the best block war games out there?
a recommendation thread for block games
Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan, Strike of the Eagle, The Gettysburg Campaign, The Vicksburg Campaign, War Stories: Red Storm, War Stories: Liberty Road, The Guns of Gettysburg, Moscow '41, Waterloo 200, 1914: Germany at War, Triumph & Tragedy, Rommel in the Desert, EastFront II, War of 1812, Napoleon's Last Triumph, Bonaparte at Marengo, Triumph & Tragedy, Crusader Rex, Julius Caesar, Holdfast: Korea 1950-51
Aug 2016
Generic matrix gaming thread
Professional and recreational use of Matrix games
Kaliningrad 2017, Nine-dash Line, Baltic Challenge, Nashe More (Our Sea);
a matrix game construction kit, References to governments using matrix games
July 2016
The hidden board in tabletop wargaming
hidden units via dummy counters

July 2016
How should realism be tested in Wargames? / How should fog of war (FOW) be implemented?
command and control, leadership, similarities to role-playing
historical plausibility, and of course, the realism vs playability blah-blah-blah :-) ; Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918, Close Action: The Age of Fighting Sail Vol. 1, Tactical Combat Series, Ambush!, Fire in the East, The Civil War, Fire in the East, World in Flames, Advanced Squad Leader, NATO Division Commander, Megagames, Sniper! (first edition)
June 2016
Mists of War || U2U game || black and white (Europe)
Mists of War || U2U game || orange and purple (America)
Double blind w/o GM
Made available as a U2U and PnP game
See files section for PnP files
May 2016
Realism revisited
randomness, unknown information
Mechanisms for simulating realistic outcomes.
The Guns of Gettysburg, Empire of the Sun, Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945, Flat Top, Advanced Squad Leader, MBT (first edition), Empire of the Sun, Combat Commander: Pacific, Birds of Prey, Air Superiority, Twilight Struggle, The Complete Brigadier, Command Decision, Air Force, Air War: Modern Tactical Air Combat, Richthofen's War, Napoleon's Triumph, The Guns of Gettysburg, Squad Leader, Stonewall's Sword: The Battle of Cedar Mountain, Dust Tactics, Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division, Advanced Squad Leader, The Complete Brigadier, Midway, Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan, A House Divided: War Between the States 1861-65, Diplomacy, Waterloo 20, Terrible Swift Sword: Battle of Gettysburg Game
May 2016
The Depths of Durangrar: The dungeon crawler that's played in the dark
Moving in the dark.
I know it's not a wargame and it has limited applicability, but it's a fun idea.

May 2016
C&C: grand strategic WW2
Fog-of-war simulated in general.
One game that does it "all".
April 2016
Do people play wargames as teams?
Limited information, restricted communication.
Primarily about team play (as title suggests), but a few experiences discuss blind concepts, too, as team play lends itself to this sort of thing.
Mar. 2016
Secret spatial proximity
Hiding unknown information in a non-wargame.
Two Rooms and a Boom, AssassinCon, Werewolf
Feb 2016
Matrix games at the US Army War College
Limited information, umpired game
Professional Matrix Games
Feb 2016
Combat Results that are unknown at the time of attack.
Unknown/delayed results of combat.
Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles, Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! – Russia 1941-42, War of Tanks: France 1940 – The Breakthrough at Dinant, Battle of the Bulge, War Stories: Red Storm, Blue Max, Advanced Squad Leader and Operation Battleaxe: Wavell vs. Rommel, 1941
Jan 2016
Task Forces?
(in BattleFleet Mars)
Hidden units, assisted by use of secret agents.
Simplifying counter management.
Jan 2016
Looking for tips on setting up a multiplayer [pbem?] CW wargame
Limited information,
Managing a multi-player Civil War Era game with FOW
Dec. 2015
Army Screens
Hidden forces - behind screens.
Napoleon in Europe

Oct. 2015
Exploring how soldiers should act vs how they would act in tactical games
Fog-of-war's ability to improve realism in games.
Realism in tactical games; various tactical systems compared. And unconventional grooming tools. :-)
Sept. 2015
Idea for "Fog Of War"
Tracking units off-board, block games, dummy counters.

Aug. 2015
Fog of War in board wargaming
Hidden units, ineffectual subordinates, misinformation
game design
July 2015
Working on browser-based Google-map based game version
Computer controlled blind play for Flat Top.

June 2015
Solo System for a Block Wargame - What Questions Would You Like to See Answered?
Hidden units / block counters
Solo game design
June 2015
Mechanic to simulate fog of war and spotting in a skirmish
Hidden movement design

April 2015
[WIP] Pocket Kriegs Spiel [no contest, no Kickstarter, just because]
double blind w/o gamemaster
WIP, game design (see pics below)
April 2015
Wargames that can be game-mastered
Gamemastering: suitable games
Limited information
April 2015
A Chasm in one of the "3Ms" in tactical wargaming?
command control, double blind
Formations; movement and command
Mar 2015
Poll: Which fog-of-war mechanic do you prefer?
Benefits of various systems
War Stories, Flat Top, Rommel in the Desert, Battle Cry, Panzergruppe Guderian, October War, Napoleon at Bay: Defend the Gates of Paris, 1814, Washington's Crossing, NORAD, Civil War, Brigade (CWB) Series, 4000 A.D., War of the Ring (First Edition), Victory: World War II, Paul Koenig's D-Day, Air & Armor, Barbarossa: Game of the Russo-German War 1941-45, Trial of Strength
Feb 2015
4 Player double-blind Conflict of Heroes AAR
Double blind Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! – Russia 1941-42
Mechanics of FtF play
Jan 2015
What would it take to simulate this?
Building a double blind armoured conflict.
Love and the game con. :)
Jan. 2015
block games mechanic
Finding block games and the BGG search engine.
Jan. 2015
Why don't you play 'moderated' blind games? - poll
Games requiring support to play blind.
Poll and discussion about the obstacles to blind play.
Jan 2015
Looking for secret unit placement game
Games with hidden placement
Block games
Jan 2015
Best type of game for blocks
block games, blind

Dec 2014
Scale of search board
Midway blind variant
modified board
Dec 2014
Grand Strategy WWII Game playable in teams
limited information
multi-player (primary focus)
Nov 2014
Does this game mechanic have any commercial potential?
umpired blind
small units/individuals
Nov 2014
Working on a new forum game - need help
umpired blind
Oct 2014
Kriegsspiel pieces
Umpired game. Also makes reference to Carnage and Glory II as a computer aided management system.
Oct 2014
Blind/Dbl Blind
Reconnaissance, PanzerBlitz
Oct 2014
hidden movement WW2 naval games
Hidden movement
Sept 2014
Signal/Commo represented in wargames?
Communications units
[seems relevant to hidden play]
Sept 2014
Camouflage and Deception Mechanics in Wargames?

Deception and unreliable intelligence.
Sept. 2014
Combining umpired wargaming with rpg-style freedom
Umpired gaming
June 2014
Simulating bad intelligence

Unreliable intelligence.
April 2014
Hidden Unit set up
Hidden Initial Set-up for Fortress Europa
Historical accuracy
Feb 2014
double blind / fog-of-war mechanics

designing for fog of war
Feb 2014
Looking for games with camouflage or fog of war.
mostly a list

Oct 2013
The elusive concept of Fog of War
fog of war mechanic

Oct 2013
A new way to manage fog of war with recon units
sighting in blind games (with recon units)
block games
Sept 2013
Which game gives you the feeling of real war strategy ?
moderated play comes up
immersive experience
Sept 2013
Any in-print double-blind umpired WWII operational wargame out there?
double blind,

June 2013
Wargames that use spies or intelligence.
Acquiring intelligence with spies.

Mar 2013
Game Mastering.
Duties of game master
Flat Top
Jan 2013
Games with real Fog of War
Various fog-of war techniques and games.
Chickamauga, Midway, Bismarck (second edition), Victory at Midway, Seven Seas to Victory, Jutland, Civil War, Brigade (CWB) Series, Kriegsspiel, Quebec 1759, Le Vol de l'Aigle, Roads to Gettysburg, Operation Market Garden, EastFront II, NATO Division Commander, Lock 'n Load, World at War Series, Cityfight: Modern Combat in the Urban Environment, Flat Top, Carrier Battles, Panzergruppe Guderian, C.V., Operational Combat Series, To Save The Union, Soldiers: Man-to-Man Combat in World War II, The Struggle of Nations, Sniper! (first edition), Across the Potomac, Terrible Swift Sword: Battle of Gettysburg Game, Quebec 1759, Wizard Kings, Company of Heroes, Platoon, The Guns of Gettysburg, The Burning Blue, 8th Army: Operation Crusader, Stellar Conquest, Starship Troopers, Bomber Command, Feudal, Battleship, Carrier, London's Burning, Stratego: America's Civil War Collector's Edition, Ambush!, Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles, Bonaparte at Marengo, Patton's Best, Lee Takes Command, The Great Invasion: The Gettysburg Campaign June 24 – July 3, 1863, Tokyo Express, Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan, D-Day at Omaha Beach, The Campaigns of Robert E. Lee, The Army of the Heartland: The Army of Tennessee's Campaigns, 1861-1863, Look Away!
Mar 2012
Old Dominion Military Society blog:
"dropbox" set up

Nov 2010
Board wargames that require a GM
Games that benefit from a GM.
Value of GM in Diplomacy, Sniper! (first edition), GDW Double-Blind games, Kriegsspiel, Close Action: The Age of Fighting Sail Vol. 1, Operation Crusader, Advanced Tobruk, Fifth Frontier War, NATO Division Commander, Here I Stand, Ambush!, PanzerBlitz, Kingmaker, Nightfighter, Solomon Sea, Gunslinger, Panzer game system, Star Fleet Battles, Le Vol de l'Aigle, Cityfight: Modern Combat in the Urban Environment
Feb 2009
Single Blind Wargames
Single blind and games that operate with it.
The Battle for Iwo Jima, Insurgency, Patton's Best, Panzergruppe Guderian, Kharkov, Panzerkrieg, Fortress Europa, Lobositz: First Battle of the Seven Years War, Flat Top, NATO Division Commander, Starship Troopers, 8th Army: Operation Crusader, Operation Market Garden, The Normandy Campaign, Bismarck, Space Crusade, Advanced Space Crusade, Space Hulk, Warmachine: Superiority, Panzer Command, Midway
July 2008

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