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Franklin Ludwig

Name Franklin Ludwig Player Walter
Occupation Archeologist Drive Thirst for Knowledge
Occupational Benefits
By using Archaeology or a suitable Interpersonal ability, you can get access to museum storage areas or be allowed to handle artifacts. (You will likely not get to carry them away with you legally, regardless.) If you have academic credentials (both an Archaeology rating of 2+ and a Credit Rating of 3+), you can get access to closed stacks at a university library.

Health Stability
Total 11 11
Current 11 11

Investigative skills General skills
Skill Total Current Skill Total Current
Credit Rating 4 4 Athletics 6 6
Archaeology 5 5 First aid 8 8
Evidence collection 4 4 Fleeing 5 5
History 3 3 Preparedness 6 6
Languages 3 3 Driving 3 3
Library use 3 3 Conceal 4 4
Occult 4 4 Sense Trouble 4 4
Biology 3 3 Riding 4 4

Pillars of Sanity'
Organized knowledge is the key to new discovery
Family, friends, work and everything else will fall into place
Sources of Stability
Beatrice "Babs" McGhee, Ancient history professor, girlfriend
Alphonse Ludwig, retired factory worker, father
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