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Regina subsector map
Jewell subsector map
Vilis subsector map

Player Cast
Bertram Douglas
Ryden Sims
Gabriel Xellman aka Smithy

Traveller- Galactic Estuaries- IC Thread
Traveller- Galactic Estuaries CG- Character Generation Thread
Traveller- Galactic Estuaries- OOC Thread

Important NPCs
Insuan Chase, captain of the heavy freighter Guelph; contact point for Hutyon Tingsdale
Horace Pen, navigator, Guelph
Nuran, cargo shuttle pilot on the Guelph

Hutyon Tingsdale, CFO of LEAF on Efate (map); the company is headquartered in Irir, a city w/ a small commercial spaceport on Efate's Kormoran continent, just south of the capital city of Tanna; friend of Capt. Chase; cool in public, nervous when discussing business; speculation: involved in trafficking looted Ancients artifacts

Notable Organizations

The 213th Fleet of the Imperial Navy is headquartered at Efate; elements based at Efate, Regina, and Pixie
General Shipyards (a subsidiary of General Products) maintains shipyards at Efate, Regina, and Pixie
LING Standard Products (LSP) is establishing a presence on Efate in an attempt to procure the 213th Fleet and IISS maintenance contracts from General

Places of Interest
High-Franklin Starport (Imperium-run highport; downport is called Startown) -- starport is a larger facility, capable of handling ships with jump capacity
city of Irir, near Tanna on Efate's continent of Kormoran; has an Efater-run commercial spaceport w/ access to Startown

Plot Hooks

  • News articles concerning bitter megacorporation rivalries, Zhodani Consulate espionage, talk again about ancient artifacts being discovered and then ‘lost’.
  • Travellers are flocking to Regina, Jewell, and Vills subsectors.
  • General Shipyards has recently been hit with a number of lawsuits and complaints regarding the quality of vessels produced for the Imperial Navy and various system squadrons. [...] General suspects somehow that the raw minerals and ores it has been mining to fashion hulls and inner bulwarks have somehow been compromised.
  • "LEAF, the mega chain of tea houses, announced today it will change its "Hemley" dosing in its teas. Hemley, the #1 treatment for prolonged exposure to Efate's thin atmosphere, signed a blockbuster deal last year..."
  • the Free Trader-Class ship Jumper
  • Reports of Zhondani and Arden patrols detected near the borders beyond Jewell and Regina
  • Two months ago, Efate suffered its first major terrorist attack when the Makesh WorldSpinners' GRAVball field, General Arena, was reduced to rubble. (Makesh were the favorites to enter the subsector tourney.) At first it was thought a contending team did this [which seems crazy --ed.], but authorities have since moved on to other possible parties. No one or group has come forth to claim responsibility.

Our Story So Far:
Met with Huyton Tingsdale at LEAF Warehouse #9 in Irir's spaceport (local-system traffic). Went w/ him to "Farmers," a local watering hole just outside of Irir city limits that caters primarily to spaceport employees. Tingsdale offers a job of transporting some undeclared cargo from LEAF's local warehouse cross-world to the Down-Franklin Starport -- after modifying the shipping manifest to change the package's shipping date. He's done this twice before, although the crew that did the job previously is now mysteriously... unavailable. [internal alarm bells go off here] We take half a ton of Hemley-infused LEAF product as compensation.

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