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Gabriel Xellman aka Smithy

Name: Gabriel Xellman (AKA John Smith, Dr. Smith, or Smithy)
Race: Human
Age: 34
Homeworld: High Tech Asteroid

Description: Gabriel is a slender, pale, stooped individual who fidgets nervously. His appearance consistent with his life spent hunched over lab benches in artificial lighting. He has an unkempt shock of blond hair and a beard of ragged stubble. His eyes are a pale, nearly colorless blue. He favors medical scrubs and lab smocks and clearly cares little for his outward appearance. He is myopic and wears a combi-ocular aid that he is constantly shifting and adjusting to optimize for whatever it is he is currently looking at. His scientific knowledge is profound and inconsistent with his job as an itinerant ship’s medic. He answers to the name of Smith…He clearly has something to hide, but who doesn’t?

Str: 3 (-1)
Dex: 7
End: 8
Int: 12 (+2)
Edu: 11 (+1)
Soc: 7

Career: Scholar – Scientist, Rank 3, served 4 terms

Admin 1 Comms 0 Computers 2 Diplomat 0 Investigate 2 Language – Vilani 0 Life Science – Biology 1 Life Science – Genetics 1 Medic 2 Physical Science – Chemistry 0 Space Science – Xenology 2 Zero G 0 Streetwise 1 Vac Suit 0

Connection w/ Sims:
During a two-day shore leave on one of the rimworlds their freighter had just delivered to, Sims and two crewmates get into a "disagreement" in a downmarket bar with some of the local barflies. The group scuttles back to the ship nursing their contusions and bruises (plus a nasty broken bone for the engineer, Perkins), and Sims implores upon Smith, the new ship's doctor, to provide treatment off the official record so that he and his friends can avoid any disciplinary repercussions. This Smith is more than happy to do -- for a small fee, of course.
Smithy gains Vacc Suit 0

Connection w/ Douglas
After being summarily drummed out of the navy, Bertram found it almost impossible to maintain the rather poor job the naval doctors did with his collection of replacement bits, and the red tape was impossible to get through. Bertram was introduced to Smithy as a man who could fix things for a price. Bertram didn't exactly have the creds to buy Smithy's services outright, but the two hit it off, and Bertram's third-rate augments are being replaced by surplus, second rate supplies and treatments as Bertram can afford them and Smithy can find time to install them.
Smithy gains Medic 2 (up from 1)

158,000cr (500cr in hand)

combi-ocular aid (corrective)
shabby scrubs and lab coat
cloth armor TL10/500cr/1kg/prot 5/concealed
wafer jack TL12/muster/comp-2/concealed
comm TL10/500cr/multi-data/comp-1
data wafers TL10/100cr/20 units/concealed
stim doses TL8/150cr/3 doses/concealed
scalpel TL8/250cr/small blade/mono/1d6+3 damage/concealed

Interface/0 TL7/0cr/comm installed
Security/0 TL7/0cr/comm installed
Translator/1 TL10/500cr/comm installed
Intelligent Interface TL11/0cr/jack installed
Expert Medic/1 TL11/muster/jack installed
Expert Xeno/1 TL11/muster/jack installed


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