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Gaius Noctine

Name Gaius Noctine Player Gary
Warband   Appearance  
Home World Forge World   Background Adeptus Aministratum
Role Sage Divination The pain of the bullet  is ecstasy compared  to damnation.*
*The first time this character suffers Critical damage each session, roll 1d10. On a result of 10, he does not suffer any Critical Effects, though the damage still counts as Critical damage. 
25 30 25 40 27 45 35 40 20 30
Aptitudes: Agility, Perception, Tech, Intelligence, Knowledge, Toughness, Willpower, General
Total wounds   Current wounds Fate Corruption Insanity  
10 10 1/3 0 3

Talents Description 
Master of Paperwork The Availability of all items as one level more  available
Quest for Knowledge You may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at a Logic or any Lore skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Intelligence bonus.
Technical knock  Once per round, he may attempt to unjam a gun as a Half Action rather than a Full Action. He must touch the weapon to make use of this talent.
Ambidextrous No penalty for using wrong hand. When combined with Two-Weapon Wielder talent, the penalty for making attacks with both weapons in the same turn drops to –10.
Infused Knowledge  You count as having all Common Lore and Scholastic Lore skills at rank 1 (Known). If you wish to later improve Lore skills, these advances must be bought using experience points (from rank 1) as normal. You also add one degree of success to any successful Common or Scholastic Lore tests
Weapon traning May use: Las

Skill highlights % Special Uses 
Medicae 45 • First Aid
• Diagnose
• Extended Care
• Chem-Use
Awareness 35 • Lip Reading
Security 45 • Traps
Logic 45 • Gambling
• Cyphers and decoding
Tech-Use 45 • Crafting
• Demolitions
Common Lore 45 • Adeptus Adminstratum
Scholastic Lore 45 • Occult
Forbidden Lore 45 • Heresy
• Daemonology

Half Full Charge Run 
2 4 6 12

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Hot shot laspistol Pistol 20m S/2/- 1D10+4 E 7 40 2 Full  

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Hot shot laspistol 37 40

Robes and Mesh Vest
Head Body Arms Legs 
0 4 1 1
Counts as one higher against blast weapons
Gear highlights Description 
Laspistol Reserve gun
Imperial Robes AP:1
Auto  quill  A character with a relevant Trade skill can use it to gain a +10 to his tests involving this skill when recording data.
Chrono A timepece
Data slate A means of storing and reading printed text and other forms of data such as pict or audio recordings.
Medi-kit  A standard kit grants a +10 bonus to Medicae tests so long as the user possesses the Medicae skill.
Combi-tool  A character using a combi-tool gains a +10 bonus to Tech-Use tests.
Auspex +20 to awarness. Once per turn may use tech use to spot things usually invisible to the naked eye. Range is 50m

XP spent on Points used 
Intelligence: Simple   100
Awareness: Known 100
Security: Known 100
Tech-Use: Known 100
Forbidden Lore (Heresy): Known 100
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology): Known 100
Infused Knowledge 400 
Total Spent 1000
Total Unspent 0

Gaius was born the only child of two ore processing serfs on one of the sector's largest forge worlds. Gaius was an exceptionally bright child, but due to his low birth no prestigious opportunities were open to him.

He was employed as a junior data technician in the Adeptus Administratum, but quickly rose through the ranks due to his uncanny ability to see through vast swathes of data and pick out the butterfly whose wings would cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet. Whatever he was put in charge of saw unprecedented jumps in efficiency.

Despite rising to high rank, Gaius was still just a faceless cog in the unending bureaucracy. Over a period of weeks, he began to detect a pattern in his data, a lost shipment here, a missing cogitator there. Piecing together all these strands he finally realised a heretical cult was planning to release a chaos corrupted kernel into the forge world cogitator network.

With no evidence that he could explain to anyone else, Gaius began to combat the efforts of the cult. Unexpected audits, random inspections, redirected deliveries, work permit checks, and demolition orders all hindered the cult at their every move.

Still to his surprise Gaius realised he had been detected. Slowly the web of his opponents closed around him. When he finally realised that he was about to be detected Gaius flash broadcast his evidence to every Adeptus Arbites control centre confident that the Emperor's justice would fall on those responsible, even if he was slain. To his dismay, his system showed the messages all returned unsent and his systems all went blank.

At that moment the doors to his data-cubicle opened and in strode a two storm troopers with hot shot lasguns.

Soon, he found himself in a cell deep underground, and Gaius' mind reeled as the pieces fell into place and a single word flashed through his mind, inquisitor. Inquistor Agnes, his captor, had high hopes for him it turned out. "I have been impressed by your efforts, which is not a thing easily achieved. Few are able to detect my plans, let alone combat them so effectively." the inquisitor said in a stern tone that brought a chill down Gaius's spine.

"But... but why?", is all Gaius could reply.

The inquisitor frowned. "That is not your concern."

She turned and walked out of the door with her two body guards. Without turning back to Gaius she made a simple remark that changed his life forever.

"You work for me now."

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