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Gaming in Orlando Florida Area

This seems like a frequently asked question in the "Southeast" forum... ie. I'm going to be in Orlando area and where can I game....

Three Orlando locations... largest and where warehouse is is in Maitland, second is in Waterford Lakes (moved from Winter Park in Sept 2015), newest (and closest to Disney) is in South Orlando. Open "board gaming" (though all types, ccg, etc allowed) is Wednesday nights at Maitland, Friday nights at Waterford Lakes, and Thursday in South Orlando.

Located in Orlando near intersection 50 and 436 SFC has board game nights Tuesday and Thursday, other types on other days/weekends... sometimes bonus board gaming on weekends (see their meetup events). Make sure to get there near posted start time if you want to get in on the $1/slice pizza order.

In Kissimee and closer for those staying near the "attractions".

The largest group of board gamers in the area are on this meetup group. Robert Goldsmith usually hosts a family/kid/pet friendly gaming & pool party on the 3rd Saturday of each month at his Longwood home.

Spin off of "Orlando Game Night" meetup with focus on Strategy/Euro games (vs. much lighter fare, party games, etc)

The Seminole County Board Gamers have a regular Tuesday night meetup at Burger-Fi in Lake Mary.

This one overlaps with some of the others... you'll find more of the party (vs strategy) gamers here.

Newest (founded Sept 2014) of the meetups, all gaming but if you are a war gamer you may find more of them in this one. Founder is in Longwood (North of Orlando).

The Thirsty Gamers meetup at Hourglass Brewery in Longwood every Thursday night. They tend to get 30-50 gamers of all types each week.

Tampa Bay Area Gaming Groups

See (click on link labeled "links")

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