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Gregorus the Mountain
Player Brian
Concept a slow and quiet giant of a man whose mind and mottled skin are marked with numerous scars of suffering, and of survival.
Cause (+1d) No one should be in chains, mental, physical, or existential
Destiny Gregorius will find the answers he seeks, but only after leaving the coven and tribe to wander the wastes alone.

Backstories (higher Impact)
I killed them all
Simply to endure
These hands can also mend

Connections (+1d)
Character Relationship
Amaryllis She helped me defeat the The Brittle Sisters, a widespread hive organism.
Nyx Gregorius admires her as representing a fully expressive existence, and asks her to help him sleep without reliving memories.

Passive If you’re able to touch a target (willingly or not), any of your current Injuries, disabilities, or blocked Viscera now transfer to the target you touched. You retain all of your own penalties and state of health, but the target suffers it identically. As soon as you stop touching, non-permanent injuries cease (if you lost a hand, and touched an enemy, their hand would also fall off. Once you stop touching them, their hand doesn’t grow back).
Active As part of a Task, you’re able to control a specific Injury or penalty you’re affected by, and apply it to a specific Target that opposes you.
Double roll As Active, but the negative effects of the Injury are doubled.
Triple roll As Doubles, but the effects persist even after you stop touching them.
Effect You weave or etch a series of magical patterns (Glyphs) into a physical item -- clothing, armor, weapons, tools, etc. Any Covened that uses this item gains the Aberration so marked by the glyphs selected during its casting.

Any Aberration may be selected, but once the item is created, it can never be changed. Multiple loomglyphs can not be placed upon the same weapon, as they are now part of each other and can’t be further altered.

Time 100 hours to cast; but may stop and start as necessary. The effects persist until the item is destroyed (no easy task, as most mortal techniques will not damage it).
Components The item or its materials to be crafted, and a space and tools to create it (a sword needs a forge, a cloak needs needle and thread).

Several intact body parts from a Covened (living or freshly slain): a piece of bone, an entire eye, an entire lung, a bladderful of blood, and a fistful of bile. This does, in effect, require the Covened (not necessarily the caster), to sacrifice their life or physical health for the creation of the loomglyph.

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