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Greta Abbing

Name Greta Abbing

Player Mike
Drive Altruism
Previous Patron Koninklijke Landmacht
Background Spy with an unusual background

Health Stability
Total 12 10
Current 12 10

Investigative skills General skills
Ability Total Current Skill Total Current
Architecture 1 1 Athletics 10 10
Research 1 1 Cover 10 7
History 1 1 Digital Intrusion 2 2
    • Papiamento
    • Dutch
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
3 3 Hand-to-hand 8 8
Human Terrain 2 2 Explosive Devices 3 3
Military Science 2 2 Network 20 12
Occult Studies 1 1 Preparedness 4 4
Interpersonal Sense Trouble 5 5
Interrogation 1 1 Shooting 8 8
Intimidation 2 2 Surveillance 3 3
Streetwise 1 1 Weapon 8 8
Tradecraft 3 3
Astronomy 1 1
Outdoor Survival 2 2
Traffic Analysis 2 2
Cherries Note
Hard to hit The difficulty to hit you is 4
Parkour Once per foot chase you can get 3 points of athletics back by describing some cool parkour move.
Support move Assist a allyin their attack. Roll Athletics against diff. 4. If successful the difference between you roll and the diff. becomes a positive modifier to your ally's roll.
Breakfall Subtract half your hand-to-hand rating when taking fall damage.
Sniping You can reduce the hit threshold by taking a turn aiming. If the target is aware of you, the threshold is reduced by one, if not it is reduced by two.
Extra attack (shooting) If you hit with an attack, spend 4 hand-to-hand and 1 stability to attack again.
Suppressive fire Spend points depending how large area you want to fire at. The action takes two rounds and requires an automatic weapon. Any target who wishes to go through the area needs to roll athletics. If they fail, they are hit and fall back. If they succeed be rolled within 4 of your roll, they are hit. If they roll above four more than you, they get through without getting hit.
Technothriller Monologue Once per fight scene you can get three shooting points back by giving some cool firearm tech related description.
Eye of the Tiger Use one point of Hand-to-hand to assess if someone is a better, worse or equal fighter than you.
Extra attack (hand-to-hand and weapon) You can make additional attacks with a light weapon. If you hit, spend 3 hand-to-hand and 2 health to attack again.
Martial arts May get 3 points back in hand-to-hand by describing a cool martial-arts move.
Mook shield Sped 3 hand-to-hand to attack a mook or henchman at point blank range. All ranged attacks that miss you, hit the mook instead. Your threshold also increases by one.
Quincy Morris' Bowie Knife You can throw a balanced hand weapon at a target in near range, without penalty to difficulty and damage.

Sources of Stability Status Note
Symbol Strong Caquetio fetish given to her by her grandmother.
Solace Alive Stefani Kahler, a German soldier from her old unit currently seconded with NATO in Belgium.
Safety Safe her family beach house on Andicuri Bay, Aruba

Covers Status Note
Jerilee Matthews safe an American college student studying textile chemistry in Leeds. Three points

Contacts Status Note
Simon Gordon safe a Scottish zoologist with access to high-powered tranquilizer dart guns. 4 points
Barney Gragg safe Burglar. 2 points

Equipment Status Note

Greta's parents were a Dutch soldier and a woman from Aruba, where they met. She followed the former into the KL and later served in the German/Dutch Corps as an intelligence staff officer. But she has never forgot her mother's roots; in particular, the family tale that her grandmother was a fortune teller.
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