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Henry Baasch

Henry "Mouse" Baasch
Player Bavo
Background Criminal

Violence Intellect Skill Influence
3 2 2 1
Evade Firewall Resolve
1 1 1
Prosperity Criminal Record
1 1
Focus Rating
Max Current
3 2

Unwounded Wounded Incapacitated Mortally Wounded Dead

Name Effect
Threatening Demeanor You get three extra dice when using Focus Points when intimidating someone.
Crime Jargon One extra dice in non-threatening social interaction with other criminals.

Name Effect
Ruhr P13 Solid a solid, metal handgun. Famous for its reliability, it is carried by those who know the odds are in favor of them actually using it. Basic ranged weapon.
Stiletto A thin and long metal knife. Favored by criminals for being easy to conceal and killing power. Basic hand-to-hand weapon.
Ebony Hand terminal An integrated gaming and communication device. It has several additional plugs, which makes it suitable for modifications.
Synth clothes A few basic sets of synth clothes. To help your image you have also bought a (fake) leather jacket or similar.
Poison Increase the success range of a melee attack by one. All dice that were not a success is then rolled as an attack against your Resolve.
Health nanos Ignore a wounded result.

Petty thievery

Origin    In the criminal underworld you are a part of there is going a rumor that you are a snitch. Soon someone will take matters into their own hands, and you desperately need to get out
Crime    Petty thievery. You are a small fish, limiting yourself to simple theft and pickpocketing. As long as you keep it small, you can remain independent.
Age    You're a young one, between 15 to 19 years old
Appearance   You are blessed, or cursed, with a baby face. You compliment this with a naive style, which makes you seem almost childlike. Many don't take you seriously, but on the other hand, few can imagine your are a criminal.
Personality    You are utterly selfish, everything you do for yourself. It isn't that you go out of your way to hurt others, it's just that it never stops you.
Dirty secret    For years you have been skimming the profits of your criminal enterprise, stealing from your bosses and companions.

Henry (short for Heinrich) "Mouse" Baasch, though everyone's fairly certain that's not his real name. He's been in and out of juvie and whatever passes for foster care for most of his life, now old enough to not have to go back...He's a low-ranking kid that mostly steals, swindles and sometimes deals, working as a messenger as well...Most don't take him too seriously, which suits him fine...But he's as cold as the worst of them, despite the angelic looks and easy smile.

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