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Heske Rathausen

Name Heske Rathausen Player Ben
Faction Freelancer Heritage Bauhaus
Status Nobility Character Trait Lazy Bones
Age 21 Earnings 3
Influence 0 Origin Torburg, Venus
Ranged damage bonus 1 SD Melee damage bonus 1 SD
Chronicle Points 2 Dread 0

Wounds Current Max Soak
Head 3 3 3+2
Torso 7 7 4+1
Right Arm 4 4 2+1
Left Arm 4 4 2+1
Right Leg 5 5 2
Left Leg 5 5 2
Serious Wounds 6 6 -
Critical Wounds 3 3 -
Mental 8 8 -

Ability/Skill Score ( Expertise / Focus)
• Acrobatics
• Close combat 1 / 0
•• Unarmed Combat
• Stealth
• Observation 1 / 0
•• Insight
• Thievery
• Ranged Weapons 3 / 1
•• Heavy Weapons (sig) 5 / 0
•• Gunnery (sig) 1 / 0
• Pilot 1 / 0
•• Space
• Education (sig) 3 / 0
•• Linguistics
•• Science 1 / 0
• Mechanics 3 / 1
• Survival 2 / 0
•• Vacuum
• Treatment
•• Medicine
•• Psychotherapy
• Willpower 3 / 0
•• Mysticism 1 / 0
• Animal Handling
• Lifestyle 1 / 0
• Persuade 1 / 0
•• Command 3
• Resistance
• Athletics 3 / 0

Weapons Range Damage Mode ENC Size Reliability Qualities
Giraud ATML 100 ‘Firefist’ L As Grenade
    • Anti-personell: 2+4SD
Munition 15 2H 2 Uses Heavy Weapon

Unforgiving 2

    • Anti-personell: Blast (Close)

MP-105 pistol C 1+3SD Burst¢ 2 1H 3 Ammo (Spread 1).
Close quarters

Talents Effect
Under the Rader This reduces all Restriction Ratings by one but all items come with the Quality ‘Black Market’. Possession of any equipment with this quality is illegal as the item is stolen, a knock-off, or otherwise restricted by law.
Ranged Weapon
When making an attack with a ranged weapon, a character may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the number of Ranged Weapons talents he has acquired. The new results must be accepted.
Natural Engineer
The character may re-roll a single d20 that did not generate a success on the initial roll, but must accept the new result.
Design savant Any time the character chooses to design a new piece of equipment – or modify an existing design – he may reduce the difficulty of the Mechanics test by one step per rank of Design Savant.
The character may re-roll one d20 when making a Willpower test, but must accept the new result.
Rate of Fire
Heavy Weapons
When making an attack with a heavy weapon, a character may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the number of Heavy Weapon talents he has acquired. The new result must be accepted.

Gear Effect
One pistol reload
Four anti-personell grenades
VIP card from a prestigious club
Pair of light military shoulder pads Two shoulder pads provides protection to both arms, and an additional +1 Soak to the head. Military-grade shoulder pads provide an additional +1 Soak to the head and body if worn as a pair.
One set of regular quality military fatigues
A vacuum suit
Hussar Mk V armour Distinguished from the Mk. IV by a heavier and sturdier breastplate, and more detailed embellishment, the Mk. V suit is reserved for officers, certain military orders, and the household guard of minor nobles.

Once per session, a Rathausen may re-roll a single d20 or up to three SD from a single roll. The new result stands. This reroll may be used on any roll that was made because of some direct action that the character took, and the GM’s discretion is final as to whether it applies on any given roll.
You have an ally in Whitestar.

Life events Effect
Faction event Gain one asset.
Adolescent event
(Teenage draft)
It’s not that you necessarily shirk work, but someone else in the vicinity always strikes you as better suited to whatever it is you might otherwise do.
Career event
(Military - Artillery)
You are a strong believer in the Cartel cause. This has won you regard with some members of other corporations, at the cost of a degree of trust with fellow Homebuilders. Randomly select one corporation using the Heritage Table (page 36 of the Mutant Chronicles Core Rulebook). You have a contact in that corporation who owes you a favour. However, you also gain a rival in Bauhaus.
Career event
You have had a number of dealings with Cybertronic. This had led to you networking to positive effect with a number of people in the corporation. However, it has also alienated you from the more pious citizens of Bauhaus. You have an ally in Cybertronic. However, you also have an enemy in either the Ministry of Faith or the Brotherhood.

Heske is distant relative to someone important in the noble houses (like a third cousin or something). She bounced around various occupations and academies until she learned that she had a special knack for rocket science, physics, and a passion for huge guns. She studied advanced ship weaponry and became an artillery specialist, going into whatever branch of service she could in order to shoot bigger and badder guns.

Giraud ATML 100
Uses Heavy Weapons
Unwieldily: You must spend an action bracing. If not, the difficulty is two levels higher, and you suffer repercussions on 19-20.
Munitions: A reload is always an individual shot.
Unforgiving 2: If you take an exploit weakness action before attacking, you get the following advantages: Each Dark Symmetry result on the D6 increases damabe by 2 AND each Dark Symmetry result reduces soak by 2.
When loaded with Anti-personell, you get Blast (Close). You can spend Momentun to hit additional targets. Dark Symmetry results on the damage dice inflicts half damage on an additional hit location.

MP-105 pistol
Burst: Spend one or two reloads to ‘let rip’. Add one D20 and 1SD for each reload.
Ammo (Spread 1): When you “let rip”: For each Dark Symmetry Icon generated, roll 1 additional hit locations. These additional hit locations suffer half of the attack’s damage, rounded down. This is affected by Soak, as normal.
Close Quarters: This ranged weapon may be used against targets within Reach without penalty.

Basic rules
Making a skill test:
Ability+Skill Expertise = Target Number (TN)
Set a difficulty, usually 1
Roll 2D20
Dice under TN becomes 1 success
Dice that are also under Skill Focus becomes 2 successes.
Successes equal to difficulty means success on the action. Successes above difficulty is called Momentum, and can sometimes be traded for better successes.

Dark Symmetry Dice
You will occasionally roll Dark Symmetry Dice. On your character sheet, they are labeled as DS. On the Dark Symmetry dice, 1 and 2 remain the same, 3-5 are 0, and 6 have possible special effects.

Make a Skill roll, Skill and Attribute depends on type of attack.
Difficulty is either 1 or the enemies defense roll.
If hit, roll D20 for hit location.
Damage is equal to damage from weapon, character bonus and possibly Moment from the attack. Most weapons ask for a roll of Dark Symmetry dice.
All damage is reduced by the targets armor soak.

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