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Hinata Ito

Name Hinata Ito Player Cindy
Faction Corporation Heritage Mishima
Status Samurai (Low Shareholder) Character Trait Unyielding Honour
Age 25 Earnings 4
Influence 0 Origin Mars
Ranged damage bonus 1 SD Melee damage bonus 2 SD
Chronicle Points 2 Dread 1

Wounds Current Max Soak
Head 3 3 5
Torso 7 7 6
Right arm 2 4 5
Left arm 4 4 5
Right leg 1 5 5
Left leg 5 5 5
Serious Wounds 6 6 -
Critical Wounds 3 3 -
Mental 7 8 -

Ability/Skill Score ( Expertise / Focus)
• Acrobatics
• Close combat 3 / 0
•• Unarmed Combat (sig) 3 / 0
• Stealth 1 / 0
• Observation 2 / 0
•• Insight
• Thievery
• Ranged Weapons 2 / 0
•• Heavy Weapons 3 / 0
•• Gunnery
• Pilot
•• Space
• Education 1 / 0
•• Linguistics
•• Science
• Mechanics
• Survival (sig) 1 / 0
•• Vacuum
• Treatment
•• Medicine
•• Psychotherapy
• Willpower (sig) 5 / 1
•• Mysticism 3 / 0
• Animal Handling
• Lifestyle 1 / 0
• Persuade 1 / 0
•• Command 1 / 0
• Resistance 1 / 0
• Athletics

Weapons Range Damage Mode ENC Size Reliability Qualities
Pair of Darkslayer katana - 1+5SD - 2 2-H 3 Parry 1 , Pious 2
Dragonfire heavy machine gun M 2+6SD Automatic 7 Unwieldy 2 Spread 2

Talents Effect
Vassal of Mishima When legally purchasing any item manufactured by the Mishima corporation or one of its many keiretsu or subsidiaries, the character may reduce the Restriction Rating and Cost by one.

All Mishimans of samurai rank have the power of life and death over their subordinates, but must abide by strict codes of conduct or lose face amongst their peers and betters.

Good Impression
The character may re-roll one d20 when making a Lifestyle test, but must accept the new result.
Unarmed Combat When making an unarmed combat attack, a character may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the number of Unarmed Combat talents he has acquired. The new die rolls must be accepted.
Second Unarmed combat
Spirit Armor
Demon Hunter Ki power
The practitioner has been trained to resist all external mystical influences. This technique can be performed as a Response Action to resist the effects of a supernatural power targeting the character. If successfully performed, this technique increases the difficulty of any power used against him by one, or adds one additional d20 to any roll made to resist a power’s effects.
Inexorable gaze When making a melee or ranged attack, he no longer increases the difficulty because of darkness or other visual impairments such as fog or smoke. This ability does not affect penalties caused by a weapon’s range category.

Gear Effect
Good-quality smart business attire
A basic medkit When making an unarmed combat attack, a character may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the number of Unarmed Combat talents he has acquired. The new die rolls must be accepted.
Kariudo powersuit These suits are built exclusively for the Demon Hunters by the artisans of the Forbidden Isle on Mercury. Distinguished by the pair of mechanical arms extending from the shoulders, a trained warrior in Kariudo armour can fend off innumerable foes with a flurry of razor-sharp blades and a storm of bullets, and is virtually impervious to the attacks of his foes.
Mystic talisman While wearing one or more of these talismans, the character’s Corruption Soak is increased by one, and any Dark Gift used against the character has its difficulty increased by one. If the character would suffer corruption or be affected by a Dark Gift, even after the benefits of these items, then the effects of the Corruption Roll or Dark Gift are negated but one talisman on the character’s person is destroyed.
A copy of a poem rendered in a master’s calligraphy

All Demon Hunters automatically become students of the Demon Hunter martial arts school.
A Demon Hunter’s Corruption Soak increases by one.
You have an enemy in the Bauhaus corporation.

Life events Effect
Faction event A Mishiman family has declared war against your family. This family is of equal status to your own. The war may not be legal, but its best to avoid them where possible.
Adolescent event
(Management Experience)
Legacy of Honour
You come from a family that has served bravely and honourably for generations, and its service has not gone unnoticed.
Career event
You foiled a foreign plot on your own or with a group of friends. Why didn’t you report it to management? Gain an Enemy in another corporation. Gain five Assets worth of ‘liberated equipment’.
Career event
(Demon Hunter)
You defeated an enemy in a fight, and took something strange and interesting from their body. What was it? Gain a single item worth no more than ten Assets

Pair of Darkslayer katana
Parry 1: When in melee, if a character using a Parry X weapon makes a parry attempt, he gains Soak equal to X against melee attacks until the start of his next turn. A character wielding two Parry X weapons adds their ratings together: twinned swords, or a sword and shield, make for a formidable combination.
Pious 2: The weapon has been crafted to face the forces of Darkness. It counts as Vicious X when its victim is a Heretic or creature of the Dark Legion. A weapon with the Vicious quality deals X additional damage for each Dark Symmetry Icon generated.

Dragonfire heavy machine gun
Automatic: Spend one or two reloads to ‘let rip’. Add one D20 and 1SD for each reload.
Unwieldily: You must spend an action bracing. If not, the difficulty is two levels higher, and you suffer repercussions on 19-20.
Spread 2: For each Dark Symmetry Icon generated, roll 2 additional hit locations. These additional hit locations suffer half of the attack’s damage, rounded down. This is affected by Soak, as normal.

Basic rules
Making a skill test:
Ability+Skill Expertise = Target Number (TN)
Set a difficulty, usually 1
Roll 2D20
Dice under TN becomes 1 success
Dice that are also under Skill Focus becomes 2 successes.
Successes equal to difficulty means success on the action. Successes above difficulty is called Momentum, and can sometimes be traded for better successes.

Dark Symmetry Dice
You will occasionally roll Dark Symmetry Dice. On your character sheet, they are labeled as SD. On the Dark Symmetry dice, 1 and 2 remain the same, 3-5 are 0, and 6 have possible special effects.

Make a Skill roll, Skill and Attribute depends on type of attack.
Difficulty is either 1 or the enemies defense roll.
If hit, roll D20 for hit location.
Damage is equal to damage from weapon, character bonus and possibly Moment from the attack. Most weapons ask for a roll of Dark Symmetry dice.
All damage is reduced by the targets armor soak.

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