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Dr. Bruce Banner [secret]


Afilliations Solo D10 Buddy D8 Team D6

Distinctions Man or Monster?
Engine of Destruction
Green Goliath
4D+1 PP or 8D

Enhanced Reflexes D8 Godlike Durability D12
Godlike Stamina D12 Godlike Strength D12
Leaping D10 Mystic Sense D6
SFX: Area attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Rage-fueled might. Add a die equal to your emotional stress to the doom pool to include your emotional stress in your next action. If your opponent includes your emotional stress in a reaction dice pool, step it up.
SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back physical trauma.
SFX: Hulk Smash: Against a single opponent, double a Gamma-Charged Genetics die. Remove the highest-rolling die and add another die to your total.
SFX: Strongest There Is!: In a reaction against an opponent with a Strength power trait, spend 1 PP or step up your emotional stress to add a die equal to the opponent’s Strength to your dice pool.
Limit: Limitless anger: When the doom pool includes at least 2d12 or you take emotional trauma, move all stress and trauma to the doom pool and activate Rampaging Hulk.
Limit: Puny Banner When you recover all of your emotional stress and trauma, shutdown Gamma-Charged Genetics and revert to Banner to gain 1 PP. Take emotional stress to recover Gamma-Charged Genetics.

When Hulk loses control, his strength and power escalate beyond the limits of any other hero, but he becomes an almost mindless catastrophic force. While manifested, the Rampaging Hulk uses the current doom pool in place of an Affiliation die for all dice pools, similar to a Large Scale Threat. Dice added to or spent out of the doom pool affect the Rampaging Hulk’s power. The Rampaging Hulk’s dice may be targeted like a Large Scale Threat’s Affiliation dice with successful actions against him reducing the doom pool. If the doom pool is reduced to two dice, the Rampaging Hulk reverts back to Banner and all emotional stress and trauma are recovered.

Specialties Combat Expert D8 Menace \ Master D10

1 XP when you stress out a Cape-Killer team or wreck a piece of S.H.I.E.L.D. hardware.
3 XP when your destruction of infrastructure results in collateral damage to innocent bystanders or heroes on your side.
10 XP when you destroy or commandeer a major S.H.I.E.L.D. resource or an irreplaceable piece of technology created by the Pro-Registration forces.

1 XP When the Hulk warns an army or team of super heroes to leave him alone
3 XP when the Hulk smashes a building or monument to create a complication for those who will not leave him alone
10 XP when the Hulk either causes widespread destruction and property damage as the Rampaging Hulk, or sacrifices something important to him when he leaps far away to avoid such a rampage

Bruce Banner

Afilliations Solo D10 Buddy D8 Team D6

Distinctions Don't Make me angry
Sarcastic genious
4D+1 PP or 8D

Specialties Cosmic Expert D8 Covert Expert D8
Medical Master D8 Science Master D10
Tech Master D10

Dr. Bruce Banner is a second-generation nuclear physicist who developed and oversaw the testing of a “gamma bomb,” a nuclear device capable of significant gamma radiation output. On the day of testing, Banner saw that a civilian, Rick Jones, had strayed
onto the test site. While he was able to save Jones, Banner was caught in the gamma bomb’s blast. The detonation changed Banner’s life, completely altering his genetic structure—whenever emotional stress overcomes his conscious mind, he changes into an eight-foot tall green goliath with almost limitless strength.

Unable to properly control his monstrous alter ego, Banner was forced to leave his friends and family and become a fugitive. Over the years he has had his condition change—through psychotherapy, additional radiation treatment, and even mystical forces—but inevitably he is forced to wrestle once again with a dual life. He continues to isolate himself from the civilized world as best he can, only to
be drawn back in with each new crisis or when his location is discovered.

Dr. Banner had a traumatic childhood. His father was an abuser and even killed Banner’s mother in front of him, leading to deep psychological scars. Emotionally withdrawn, Banner is nevertheless one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. He is cunning, insightful, and opportunistic, but harbors affection or a handful of people including Betty Ross, the daughter of Hulk’s longtime foe General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, and Rick Jones, the young man whose life he saved at the gamma bomb site. These relationships have helped pull him out of despair time and again.

As the Hulk, Banner is consumed with the baser instincts, driven by emotions. Usually, this is anger, and the angrier the Hulk becomes, the more his gamma-charged body channels power into physical strength. Hulk seems childlike or even mindless, but Banner’s intellect is not completely absent. He’s capable of making decisions based on what has happened to him, even if this means lashing out at those who caused him to change in the first place. He even shows a surprising sense of humor when he’s not bringing down buildings or throwing tanks.

Abilities & Resources
As a result of his unique genetic makeup and exposure to the gamma bomb blast, Dr. Banner’s body is effectively a cosmic antenna, capable of acquiring mass and strength at a prodigious rate when activated by stress triggers. When he is the Hulk, he has theoretically no limit to the amount of raw physical strength he can harness. The only things keeping him from tapping into world-breaking levels of power are his conscious mind and the internal psychological blocks that restrain him. Without those, he can level cities in minutes.

Along with his terrifying strength levels, Hulk is impervious to most physical injury, and heals rapidly from anything that does penetrate his thick green hide. His leg muscles allow him to leap several miles at a time, and he has limited psychic senses that have not only permitted him to see astral figures and mystic forces, but home in on the site at which the gamma bomb first transformed him.
At times, Hulk has been a member of a team of heroes and benefited from their resources and support, usually when either Banner’s personality has stronger influence or when Hulk is properly manipulated.

Always, he is forced to leave the team and is hunted by the military or other heroes to keep him from becoming a global threat. As an individual, Banner is able to design and build technological devices that are years ahead of most, but he is often unable to profit from it.

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