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Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark [public]


Afilliations Solo D10 Buddy D6 Team D8

Distinctions Billionaire Playboy
Cutting Edge Tech
Hardheaded Futurist
4D+1 PP or 8D

Cybernetic Senses D10 Enhanced Speed D8
Godlike Stamina D8 Superhuman reflexes D10
Technology Control D8
SFX: Situation control. Step up or double an Extremis Enhancile power for your next action, then remove lowest die from the doom pool and take it as mental stress.
SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by –1.
Limit: Conscious Activation.While stressed out, asleep, or unconscious, shutdown Extremis Enhancile powers (but not Healing Factor SFX). Recover Extremis Enhancile powers when you recover that stress or wake up. If you take mental trauma, shutdown Extremis Enhancile powers until you recover that trauma.

Weapon System D10 Superhuman Durability D10
Superhuman Strength D10 Supersonic Flight D10
SFX: Area attack Against multiple targets, for every additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Boost. Shutdown highest-rated Powered Armor power to step up another Powered Armor power. Activate an opportunity to recover or during a Transition Scene.
SFX: EMP. For each tech-based target you chose, add a d6 to the doom pool. Roll Weapon Systems + doom pool as an attack action against each target. Shutdown Powered Armor. Activate an opportunity to recover or during a Transition Scene.
SFX: Energy Absorption. On a successful reaction against an energy-based attack action, convert opponent’s effect die into a Powered Armor stunt or step up a Powered Armor power until used in an action. If opponent’s action succeeds, spend 1 PP to use this SFX.
SFX: Unibeam. Step up or double Weapon Systems on your next roll, or spend 1 PP to do both, then shutdown Weapon Systems. Activate an opportunity to recover or during a Transition Scene.
Limit: Gharged System. Shutdown highest-rated power to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to recover or during a Transition Scene.

Specialties Business Master D10 Science Expert D8
Tech Master D10 Vehicle Expert D8

Milestone Iron Mentor
1 XP when you use a Transition Scene to arm an ally with Stark technology.
3 XP when you create an asset in an Action Scene that allows an ally armed by you to inflict stress against an opponent.
10 XP when you either found and lead your own team of Iron Men and Women or strip those you mentored of their Stark technology, encouraging them to walk their own path without your aid.

1 XP
3 XP
10 XP

Much like his father before him, Tony Stark was born into privilege and wealth that shaped him into both a jaded, cynical playboy and a successful industrialist. His worldview changed when he was grievously wounded and taken captive while touring a war-torn area where Stark Industry weapons were being tested. From parts his captors wanted made into weapons, Tony cobbled together the first Iron Man suit and used it to escape. His eyes now opened by his first-hand knowledge of the bloody and violent legacy behind his family’s wealth, as well as by witnessing the death of the man who helped him build the suit, Stark had a change of soul. He turned the same focus he had previously used to build his family’s business toward helping humanity directly with the same technology.

As Iron Man, Stark was a founding member of the Avengers. He has helped support the team either personally or financially during its many incarnations. Though his personal problems have occasionally forced him from the team, as well as cost him multiple businesses and multiple fortunes, he has always rebuilt and eventually returned to his allies in the good fight.

Tony Stark is a dichotomy. On the one hand, he is a caring humanitarian, a brave and philanthropic soul who works tirelessly for a better world, and on the other, he is a womanizer and recovering alcoholic who tries to bury his insecurities and fears in an endless parade of meaningless relationships or at the bottom of a bottle. Stark’s towering intellect carries with it a degree of arrogance, and Stark sometimes has trouble grasping why people don’t simply see the world as he does. This makes him self-assured in his conclusions but also hardheaded and more than a bit self-righteous.

Abilities & Resources
A brilliant futurist and engineer, Tony Stark has few intellectual peers, even in a world with minds like Reed Richards and Henry Pym.

As Iron Man he wears a sophisticated suit of powered armor that he constantly upgrades and redesigns to keep at the cutting edge. His latest suit incorporates impact-resistant ceramic plate armor and full-spectrum repulsor technology that allows it to fly, assemble itself around him, and project concussive blasts. It also greatly enhances his physical strength.

Recently, in order to stop a technological terrorist threat, Tony injected himself with a nanite-powered payload called Extremis, which rewrote his nervous system and reconfigured many of his internal organs in order to store essential elements of the Iron Man armor within his body. He is now directly linked to his armor via a personal area network, which not only gives him lightning-fast response time but also unparalleled access to worldwide data networks.

The Stark fortune is legendary, and Tony’s periods of insolvency brief. Whatever their current form, his businesses always give him access to brilliant minds other than his own and usually substantial manufacturing capabilities on a global scale. He also has a loyal circle of friends who have braved terrible challenges for him—James Rhodes, his former pilot and sometimes bodyguard who wears the War Machine armor; Virginia “Pepper” Potts, his former assistant and lasting close friend; and Harold “Happy” Hogan, his former chauffeur, sometimes bodyguard, and constant confidant.

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