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Player Helen
Concept Freelance troubleshooter, with broad practical expertise in physical systems
Race Krolog
Core (3CD) The city of Ketemehk ("ke-te-MECH") would be improved if some of the
corrupt people and organizations were removed from power, and there could
be big benefits for those who take over their resources and operations.
Species (2CD) Knowledge is the most powerful tool, and
first hand experience is the best way to gain knowledge.
Connected (1CD)  I believe Utikas Noxkhan could help me to accomplish this.
Connected (1CD) I think the sewers and sanitation infrastructure are well-suited for spying.
Connected (1CD) I believe that our guild is basically worthy and good, because
businesses and neighborhoods prosper in our territory.

Skills  #
Awareness    5+
Coordination    5+
Physical systems    3+
Influence    5+
Intellect    5+
Might    6
Resistance    5+
Stealth    4+
Bad 6+, Average 5+, Good 4+, Great 3+

0   = Failure + Consequences
1-2 = Success + Complication
3-4 = Success
5+  = Success + Benefit
Between her species' natural immunities and sleek exterior that sheds almost anything,
the rather comical-looking Krolog is almost ideal for investigating sewer problems.
Species and Benefits 
You’re immune to poison, venom, and disease, and only need to roll Resist against such things
if specifically modified through the use of Control
When defending yourself, gain +1 success if any successes are rolled
Talents -- Add +TD to rolls, max +3TD (Talent Dice) 
Equipment -- Add +AD to rolls, max +3AD (Advantage Dice) 

Injuries or Exhaustion 


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