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Jace Thanetos

1. Character sheet

1.1. Characteristics

Weapon Skill Balistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
31 (+3) 39 (+3) 28 (+2) 34 (+3) 26 (+2) 28 (+2) 27 (+2) 33 (+3) 29 (+2)

1.2. Health

Current wounds Total wounds Critical damage
10 10 0

1.3. Faith points

Current fate points Total fate points
1 1

1.4. Movement

Movement Half Full Charge Run
Metres 2m 4m 6m 12m

1.5. Skills

1.5.1. Trained Skills

Skills Characteristic Advancement Skill bonus
Acrobatics Agility Known +0
Athletics Strength Known +0
Awareness Perception Known +0
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) Intelligence Known +0
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) Intelligence Known +0
Common Lore (Imperium) Intelligence Known +0
Common Lore (War) Intelligence Known +0
Dodge Agility Known +0
Linguistics (Low Gotic) Intelligence Known +0
Navigate (Surface) Intelligence Known +0
Stealth Agilty Known +0

1.5.2. Untrained Skills

Skills Characteristic Advancement Skill bonus
Charm Fellowship Unknown -20
Command Fellowship Unknown -20
Commerce Intelligence Unknown -20
Deceive Fellowship Unknown -20
Inquiry Fellowship Unknown -20
Interrogation Willpower Unknown -20
Intimidate Strength Unknown -20
Logic Intelligence Unknown -20
Medicae Intelligence Unknown -20
Parry Weapon Skill Unknown -20
Psyniscience Perception Unknown -20
Scrutiny Perception Unknown -20
Security Intelligence Unknown -20
Sleight of hand Agility Unknown -20
Survival Perception Unknown -20
Tech-use Intelligence Unknown -20

1.6. Talents and traits

1.6.1. Talents

Talent Description
Blind fighting This Talent reduces all penalties for fighting with a melee weapon while suffering from obscured vision by half (rounded up), permitting the character to fight in fog, smoke, or darkness more effectively.
Combat sense The character may use his Perception Bonus in place of their Agility Bonus when rolling Initiative.
Deadeye shot When making a Called Shot ranged attack, the character reduces the penalty by 10 (so a –20 becomes a –10 instead).
Enemy (Chaliced Commissariat) The character suffers an additional –10 penalty to Fellowship Tests when dealing with this group.
Foresight By spending ten minutes studying or analysing a problem, the character gains a +10 bonus to his next Intelligence Test or a Skill Test based on Intelligence
Hatred (Mutants) When fighting opponents of that group in close combat, the character gains a +10 bonus to all Weapon Skill Tests made against them. The character must make a Willpower Test to retreat or surrender when fighting them, unless massively outnumbered or outclassed.
Paranoia The character gains a +2 bonus on Initiative rolls.
Rapid reload The character halves all reload times, rounding down. Thus, a Half Action reload becomes a Free Action, a Full Action reload becomes a Half Action, and so on.
Weapon Training (Las, low-tech, solid projectile) The character is proficient with these weapon classes.

1.6.2. Traits

Talent Description
Air of suspicion Whenever this regiment fails in an operation or the Squad fails to complete a mission or achieve a critical objective, the power with a worrisome interest in the regiment rears its ugly head. When such an investigation takes place, even on a regimental level, every member of the regiment suffers a –5 penalty to Willpower Tests until the interference concludes due to the stress that it causes.
Blessed ignorance The character gains a –5 penalty on all Forbidden Lore (Intelligence) Tests.
Infiltrators When two or more characters from a Squad are called upon to make a Stealth Test, one of the characters making the Test may choose to make his Test at a –10 penalty. If he succeeds, one other character making the Test may use the first character’s Agility Characteristic for the Test instead of his own. The characters must be within 10 metres of one another to use this ability.

1.7. Equipment

1.7.1. Weapons

Name Craftsmanship Class Range Rate of fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Weapon Qualities Weight
Lascarbine Common Basic, las 75m S/2/- 1d10+3E 0 60 Half action Reliable 2,5 kg
Lasgun Good Basic, las 100m S/3/- 1d10+3E 0 60 Half action Reliable 4 kg
Combat knife Common Melee/thrown, low-tech 5m S/-/- 1d5R 0 - - - 1 kg

1.7.2. Ammunition Regular ammunition

Name Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Lascarbine 60 60 60
Lasgun 60 - - Grenades

Name Craftsmanship Class Range Rate of fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Weapon Qualities Weight Amount
Krak Grenade - Thrown 6m S/-/- 2d10+4X 6 1 - Krak, concussive (0) 0,5 kg 4

1.7.3. Clothing Armour

Name Craftsmanship Locations covered Armour protection Weight
Flak vest Common Chest 2 5 kg Specialized clothing

Name Craftsmanship Description
Chameleoline cloak - A character wearing a chameleoline cloak gains a +20 bonus to Stealth Tests. If the wearer remains stationary, any Ballistic Skill Tests to target him suffer a –30 penalty.
Gas mask Common A character wearing a gas mask gains a +30 bonus to Toughness Tests made to resist the effects of gas and may reroll failed results. Standard clothing

  • One uniform
  • One set of poor weather clothes

1.7.4. Gear Specialized gear

Name Craftsmanship Description
Magnoculars Common A pair of magnoculars may provide a +20 bonus on sight-based Awareness Checks.
Handheld targeter - This character may spend a Half Action to grant another character +20 to his next Ballistic Skill Test when firing a weapon with the Indirect Quality.
Injector - An injector can hold one dose of any drug, which a character may administer as a Half Action.
Detox - A dose of de-tox immediately ends the ongoing effects of both positive and negative drugs, toxins, or gases affecting the character (unless the description statesthat de-tox is not effective against them).Upon taking this drug, a character is Stunned for a number of Rounds equal to 1d10 minus his Toughness Bonus. A result of 0 or less means that the character suffers no ill effects. Standard gear

  • One chrono
  • One rucksack
  • One set of basic tools
  • One mess kit and one water canteen
  • One blanket and one sleep bag
  • One rechargeable lamp pack
  • One grooming kit
  • One set of cognomen tags
  • One Imperial primer
  • Two weeks of combat sustenance rations

1.7.5 Goods


1.8. Experience

Experience used on Amount spent
Dodge, known 200 experience
Acrobatics, known 100 experience
Deadeye shot 200 experience
Total experience 600 experience
Spent experience 500 experience
Remaining experience 100 experience

2. Background

2.1. Administratum Munitorum record

Jace Thanetos
19th Thranosian Guards
Current status:
Blood group:

Past injuries:
Service record:
821.M41: Conscripted into the 19th Thranosian Guards Division.
821.M41: Completed basic training on Thranos.
821.M41: Assigned to Eclipse Squad, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company.
Decorations and recommendations:
Criminal record:
Disciplinary actions:

2.2. Character background

2.3. Comrade background

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