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Jack Daniels

Player pfrsantos Name Jack "Wolfgang" Daniels
Affiliation Unaffiliated Strain shifter
Vagabond mechanic on the run

Juice 3


Skill # Specialties
Comrades 2 You have two friends you can
Contact, who can provide a skill speciality.
Humanity 1 Characters may add (Humanity) to checks to help someone who is suffering or in trouble.
Justice 1 They may add (Justice) to checks that help them bring wrongdoers to justice.
Perfection 2 For each level of Perfection, the player chooses one Skill (not a power) that their AMP automatically receives a level toward.
Self 3 They may add (Self) to any checks against Death (pg. 187).
Truth 1 They may add (Truth) to certain checks to reveal secrets.

Loyalties # Effect
Athletics 4
Beast Handling 0
Crafts 5 Safes, motors
Deception 0
Discipline 2
Empathy 2
Fighting 2
Fortitude 2
Intimidation 1
Intuition 1
Knowledge 2
Markmanship 0
Might 2
Medicine 0
Perception 2
Performance 0
Persuasion 0
Speed 3
Stealth 2
Survival 0
Technology 5 Alarms, computers
Travel 2

Duplicate 4
Duplicate Core Ever wanted to be in multiple places at once? An AMP with Duplication can do just that - create clones of themselves. These are exact copies of the AMP at the time of creation, from what they are currently wearing, holding, etc., except their memory splits. The clone’s Integrity and abilities are dependent upon the amount of Juice spent to conjure it.
Empathic Link E2 The AMP may take damage that would normally destroy a duplicate (up to the clone’s Integrity). For example, if a duplicate with 2 Integrity would be destroyed with an attack dealing 5B, the AMP instead takes 2B and the duplicate is safe. This damage cannot be negated. Range: Line of Sight.
Telepathic Link E2 Clones share a mental link with the AMP, allowing Telepathic communication. Range: (Duplication) miles.
Object Duplication T2 Check: Duplication + Crafts
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant

Must have Telepathic Link. Create a copy of an item (up to size 2). While they could duplicate themselves holding the item, this does not produce an exact copy (i.e. a flash drive may be corrupted, or a sword may be weaker due to flaws). This Augment ensures a 100% exact copy.

Quick Switch T2 Check: None
Range: Line of Sight
Duration: Instant

Must have Empathic Link. The AMP and one of their clones within line of sight instantly switch places. This can throw off or confuse opponents as to where the “real” AMP is, allowing them a quick getaway, or even to get to the top of a building by making a clone do the climbing for them.

Elasticity 4
Elasticity Core The AMP’s body becomes super flexible, capable of stretching and contorting in impossible ways. Their joints can bend in any direction at will, adding (Elasticity) to Athletics checks for flexibility and Grab Actions. They are also better at surviving falls, negating damage from falls of (Elasticity) x10 ft. For 1 Juice, they can extend one of their limbs up to (Elasticity) x5 ft. long. The longer limbs get, however, the weaker they become and the harder they are to control. For every 10 ft. of extension, they suffer a -3 penalty to checks and -1 to any damage dealt. For instance, attempting to pick a lock from 20 ft. away would incur a -6 penalty.
Bounce Back E0 When the AMP lands, their body flattens to the ground and then reforms. Negate all damage from falls, no matter the height.
Stable Limbs E1-5 For each Juice, reduce penalties to checks with stretched limbs by 2.
Intangibility 2
Intangibility Core Check: Intangibility + Speed
Range: Self
Duration: (Intangibility + Discipline) Rounds
Resistance: None

The AMP can pass through objects and have objects pass through them as well. For 1 Juice, they can become completely intangible and may reflexively return to their physical form as often they like for the Duration. There is no check to activate the ability itself; but the AMP makes an Intangibility + Speed check if they are attempting to avoid an attack. While Intangible, they cannot affect their environment physically, but can still use and be affected by mental abilities. If the AMP needs to protect a friend, they can spend 1 Juice per person and touch them to extend their ability.

Skeleton Key E1 Reach inside any lock to unlock it, no matter how complex it is.

Quality Type Effect
Addiction Cerebral drawback Smoking. He his almost always with a cigarette in his mouth (kinda like Constantine). Or a pipe. Or chewing tobacco
Curious Cerebral drawback They can attempt a Mental Trauma check to keep their curiosity from becoming a problem, with the Difficulty depending on how strong the motivation is. For Tough (30) checks, they also receive +1 Juice after quenching their thirst for knowledge.
Not a Fighter Physical drawback The character doesn’t know how to fight effectively. Their Boost during combat (attack and defense) is raised to Boost 6 (instead of 5).
Fast Acting Physical gift +4 Initiative bonus
Unreadable Social gift +3 bonus against any Empathy or Intuition checks to "read" him.
In Control AMP-specific gift +4 bonus to resist his combative urges (Law of Attraction).

Gear Type Effect

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