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James Boyd

Owlglass Wiki

Investigator Name James Higdon Boyd Player Jeff Clifford
Occupation Journalist Colleges, Degrees College of Charleston, English
Birthplace New York City Mental Disorders None
Sex Male Age ?????

10 12 13 65
8 10 2 60
10 60 19 95

Max Sanity Current Sanity Magic Points Hit Points Damage Bonus
60 53 7 1 +0

Investigator Skills
Accounting 10 Law 5
Anthropology 1 Library Use 45
Archaeology 1 Listen 40
Art 5 Locksmith 41
Other Art 0 Martial Arts 1
Other Art 0 Mech. Repair 20
Astronomy 1 Medicine 5
Bargain 5 Natural History 10
Biology 1 Navigate 75
Chemistry 1 Occult 5
Climb 60 Opr. Hvy. Mch. 1 Sneak 35
Conceal 15 Other Language 1 Spot Hidden 25
Craft 5 Other Language 0 Swim 25
Other Craft 0 Other Language 0 Throw 25
Other Craft 0 Other Language 0 Track 10
Credit Rating 15 Own Language 95 Other 0
Cthulhu Mythos 00 Other 0 Other 0
Disguise 1 Persuade 80 Other 0
Dodge 24 Pharmacy 1 Other 0
Drive Auto 20 Photography 80 Other 0
Electr. Repair 10 Physics 1 Other 0
Fast Talk 60 Pilot 1
First Aid 30 Other 0 Handgun 20
Geology 1 Other 0 Machine Gun 15
Hide 40 Psychoanalysis 1 Rifle 25
History 55 Psychology 75 Shotgun 30
Jump 25 Ride 5 SMG 15

Weapon % Damage Hands Range Number of Attacks Bullets HP Malfunction
Fist 50 1d3 1 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Grapple 25 opposed 2 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Head 10 1d4 0 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Kick 25 1d6 0 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a

James "Buster" Boyd grew up an orphan on the streets of New York City. He made his living as a petty thief, mainly pickpocketing innocent victims. At the age of 11, "Buster" was caught in the act and thrown in the local lockup. To his luck, the man whom he was caught attempting to pickpocket from decided not to press charges. This well-to-do man's name was Buford Higdon. Mr. Higdon had a long conversation with young Buster and offered him the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to start life anew with Mr. Higdon and his wife back in Charleston, SC. Buster jumped at the chance of having an actual family and moved in with the Higdons. He was home schooled by the Higdon's maid and began to excel as an individual. He dropped his nickname "Buster" and became known as James Higdon Boyd. James attended the College of Charleston and majored in English. He became a journalist with The Post and Carrier soon after graduating. His editor has sent him to cover an auction in New York City.

James has jet black hair, which is always slicked back with a shiny pomade. He generally wears suits, with his favorite being the seer-sucker with a red bow tie. He carries his adopted father's pocket watch with him at all times. His mustache is pencil thin and barely noticeable.

He does not have any weapons with him; however, he has brought his camera for the auction.

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