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Kai Planescape NPCs



(In somewhat chronological order)


Description: The troll bouncer of The Devil's Bargain. Simple minded, yet loyal.
First met: In The Devil's Bargain, Session 1


Description: Mercikiller who bartered with secrets. One of Twixt's former possessed bodies.
First met: In The Devil's Bargain, Session 1


Description: a well-read Guvner who used to write on the walls of Sigil. One of Twixt's former possessed bodies.
First met: At the Night Market, Session 1


Description: a clueless shaman of Sash who stepped through a portal in the storeroom of The Devil's Bargain.
First met: In The Devil's Bargain, Session 2


Description: Crime overlord of the Hive.


Description: a succubus who is looking for true love, Sensate
First met: In front of the Astral Jewel, Session 2


Description: a millenia old ghoul with an encyclopedic knowledge
internalizes the memories of all the people he devours, Sensate
First met: In front of the Astral Jewel, Session 2

Terrogendros the Red

Description: Arrogant primer wizard
First met: In the Astral Jewel, Session 3


Description: Doppleganger woman, appears together with Valence
First met: at the Astral Jewel, Session 3
Cam & Valence scammed people at the Astral Jewel


Description: Doppleganger man, appears together with Cam
First met: at the Astral Jewel, Session 3
Cam & Valence scammed people at the Astral Jewel


Description: Beggar in an alley in Sigil
First met: Session 3
Remembered Twixt by her voice and confusion when she was writing a poem on a blank wall behind him. It seems he knew the former body Elred Ianneiros Twixt possessed once.


Description: Goblin trinket seller who uses The Devil's Bargain sell his stuff
First met: at The Devil's Bargain in Session 3


Description: Tiefling barmaid at the Devil's Bargain


Description: The sister of Twixt's possessed body.
First met: at the watch where Twixt's body used to work at.


Jaden's companion

Lucius Swift

Captain of the Harmonium, in the inner circle, just below factol status
The 'Inquisition' of the Harmonium


Another 'body possessor' like Twixt
Actually a ghost

Kerym Naevalur

Head torturer in the employment of Vesh.

Female Ribauldo Venturio

Mage and tour guide to Sigil

Elred Ianneiros

Former body possessed by Twixt, "first" met in the Astral Jewel
Handsome half-elf


(In somewhat chronological order)

The Devil's Bargain

Description: the bar Azmahr runs in the Hive; where the gang usually hangs out
First visited: Session 1

The Night Market

Description: a shady place for all kinds of illegal goods
First visited: Session 1

Astral Jewel

Description: ill reputed gambling place, accepts illegal stuff like souls as a wager, located in the Lower Ward
One story building with tiny slits as windows that 'crouches' to the ground
First visited: Session 2

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